Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Serbian Swimming Star Nadja Higl Wins in Zagreb

By: Milen Vesovic
Zagreb, Nov.24, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Serbian swimmer Nadja Higl won first place in the 200 meter breaststroke event at the 37th international Youth 2009 competition in Zagreb, Croatia.
Higl’s official time was 2 minutes and 19.50 seconds with the nearest competitor, Sophie De Ronco from France, coming in second with a time of 2 minutes and 25.6 seconds. Third place was taken by Tanja Schmid from Slovenia with a time of 2 minutes and 26.43 seconds.
Serbian swimmers won two more silver and bronze medals the second day of competition. Ivan Lendjer was second in the 100 meters butterfly with a finishing time of 50.67 seconds, behind Peter Mankoca from Slovenia, who won with 50.38 seconds.
Silver was won by Andjelka Petrovic in the 100 meters freestyle with a time of 55.54 seconds, behind Svetlana Fedulove (54.71) from Russia, while Nina Drolc from Slovenia won the bronze, with a time of 55.63 seconds.
The bronze medal in the 200 meters freestyle was won by Boris Stojanovic 1 minute and 47.31 seconds, after Alexander Suhorukova (1:45.93) from Russia and Adriana Nica (1:46.89) from Portugal. Stojanovic placed seventh with 22.47 seconds in the 50 meters freestyle competition.
Third place went to Serbian swimmer Milica Ostojic in the 400 meter freestyle, who finished in 4 minutes 13.54 seconds behind Anja Klinar (4:09,50) and Nine Cesar (4:12, 39) from Slovenia.
On the first day of the Zagreb meeting, Serbian swimmers won one gold medal (Nadia Higl), one silver (Milica Ostojic) and two bronze medals (Ivan Lendjer and Stefan Sorak).
The competition in Zagreb was attended by more than 400 competitors from several European countries.

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