Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ceca Performs New Years Eve

By: Milen Vesovic
Belgrade, Nov. 30 (Serbia Today) – Serbia’s most popular Serbian folk singer Svetlana ‘Ceca’ Raznatovic and Zvezde Granda group will perform December 31st to welcome in the New Year at the Belgrade Fair.
Ceca’s (pronounced Set-sa) rise to fame began in the 90’s as she joined the resurgent scene of Serbian folk performers. Her exceptional beauty and her striking voice quickly helped launch her to popularity, but it was her successful transition into a more modern, rock based sound that help make her a mega star in the last decade.
She can easily fill a stadium in Serbia, and her she can be heard can be heard across all borders in the region, as her popularity has overcome cultural divides.
The star of the evening will be accompanied by the Zvezde Granda players; Jovan Stefanovic, Sasa Kapor, Slobodan Vasic, Nebojsa Vojvodic and Milan Topalovic-Topalko and Svetlana Tanasi, also known as Big Mama.
Although, Ceca normally avoids booking performance for New Year’s Eve, so that she can spend the holidays with family and friends, she has decided to make an exception this year, as she has not had many performances in large venues this year.
The high quality sound system and lighting show promises to bring a new level in production quality to the Belgrade Fair. All domestic and foreign drinks will cost from 100 - 150 dinars, and quality service will be ensured by professional bartender supervising drink service at the bars and concessions.
Tickets are already on sale at RSD 2,000 to RSD 8,500.

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