Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ski the Slopes of Serbia

By: Jelena Jovanovic
Belgrade, Nov.23, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Serbia’s dramatic mountains and alpine winter conditions make it an ideal destination for those seeking winter skiing in the region. There are several very popular ski centers in Serbia – Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Divcibare, and Stara Planina. All these resorts have excellent conditions for skiing set among the alpine region of Serbia.
The most renowned ski center in Serbia is Kopaonik Mountain, located in the South West of Serbia. This mountain is covered with snow from the end of November until May every year with 200 sunny days per year and many accommodation capacities.
The slopes of Kopaonik are 1650 - 2017 meters above sea level. Kopaonik is a favorite ski destination in Serbia, and visitors flock during the winter to snow packed slopes. Well groomed ski slopes offer a wide variety of slopes for beginners to expert spread across the mountain. The mountain boasts over 40 km of slopes for downhill skiing and more than 20 km of trails for cross country skiing.
In this year`s programs, as in previous seasons, are packages for snow-boarding and para-skiing, and parachuting. The mountain offers several locations for entertainment in the way of cafes and bars during winter nights. Visitors can also enjoy sleigh rides, ice-skating, and indoor tennis.
For fans of night skiing, there is the well-lit “Malo Jezero“ slope. All tracks are well connected with a ski lift system that has the capacity of over 27,500 skiers at any given time.
Beside downhill and cross country skiing, the mountain has a well maintained snow-board park in which many domestic and international competitions take place. The sheer maintain sides have made ideal conditions for paragliding. There are three tracks built in accordance with the FIS standards for slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill racing.
Rental packages for equipment are available at the mountain, as well as snow mobiles. Some of the most interesting slopes for intermediate skiers are Krcmar and Duboka I. Gvozdenac and Ledenica are the most popular runs for the expert skiers. The Suncana Dolina track, an intermediate trail, leads to the Putnik Hotel.
Beginners can ski on Jaram and Karaman Greben ski runs which are situated in front of the Grand Hotel. The cost of a day pass is RSD 1150 for children and RSD 1800 for adults, and a seven-day ski pass is RSD 6 ,150 for children and RSD 9,550 for adults.
Kopaonik will open three new ski slopes and some older slopes have been reconfigured for this season to open earl with the help of snow machines. Hotel Grand and apartment complex Konaci have been renovated for this season. Kopaonik is well known for its numerous luxury hotels, apartments, and private accommodation. There is always a discount for small children and booking in advance (and online) can make arrangements more affordable. Kopaonik has many fans and there is no shortage of positive postings and reviews.
In the words of one visitor, “The slopes of Serbia and the warm generous nation make Kopaonik an ideal holiday destination for any traveler looking to have a good time on a set of skis Kopaonik, Serbia will be a skiing location that will stay firmly on the map.”
Another popular winter destination in Serbia is Zlatibor, mountain, situated in the South West part of Serbia. The average height of Zlatibor mountian is 1000 meters, with the peaks at Tornik (1496 m), Cigota (1422 m) measuring much more. The Tornik ski centre is at 1110 to 1490 meter, and is located 9 km away from the village of Zlatibor.
Renovated and enlarged ski slopes, and a newly built six seat ski lift make Tornik a first rate ski center, which attracts all categories of skiers.
Divcibare is a village and a well known mountain resort situated on Mount Maljen (1104 meters), South East of the city Valjevo. It has mild climate, rich flora and fauna, abundance of streams and water as well as suitable terrain configuration.
Divcibare’s center attraction is Crni Vrh, a 850 meters long ski track with a two-seat ski lift with 1200 skiers an hour capacity. This track is well lit during the night for after hours skiing. The Divcibare valley has excellent ski trails for cross country skiing. Ski equipment can be rented and serviced in hotels and resorts and there is a ski school open every winter.
Divcibare has well maintained trails leading to its summit, which hikers can enjoy year round.
Stara Planina (Old mountain), the highest mountain in Eastern Serbia, rises 2169 meters above sea level, and stands as a natural border with Bulgaria.
Babin Zub, a protected natural reserve, is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Stara Planina.
Stara Planina, which is covered with snow for almost five months a year, measures between 1100 and 1900 meters above the sea level, and it is an ideal place for winter sports. The Babin Zub ski centre has three ski tracks ready for night skiing.

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