Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Serbia dropped from the World Cup

Belgrade/Johannesburg, June 25. 2010. (Serbia Today) – Serbia's football team lost 2-1 to Australia on Wednesday, and end the competition in South Africa at the bottom of Group D. In the third, decisive round of the World Cup group stage, Australia was up 2-0 with second half goals from Tim Cahill and Brett Holman. Serbia's Marko Pantelic scored Serbia’s only goal. Germany, who beat Ghana 1-0, claimed top spot in the group but both teams qualified for the last 16, with Ghana ahead of Australia on better goal difference. Elsewhere, the United States topped Group C to qualify for the next round, followed by England who finished second.

Ada ciganlija – Belgrade summer get away

Belgrade June 25. (Serbia Today) During the summer heat most popular place in Belgrade is Ada ciganlija. Outdoor paradise only 4 km from the city centre. Once and island that has been turned into a peninsula. Ada Ciganlija lies not far from the mouth of the Sava river. Ada Ciganlija is a place for all kinds of sport activities, but also serves as a cultural and entertainment center of Belgrade, especially during the summer. Numerous manifestations are organized involving famous writers, actors, singers, cultural societies, choirs, bands and amateur from different fields. The Ade Ciganlija offer is completed by dozens of rustic restaurants, floating restaurants and boat-houses, that preserve the Belgrade bohemian tradition. On the mainland side of the lake, there's a parking lot for about a thousand vehicles as well as the marina in the Čukarica channel for boats, yacht and smaller ships. Ada Ciganlija also has shops, picnic spaces, bowling alleys, mini-golf courts, horse-drawn carriages, a tourist train, "pedal boats and canoes, as well as the environment-friendly electric-powered boat. Statistic shows that during the summer more than 300.000 visitor comes to Ada, so why wouldn’t you be one of them?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Duel with Australia the biggest challenge

Belgrade/ Johannesburg ,June 24. 2010. (Serbia today) - Defensive player of Serbian football team Branislav Ivanovic said that the match with Australia, which is to play on Wednesday, will be the biggest challenge for the Serbian team in the World Cup in South Africa. "In the two games we won three points and that gives us confidence, but still we haven’t done anything great. The most important thing is to act as a team. We have noticed a phenomenal success against the Germans, but we should remain calm. Duel with Australia is perhaps the biggest challenge in representative careers of each of us, "said Ivanovic to Serbian journalists. We have to respond to those elements, which are their strongest weapon, be at least equal, and I believe that then we get to the quality of individual expression," said Ivanovic, who plays for London's Chelsea. The victory in the duel with Australia, 23rd June in Nelspruit, Serbia would guarantee a place in the eighth round of the World Cup in southern Africa.

Rebel yell in Belgrade 

Belgrade, June 24. 2010. (Serbia Today)  British rock musician Billy Idol performed June 21th at Belgrade park 'Usce"  in front of around  15.000 spectators. The concert lasted an hour and a half, while nearly all the time poor rain was falling. At "Usce" park audience enjoyed  hits as "Ready, steady go", "Rebel yell", "LA woman", "Eyes without face", "White wedding", "Sweet sixteen". Audience of all ages listened Idols concert. Whole Stanic family was there, father Luka (42), mother Ljilja 4O and their sons Milos (15)  and Darko (13). "We are here with our children because we want them to hear  the music of our youth, and it looks that they like it", says Luka. Group of the seven girl-friends made a special souvenir for Idols concert,  T- shirts with the verses from his greatest hits. "I created those T-shirts i wonted us to remember this evening", said one of the friends with the T-shirt "Hot in the city". Belgrade, June 23. 2010. (Serbia today) Visitors of Belgrade from June 25. till June 27.  will be able to experience and learn about Africa. The Museum of African Art will organize the "Afro-fest", event for presentation of tradition, culture and life style in the hottest continent. Visitors will be able to enjoy in the African decorative, and clothing, also one could taste culinary specialties from different parts of Africa. During the festival audience would be able to see documentary movies about Africa, and listen all musical styles from that continent. "Afro Fest" is held in Belgrade every year from 1997.

