Sunday, December 6, 2009

STRIP to Play at Dom Omladine

Belgrade, Dec.5th, 2009 (Serbia Today) - STRIP (s3p), a multi-media band that has played Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Nisomnia (the music festivall at Nis), Big New Year Party in front of the Serbian Parlament in Belgrade, and many other shows on MTS, and Balkanmedia TV will be playing at the Dom Omladine December 17th.
After successful shows and a the release of some well received videos, the crew member Petar Jovovic had an opportunity to work on effects for the movie ’Carlston za Ognjenku’, and the other two members, Boris Topalovic and Milan Prokop worked on the musical TV show Hitometar which is playing on Balkanmedia.
After finishing the effects on “Carlston za Ognjenku” band decided to make a new album, which is entitled: “Psihomehaničar”. STRIP released it’s first album in April 2005.
It has been released and first video single is Stiklom u celo. This and many other of their videos you can see on and the bands official web site .

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