Thursday, December 3, 2009

Savo Milosevic Awaits Counter-Candidate

Belgrade, Nov.26, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Rumors abound as the storied Belgrade football club, Partizan, postpones the election of its managing assembly members.
As for the assembly composition, there have been hints former general secretary Zarko Zecevic and current members Nenad Bjekovic and Ivan Curkovic might be on their way back to the club’s top positions, ones they held during the better part of the 1990s. Former club president from 1989 to 2006, Ivan Curkovic comments on the matter.
“I am far from Belgrade right now, and at this time I cannot answer any of your questions regarding the issue.”
Partizan football club board of directors have decided to postpone its electoral assembly until early December in order not to disrupt the atmosphere on the team, namely for the period following Partizan’s Europa League clash against Toulouse.
Partizan have been very coy in revealing the names of potential candidates for the post of club president, while it is likely the outcome of the upcoming match with Red Star will have an impact on the selection process. Should Partizan beat their arch-rivals Red Star and reduce the deficit on their rivals to just a point in the league standings, the current club establishment are expected to play the card of being the ones to be awarded the right to finish the job, namely defend the league title. Conversely, a defeat for Partizan would only galvanize the factions aiming to introduce swift overhaul of the club’s management.
Former Partizan star striker Savo Milosevic has publically confirmed his wish to run for Club President, but does not intend to name his prospective associates. The current president, Dragan Djuric, has remained silent on Milosevic’s impending candidacy, while there have been rumors in the Serbian football circles as to who might join in the presidential race at Partizan.
The Partizan assembly is scheduled for 21 December, with candidates for delegates being put forward beforehand, only to be ratified by the board of directors.
Former and current players, coaches and the work group will amount to 29 assembly delegates, while 31 will come from the ranks of entrepreneurs and respectable public figures. The final five places are allocated for the official supporters group. The Partizan president will become the candidate who wins the simple majority of votes at the electoral assembly.

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