Ludasko lake

Belgrade, June, 24. (Serbia Today) - Ludas, the second largest lake in Northern Backa, is about 6 km long and covers the surface of 387 ha. The lake is home to a great number of bird species among which outstand sorrel and yellow heron, bittern, kingfisher, blue-throat thrush... On lake you can see rabbits, does, boars and otter. Around the lake, there are objects of particular cultural, historical and archeological value. You can visit traditional houses, salas places, local manifestations, drink wine on the sandy shores and enjoy traditional specialties. The lake is surrounded by settlements such as Hajdukovo, Nosa, Ludas and Supljak. It is 12 km east from Subotica and 7 km away from the road E-75 towards Horgos.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ana Ivanovic: I found my true friends

Belgrade, June, 23. 2010 (Serbia Today) - One of the world’s most attractive tennis players, Ana Ivanovic, has recently come out of a rough period. During the UNICEF Open at Hertogenbosch, where she failed to qualify for the quarter-finals, Ana came to find who her true friends were during a prolonged spell of poor form on the women’s tour. Speaking in an interview for Dutch TV channel NOS, Ana revealed how she has dealt with the drop in the WTA rankings and futile attempts to rediscover her form of late. “I expect a lot from myself, and I am a perfectionist in a way. If something doesn’t go the way I planned, then it’s a big problem and it affects my mood. I think it’s important not to expect too much, to try and stay in one moment and try to work hard,” said Ivanovic, who has been struggling with form for months. “You just start losing matches you should be winning and there is no hope unless you work hard. I think everyone has to go through a rough patch like this in their careers. It’s hard, but it’s positive I can see who my real friends are now. They are those who still believe in me in these hard times,” said Ana, who reflected on the fact the media see her not only as a tennis player, but an attractive magazine cover girl. “I enjoy being photographed – you have your hair done, they do the makeup for you, dress you in nice clothes, and every girl loves that. On the other hand, it’s harder than the toughest tennis practice session,” said Ana and confirmed her focus in the future would be on tennis. It was a year ago, in the first days of the Wimbledon, that Ivanovic’s relationship with Australian golfer Adam Scott was revealed. “Ana and I share a lot. For the last year, which was very hard for me, she has been there for me, just as I have been there for her in times of trouble. I am sure this has only got us closer to each other and made us stronger,” said Adam Scott.

Deronje - kingdom of Tamburiza fest

Belgrade, June 23. 2010. (Serbia Today) The third world “Tamburitza fest 2010“ will be held from 25th to 27th June in Deronje. The orchestras from the following countries will compete for the title of the best tamburitza orchestra in 2010: Austria, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. Since it has been established, the festival in Deronje has been supported by the Government of the AP of Vojvodina and the Municipality of Odžaci, while this year’s “Tamburitza Fest“is also under the auspices of the People’s Office of the President of the Republic of Serbia. Tamburitza Fest is much more than a music festival, since it promotes, through organization of numerous accompanying events, tradition and cultural values of Odžaci, Vojvodina and Serbia, and greatly contributes to the improvement of the intercultural dialogue. Led by this, the Provincial Secretariat for Culture has included “Tamburitza Fest” in the list of events of special importance. Tamburitza Fest“ of Deronje is definitely evolving into the traditional festival, into the new brand mark on the cultural and tourist map of Serbia. Bearing in mind its great attendance rate – over 100, 000 visitors from Serbia and the surrounding countries – this Festival becomes, aside from the top entertainment event, an important place for development of tolerance, mutual trust and friendship at the multiethnic level. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Come beck after defeat

Belgrade, June 22, 2010. (Serbia Today) Serbia won Germany football team 1:0 at the South Africa World cup. That victory in Port Elizabeth over 10-man Germany has put the squad back on track to progressing to the next stage. Coach Radomir Antić fielded this starting 11 for the Group D second round clash with Germany: Stojković, Kolarov, Ivanović, Vidić, Subotić, Krasić, Stanković Kuzmanović, Jovanović, Ninković and Žigić. German striker Miroslav Klose was sent off in the 37th minute after his tackle on Dejan Stanković earned him his second yellow card. A minute later, Krasić ran away along the right side, to pass the ball to Žigić in the box, who dropped it for Milan Jovanović. Jovanović scored from five meters to put Serbia ahead, and set the game's final result. 15 minutes into the second half, the referee awarded a penalty for Germany, but Serbian keeper Vladimir Stojković kept his country's World Cup hopes alive with a save. Serbia, Germany and Ghana now have three points each, with Ghana yet to play their second round game against Australia. Serbia will clash with Australia in the last round of the group stage, while Germany will square off with Ghana

