Monday, December 21, 2009

Partizan Wrestlers are Champions of Europe!

By Katarina Jonev
Belgrade, Dec. 15 2009 ( Serbia Today) - Wrestling Club Partizan has achieved the greatest success in the history of Serbian club wrestling!
In the Russian city Novosibirsk they won title of European champions! In the great final match in Champions League Partizan won Russian Sibirjak with score 4:3. Winning the European title Partizan made a historical feat and achieved the greatest success in 60.years long history.
Wrestlers who won a titile are: Aleksandar Makismović, Goran Bulatović, Nikola Knežević, Vladimir Radosavljević, Davor Štefanek, Artur Šaginijan, Rustam Totrov, Kristijan Fris, Radomir Petković and coach Boško Kecman.
This is one more proof that wrestling has been making huge steps forward.One of the wrestlers who was in a team and contributed to this amazing success is Vladimir Radosavljevic. With Serbia Today readers he shared first impressions.
-Nobody expected that we will achieve such a success. Impressions are truly phenomenal! In Moscow participated best clubs - for example Turkish and Russian team came with the strongest wrestlers who are strongest links both in clubs and in their national team. This is a historic achievement for both wrestling club Partizan and the Serbian wrestling!First steps and the important successes Radosavljevic achieved in his hometown Valjevo in wrestling Club “Mladost”. When he later entered the Faculty for sport in Belgrade he started to practice and compete for Partizan which would later prove to be a right move. He won over 15 medals." I started training in elementary school, I was second grade. One of my friends from the department began training before me and when he brought the medals from competitions he won to school. Somehow he woke up in me child jealousy. With Partizan I won state championship, Cup, Super Cup... in both individual and team competitions. This year I won the third place at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara (Italy), and therefore I got recognition from Sport Society Partizan. I regularly participate on European and world championships, on international tournaments and world Cups. Knowing where sport is in this country – especially wrestling although it is our most successful Olympic sport, every medal is amazing success”.
Partizan has a young team whose average age is around 19 and almost 50 percent of national team is from “black and white” club. “We won state championships a few days before European club championship Our basic goal is to again prove that we are best club in Serbia and this part of Europe and for now everything is going according to that plan. "
Few months ago in Moscow was formed Serbian-Russian friendship club between Partizan ( Belgrade) and MTM Stroy (Moscow) whose goal, as founders stated will be to provide support and create conditions for further progress and development of wrestling. The aim is also to develop further cooperation between fans of this sport.
“As regarding cooperation with Russia, it is on a high level. I would like to thank to people who are without a bit twinge of interest there to help Serbian sports especially wrestling, in organizing, funding the preparation, providing adequate conditions, providing assistance at any time ... We are here to return with good results and so far we were successful in that”.
Beside your sports career you also study and work. You think that you can be the best in everything you do.
“In regard to the continuation of my sports career, I'd like to say something more about my desires and ambitions but quite often finance situation in our country, especially in wrestling is on low level. I am trying to harmonize all my obligations such as faculty, training, and the job but it is not always easy. Despite all the difficulties, wrestling is in my heart. Although with quality I can currently take place between top 15 wrestlers in the world, I'm not able to rinse the entire preparatory period and control competitions that would give mechanics to get closer to a medal from the European or World competitions. Nevertheless, I really hope that situation will change. I intent stay in wrestling few more years that’s for sure” - said Radosavljevic at the end of interview.

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