Saturday, July 3, 2010

Skunk Anansie – alternative attraction in Belgrade

Belgrade, June, 28. (Serbia Today) - British alternative rock band Skunk Anansie will be holding a gig at Belgrade’s Student Cultural Center on 28 June. And that’s not all! The group will also during their stay in Serbian capital to shoot the video for their song My Ugly Boy, writes daily Blic. The band will be arriving in Belgrade the day before the show in order to do some sightseeing and explore the nightlife beforehand. The organizers have confirmed Skunk Anansie have demanded quality wine, dark lager, chewing gum, vegetarian cold meals, Japanese and green teas and energy drinks in their rider.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

EXIT knocking on the door

Belgrade June 26. 2010. (Serbia Today) - Two more weeks till beginning of one of the best known products from Serbia “Exit” music festival. Organizers claims that everything is ready and Novi Sad is prepared to welcome guests from all around the world. Serbia airline “Jat airways’ announced that for the passengers with the EXIT ticket there will be some discounts, with prices even 70 percents lower then usually. Just to remind you, “Exit” will be held in Novi Sad  from July 8 to  July 11. At the Petrovaradin fortress, visitors can expect  the  world  greatest music attractions such  as Faith No More and David Guetta, Cemical brothers. There is no more one day tickets to by, but for day tickets cost around 65 EUR.

Festival of street performers in Belgrade

Belgrade, June 26. (Serbia Today)- The first street festival of entertainers Belgrade Busker Fest ended on Sunday with a carnival parade. Buskerfest is a street festival of entertainers such as magicians, acrobats, and various other street performers, such as jugglers, clowns, comedians, and musicians and is being held at five different locations around the city. In addition to domestic on the festival presenters from the world including artists from  America, Canada, Argentina, Japan, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Croatia and  Macedonia have also participated.