Thursday, December 3, 2009

Van Gog’s Mega Show at Beoarena Nov. 28th

By: Milen Vesovic
Belgrade, Nov. 26 (Serbia Today) – Immensely popular Serbian classic rock group, Van Gogh, will perform on Saturday, November 28th, in the Belgrade Arena. The band has a special production with a newly designed stage prepared which will be match the international standards for any mega rock group.
The dimensions of the stage are 40 meters wide and 25 meters high in the stage shape of a maze, with expandable platform that will allow the band to extend deep into the audience.
“This will be one of the largest productions ever established in this country when it comes to rock concerts. This production is used by the world's greatest artists, in addition to the huge dimensions of the stage with a runway will be set and 300 lights on the stage, and the number of people involved in the organization of the concert was exceeded two hundred,” said Ivan Ivackovic, from PR concert.
The inspiration for this the stage and other aspects of the production were borrowed from various world tours.
”We attended some concerts here and in foreign venues, when the issue of how to stage both sound and light came up, because we wanted to give our best and not everyone agreed on the details,” commented Ivackovic.
Due to high demand for tickets, the concert’s producers were forced to change some seating details and print more tickets. As guests at the concert were announced Djordje Radivojevic, Kristina Savic, Ivan Aleksijevic Pancevac, who was a guest on the album, and the brass section Horns Incorporate.

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