Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Communists Elect Tito’s Grandson

By: Milen Vesovic
Novi Sad, Nov. 27 (Serbia Today) – After disappearing completely from the political scene in Serbia 1991st, the Serbia Communist Party is on the move, and have made announcements that more is to come.
In a for reach for one of the most revered symbols of the party’s past, the Unity Congress in Novi Sad of the newly formed Communist Party (KP) elected Joska Josip Broz, the grandson of the former president of Yugoslavia, Josip ‘Tito’ Broz its President.
Broz said that the KP reunited with the Union of Social Democrats of Novi Sad and the New Communist Party of Zrenjanin.
"I am confident that by the end of January next year, the Communist Party will collect the 10,000 signatures necessary for its registration. Our target group is 10% of the politically undecided voters in Serbia, which we estimate at 60%,"said Broz.
According to Broz, the Communist Party will be a modern party that will support the process of European integration and privatization in Serbia. "Unlike the old KP, whose members had to be atheists, our party will respect the religious affiliation of its members,” said Tito, whose grandfather was the leader of the communist movement in the former Yugoslavia.
Nenad Kulic was elected Vice-President, and will perform the function of the Secretary-General Vladimir Kircanski. President of the city Board of KP Novi Sad, Zrenjanin and Vrbas today elected Slavko Kesić, Stevo and Nikola Jukic Međeši

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