Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wovenhand in Belgrade

By: Valentina Radulovic
Belgrade, Nov.24, 2009 (Serbia Today) - After many attempts to bring an American band Wovenhand to Serbia, audience will have a chance to enjoy in their concert on November 25th in ‘Dom Omladine’.
Wovenhand is a band from Denver, Colorado, led by former 16 Horsepower lead singer David Eugene Edwards. Wovenhand’s music combines elements of alternative country, post-rock, punk, industrial music, folk rock, old-time music and nature American music, among others. Their music is dark, gloomy, dreamy, organic and atmospheric.
David Eugene Edwards, as a lead singer is one of the most interesting personalities on American alternative music scene, in the last two decades. He was well known as a member of 16 Horsepower, for almost ten years, and from 2001 to today he continues his ‘mission’ with the band ‘Wovenhand’.
In spite of the fact that the band was created as a project, it achieved a great number of fans, mostly thanks to Edward’s charisma and extraordinary voice. A dark, mystic atmosphere and an authentic, dramatic and unique voice are hallmarks of his sound.
In ten years of discography and concert activities, 16 Horsepower recorded four albums, giving a mixture of Americana, country music, folk and gospel. They recorded a few live albums and the compilation of singles, as well.
The main part of the band was Edward’s poetic talent and his remarkable voice. They rearranged the songs of John Fogerty and Credence Clearwater Revival, Gun Club, Joy Division, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, the Carter Family. Their most popular album was ‘Sackcloth ‘n’ Ashes’ (1996), which is a fusion of wild country violin, bazaar humor and punk energy.
Comparing to 16HP, Wovenhand is more ethereal, with a lot of tender melodies. Edward’s verses are inspired by Bible and the fact that he was grown up in the strict religious surroundings of the Southern US. Their first album was released in 2002, and in 2009 they recorded their last album, so far, ‘Ten Stones’. In this album Edward’s music expression is very mature and perfect, and critics compare him with Nick Cave, David Bowie and Scott Walker.
In live performance, ‘Wovenhand’ sounds much louder and harder. During the first half of 2009 they held more than 60 concerts, and till the end of the year they plan to reach the number of 100 concerts. In the meantime, they were the headliners of many festivals in Europe: in Hungary, Holland, Italy, and Germany and in the UK.

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