Monday, December 14, 2009

Red Star Celebrates ‘The Big One’

By Katarina Jonev
Belgrade, Dec.10, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Serbian football club champions, Red Star Belgrade, celebrates the 18th anniversary years since winning the World Championship title in Tokyo. In the dramatic finals held in 1991, on the eve of the disintegration of Yugoslavia, Red Star beat Chilean team Kolo Kolo 3:0.
Just six months later, on the 29th of May, in Bari, Red Star won the championship of Europe by defeating French powerhouse Olympique from Marseille 5 to 3.
The celebration, which was held on this important anniversary, a large number of Red Star club friends, former players and fans gathered.
"Tokyo is, along with the Bari, Montenegro victory, one of the most important dates in the history of Red Star. Many clubs could only envy us, because at that time it was very difficult to win the national championship, not to mention international titles. That's why the title of Bari and Tokyo have historical significance for our club,” said Red Star legend Dragan Dzajic, at today's promotion.
The coach who led Red Star to victory in Tokyo, Vladica Popovic, recalled that the team came to win the championship even though from the 43rd minutes of the game they were a man down, after Dejan Savicevic was sent off with a red card.
“We must work hard and believe that this great success can be achieved again. Every person who loves and supports Red Star believes, deep down inside, that one day we can again be at the top of the world and Europe,” said president of club Vladan Lukic.

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