Friday, June 25, 2010

Luc Besson to shoot in Belgrade

Belgrade, June 19. 2010. (Serbia Today) - Famous French director and producer Luc Besson is to film his next project – a science-fiction thriller named Lock Out – on location in Belgrade, writes daily Blic. Besson is pleased with the business cooperation with Serbian partners and film studios. His company, Europa Corp, has worked with Work In Progress and created movies such as District 13 Ultimatum (2008), Human Zoo (2009), and Big Picture (2009). After major success with the film Taken, Besson’s company decided to invest into a number of film projects, one of which will be Lock Out. It is yet to be disclosed what cast the film will include, but what is a fact at this stage is that the film will be directed by a duo of young Irish directors, Stephen St. Leger and James Mather. The movie is an outer space version of Prison Break with 500 of the world’s most dangerous convicts are being kept in an orbital space station 50km from Earth, named Section 8. All 500 hardened criminals are in state of deep hibernation, while sophisticated technology helps them wake up simultaneously, and there the action begins. The film will be produced in latest 3D technology, with the budget reported to be around $30 million.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guca is getting closer and closer

Belgrade June 17. 2010. (Serbia Today) - The 50th Guca Trumpet Festival is scheduled from the period between 13 and 22 August and will feature 2.000 orchestras from fourteen countries battling for first prize. The final event of the competition, according to organizers, will be officially opened by Serbia president Boris Tadic. Also, visitors to the jubilee event will have an opportunity to hear the performances of Goran Bregovic and the Stars of Grand. The Best Trumpet competition will take place on Thursday, 19 August at 9pm. The interest of international orchestras is running high, with most individual applications coming from France – as many as five. Four bands from Slovenia and Poland have also applied to the organizers, as well as three orchestras from Macedonia and Slovakia and one orchestra from Israel. “We have scrutinised all applications and the documents they submitted. There was not enough room for everyone, so we have decided on 16 orchestras which will represent the 14 foreign nations at the Guca Trumpet Festival,” says Adam Tadic, Guca Cultural Centre director. Serbia will be represented by last year’s winners of the festival – Ekrem Mamutovic’s orchestra from Vranje and Dejan Petrovic’s orchestra from Duboko near Uzice. “We submitted the official programme of the festival and an invitation to be the patron of this year’s event to the Government of Serbia late last year. Also, president Boris Tadic has been officially invited to open the proceedings at Guca. We expect their positive replies,” says this year’s Guca Festival host Slobodan Jolovic.

Tiganjica - place to relax 

Belgrade, June 17. 2010. (Serbia Today) - The etno village of Tiganjica is situated in Banat, the eastern part of Vojvodina, about ten kilometers away from the town of Zrenjanin, and two hour drive from Belgrade. It is placed at the very entrance to the Carska bara natural reserve, and in an imaginative way paints the picture of life in Banat. This ethno complex was built in the old “Banatian” style, and contains exact replicas of traditional Banatian houses. The complex has a total of six rooms, equipped with restored antique furniture. It is known for a big Banatian windmill, a beautiful park with floral alleys, ethno sculptures, and, of course, the “Trophy”, a restaurant that served as architectural basis for Tiganjica’s placement and image. The “Trophy” is a local favorite restaurant for wild game fine dining with an authentic hunting atmosphere. At the restaurant’s entrance, there is an open and decorated fireplace, where culinary masterpieces such as barbeque meals, fish dishes, stews, wild game entrees, and even home baked bread are being prepared. Tiganjica features a mini zoo, a charming artificial habitat of roosters, peacocks, does and ducks. But the trademark of the complex is Misa the bear, who, 13 years ago, under unfortunate circumstances, lost his mother. Misa was instantly adopted and grew into the zoo’s beloved chief star. As it is a part of a natural reserve, Tiganjica makes an attractive relaxing and leisure site. Refreshment can be found within a bathing resort, near the bridge of Zabalj. Even closer to the complex, there is a renovated sandy terrain, surrounding a lake and resembling a seaside resort. For those who prefer being active, there are horses available for riding.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boy George comes to Novi Sad

