Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We Still Don’t Plan to Retire

Belgrade, Dec.8th 2009 (Serbia Today) - “Backstreet boys”, the best world boy band and a former huge sensation in a world of pop music, are again on tour promoting their new album “This is Us”. Last week they held a concert at the Zagreb Arena. Serbian audience will have an opportunity to see them on December 15 at the Belgrade Arena.
The famous five-member-band will perform with only four members on this year’s tour, because Kevin Richardson left the band because he has become a father. The European part of the tour of “Backstreet boys” will end by the end of this year and they are moving east, where they will have seven concerts in Japan, Taiwan, etc. “Blic” had an opportunity to ask the band members several questions. Nick Carter and Howie Dorough, the youngest and the cutest members, waited for us in a small press conference room.
Are you tired? How long have you been on this tour?
“We have been on the European part of the tour for two months. We played in Germany, Great Britain, Spain, etc.”
Do you manage to see any of the cities where you perform?
“Yes we do if we have a free evening, but most of the time we go straight to the hall where we have a concert, so we don’t have much time. Since we often travel at night and go over very long distances, we are too tired to see everything we want.”
Is this your last tour?
“No, it isn’t. We still don’t plan to retire.”
Each band member has plans for his won career. Will it be similar to what you are already playing in the band?
“We all have a special style, even within the band and that gives a special quality to our music. Every time we gather, we all give the best part of ourselves and something different and that is what the band “Backstreet boys” is. That is why our individual careers will be different. Everyone will choose what suits him best.”
Kevin Richardson is no longer a band member. Now that there are four of you, have you considered finding the fifth band member again?
“Now that there are four of us, we do not think about the new fifth member, but at the same time, we don’t like to plan too much in advance, so we don’t know if it will remain like that.”

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