Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A new album by Marija Serifovic released

Belgrade, Dec. 16, 2009 (Serbia Today) – The first Serbian “Eurovision” winner, pop singer Marija Serifovic presented to the press her new album titled “Angel” on Monday (Dec. 14) at the promotion in the Hotel Hyatt in Belgrade.
“I used all my creative energy and love for my “Angel” to whom I dedicated all of the songs included in this album. Thereby the name for the album was appropriate. The job done with the production of the album was an advancement by all means” – said Marija adding that she is planning a concert in spring in Belgrade.
Renown Swedish producer Robin Reks took part at the press conference adding that Marija is one of the most talented performers he ever worked with. Five of the songs were done by Scandinavian composers and one is done by Sasa Milosevic, the author of song “Molitva” (Prayer), which is the wining composition at the Eurovision Contest in 2007.
The production cost of the new album “Angel” is almost 100,000 Euros and Marija and her producers are trying to promote her new album on the western music market.
“Every performer’s dream is to get the MTV Award, so it is mine as well. In spring, we will produce a music spot that will be hopefully aired on MTV” – Marija told reporters.

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