Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tamara Markovic – Upcoming Serbian Chess Star

By: Katarina Jonev
Obrenovac, Nov.21, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Obrenovac will be host of Open Chess Championship of Belgrade from November 23th until December 2nd. Over 200 domestic and dozens of international chess players will compete for the ‘Belgrade Trophy’. The tournament has international chess figures attending and this is an excellent opportunity for Serbia’s young players to gain international experience and meet with international masters and grandmasters.
Taking part in the competition for the Belgrade Trophy will be promising young Belgrade chess player Tamara Markovic (16).
When asked what she loved about the game Markovic had this to say, “People say that playing chess is an art and a sport at the same time. In only one move there are countless combinations. In chess, one must use logic, creativity, mathmatics, experience, intuition, and of course knowledge. I was drawn to chess by all this amazing factors. Also, playing chess gives me opportunity to meet people and acquire friends in Serbia and abroad.”
Markovic’s love for chess was something that happened spontaneously when she was a child.
“When I was a little girl, I was rummaging through books on the shelves and suddenly I noticed a chess set. It looked interesting and I wanted to learn more about chess, so my parents started to teach me the basic. In the third grade, I applied to play chess for the school team on one competition. For two years I played only recreationally. I started to train in chess more serious when I turned 11, quite late for the game. I started playing with International masters Dejan Nestorovic, who founded a chess club ‘Nestor’ 2 years ago,” said Markovic.
Tamara plays 7 to 8 tournaments every year. So far she had participated in nearly 40 competitions, but she plans to increase that number. She has already amassed 13 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 5 bronze medals.
Tournaments are the most common form of competition where many participants take part and the system is that everyone plays for himself as an individual. There are amateur and professional tournaments. In team competitions clubs compete - each member of the club plays against members of another club. There are the league and team competitions.
It was at the age of 14 that Markovic had her first significant victory.
“I was 14 years old and I played in the 20 year old category. I won fourth place and earned the right to participate at the Youth Championship of Serbia. I was very proud because it was considered as a great success,” said Markovic.
Markovic claims that her preparation for a match combines a variety of techniques.
“I am preparing with the coach. We are analyzing an opponent’s the best and the worse parts in a move, advantages and disadvantages. We are also reviewing my games in previous tournaments. Today's chess requires preparations on the computer chess programs which allow for analyzing your moves and the opponents moves,” said Markovic.
Markovic has her own favorites in the chess world.
“I admire Irena Coljuskina. She is a female world master and one of our best chess players. I had the pleasure to met her and spend some time talking with her and she is not only great chess player but also very interesting person. From the world scene I admire Bobby Fischer. I can not really say that he is a role model, but I respect what they have done in his career,” said Markovic.
Her current ambition is to become the Serbian Champion and to pass the rating of 1800. She currently has a rating of 1727. But she sees chess as a part of her life, not the center of her life.
“Although chess is not the primary thing and always comes after school I will never considered it to be a kind of obligation, but a pleasure that fulfils me.”

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