Friday, December 4, 2009

Hari Mata Hari in Novi Sad Saturday

By: Milen Vesovic
Novi Sad, Dec.4, 2009 (Serbia Today) - One of the most well known pop bands from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) - ‘Hari Mata Hari’, will perform on Saturday, 5 December in the Great Hall of the SPENS center in Novi Sad.
The group Hari Mata Hari, and their leader Harry Varesanovic, is one of the biggest music stars in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the largest in the former Yugoslavia.
‘Hari’ has already been on tour for several months to present their latest album, ‘Sreca' (“Happines”). There are already 12 songs that have quickly become hits, among which are the most pointed song, "Azra", "Happiness", "Love" (Ljubav), and "Bomb" (Bomba).
Hari Mata Hari is also the stage name for the singer Hari Varesanovic. The group originated from the city of Sarajevo, the capital of BiH. The group has performed over 1,000 concerts and sold 5 million albums to date. Their songs are among the most famous and popular love ballads in the former Yugoslav era. Hari Mata Hari was the representative of BiH at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 which was held in Athens, Greece.
This band is first in Novi Sad, then a performance in Belgrade, Sarajevo and other major cities in this region.

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