Monday, December 7, 2009

Pirot – Serbian Southern Cultural Center

Pirot, Dec.5th, 2009 (Serbia Today) - This little town, situated in south of Serbia, close to the border with Bulgaria, is surrounded by mountains on all sides. These mountains are known as the Vlaske mountains, the Svrljiske mountains, the Stara mountain and the Suva mountain. They are rare examples of untouched nature.
The river Nisava, the river Rasnicka, the river Jerma run close to Pirot and the Zavojsko lake is close at hand.
Pirot emerged from the foundations of an antique Roman settlement of Turres, meaning "towers" in Latin. Later on, under the influence of Greeks, it was renamed into Pirgos, but still kept its initial meaning, since Pirgos, in Greek, also means “towers”.
The most widely recognized trademark of Pirot is its Kilim carpets. This carpet is a truly unique item and it differs from Persian rugs in terms of patterns, which are always geometrical, and it is smooth on both sides. Tapestry production in this area became reached an elevated state. Pirot is also known for sheep farming and its delicious sheep cheese.
Cultural and historic sights in Pirot include the fortress of the town of Momcilo, the house of the Hristic family, and the Old trades and crafts shops on the square of the Republic in Tijabara.
The monument of liberty - dedicated to those who freed Pirot of Turkish chains is another important site to take in while discovering the rich and dramatic history of Pirot.
The international fair of cheese in August brings producers and epicureans from throughout the area. The local Pirot cheese is only one of dozens of delicacies you can find at the fair.
The Pirot’s summer art colony festival is yet another event that draws talent from the region and provides a window into the culutre of this unique region.
The greater area of Pirot is full of beautiful picnic and camping sites. There is a resort on the slopes of the Stara mountain, where alpinists can conquer the highest peak of Serbia, a 2,170 meter high natural skyscraper known as the Midzor peak. There is also Temac, situated in the canyon of the river Temsica, that is the “Little Colorado” as locals like to call it.
The monastery of Sukovo near the Jerma river, the Poganovo picnic resort, is where the beautiful St. John monastery can be found, and finally a camping site on the Zavojsko lake.
All these places are extremely attractive when it comes to fishing or simply enjoying the charms of Pirot’s wild nature.

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