Thursday, December 3, 2009

Van Gogh Rocked Belgrade Arena

Van Gogh Rocked Belgrade Arena
Belgrade, Dec.1, 2009 (Serbia Today) - It seems that the audience so enjoyed themselves at the concert of Serbian rock group Van Gogh at the Belgrade Arena over the weekend that even the band was moved.
“The audience was really amazing, I would like to express gratitude to all these wonderful, smiling and beautiful people who sang all our songs and we can proudly call that day the Republic Day,” said Zvonimir Djukic Djule excitedly, leader of Serbian rock attraction Van Gogh, who performed two days ago in a crowded Belgrade Arena, heated the atmosphere and made an indescribable spectacle which will surely be remembered for a long time.
Everyone was delighted, but not surprised (something like that was expected from the golden guys from Serbian rock scene) when suddenly rotational lights were lit on the stage and a huge disco ball started turning on a big screen and later exploded. The audio-visual magic ensued and the audience exploded.
“I am glad that we managed to connect our sound and visual ideas with the audience and make a great atmosphere in a direct way. According to the comments, we have succeeded in connecting the concert with theatre and acting,” says Djule, who thinks that the band has made a big step forward with this concert.
“We are happy that we managed to share our emotions in a very special way and did not allow ourselves to repeat a concert like the one we held two years ago at the Belgrade Arena. This was a completely different concert with which Van Gogh and the audience managed to move the Arena. This concert has revived our creative wish to be different and special,” Djule concluded.
“After the concert I was looking at one spot for a long time trying to settle my impressions. It was difficult to pull myself together. We did not celebrate, we only had one drink, sat and stared at each other. We were silent, but our looks spoke volumes. Every time we exchanged looks, we had big smiles on our faces. We are all aware of the fact that our vision has revived and we are going on a deserved vacation,” said the band leader

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