Belgrade/Novi Sad, June 16. 2010. (Serbia Today) - Boy George, the famous British musician, is to hold a show at Novi Sad’s Strand beach on 3 July, as a prelude to the big Exit Festival. The controversial singer and former member of the 1980s band Culture Club will appear before the Novi Sad fans as a DJ, which has been his form of musical expression over the past years. Boy George reached heights with Culture Club in early 1980s, when their hit songs such as Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?, Karma Chameleon and It’s a Miracle took the pop charts by storm in both the UK and the USA. He began his solo career in 1986, inspired by the likes of David Bowie and Iggy Pop, and is now both into song-writing and playing music in clubs as a DJ. Boy George has had many private and professional ups and downs, owing to his bohemian lifestyle early in the career, as well as issues with drug abuse. Away from music, he launched his own clothes line called B-Rude a few years ago, which had its promotion in London, New York and Moscow. Also, he attempted to revive his career with Culture Club in 1998, but the band’s reunion never lasted. “Just a little more time, because in 2011 it will be our birthday, so we have to mark the occasion somehow. We may go on a tour. We’ll see what we do, and I can’t say anything with certainty,” Boy George said for BBC.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Penalty gives Ghana victory over 10-man Serbia

Belgrade, June, 15. 2010 (Source: Blic) - Serbia's national football squad has started its World Cup campaign with a 0-1 defeat in the opening game against Ghanlica. After a largely uneventful first half, Serbia's Aleksandar Luković was sent off with two yellow cards in the 74th minute. Seven minutes later, Zdravko Kuzmanović was caught paying handball in the box. Ghana's Asamoah Gyan converted the penalty to a lead for his team. The game ended with the 0-1 score. Serbia boss Radomir Antić fielded the following payers for the squad's first World Cup match: Stojković, Kolarov, Vidić, Ivanović, Lukovic, Milijaš, Stanković, Jovanović, Krasić, Žigić, Pantelić. Ahead of the game, he told reporters that his team was made of champions who will know how to deal with the pressure of the first World Cup game. He added that Ghana, who's manager is another Serb, Milovan Rajevac, was not a team to be underestimated. “The fact is that Ghana was Africa's champion four times, and that they are reigning world champions in the under-21 category. They have a pronounced national motivation, they are ready, strong in one-on-one situations.” Still, Antić said his team had traveled to South Africa with “big ambition”, but added that, ahead of the game, he would “accept a draw” as a satisfactory result. Antić also noted that while around a thousand fans traveled from Belgrade, there were also between 15,000 and 20,000 Serbs who live in South Africa, and expected support from the stands. “I believe our game will make other nations support us as well,” Antić was optimistic. Serbia competes in Group D, along with Ghana, Germany and Australia.

Serbian football team arrives in South Africa

Belgrade, June 14. 2010. (Serbia Today) - Serbia's national football team arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is where the team will stay during the FIFA 2010 World Cup. The top world football competition, held once in four years, will last from June 11 until July 11. The Serbian players were welcomed by a Serbian Football Association delegation headed by President Tomislav Karadžić and General Secretary Zoran Laković.  32 nations will take part in the competition and have been divided into eight groups The top two teams from each group will progress to the last 16. Serbia is in Group D, along with Germany, Ghana and Australia. The national squad will play its first World Cup match against Ghana in Pretoria, on Sunday, June 13.

Gostoljublje - a village in a village

Belgrade /Gostoljublje, June, 15. 2010 (Serbia Today) - with surrounding ethno villages, belongs to a much larger project known as the Eco village. It is situated within the village of Mionica, on the slopes of Divcibare and at the height of 550 meters. This particular ethno village occupies the area of about 11 ha, and is actually a household designed to serve the needs of countryside tourism and production of healthy food. The entire village is one fascinating highland attraction made of traditional Serbian houses, including a house that is about 200 years old. Such a house is known as Vajat. It is a wooden structure, equipped in the spirit of Serbian tradition that provides a perfect comfort, especially after numerous activities each tourist has on their disposal while staying in Gostoljublje. Visitors may immerse themselves into the unknown waters of preparing Serbian dishes, fruit collecting or doing some serious farm work. In addition to providing an active holiday and an insight into life of Serbian countrymen, this area was blessed with amazing natural features composed of enchanting woods, fields, pathways, peaks, springs and streams. On every day basis, tourists may enjoy long walks along marked paths, which all meet at one point, somewhere on the Subjel hill. According to a local legend, this hill holds a lost treasure, which makes it a special attraction and a challenge for every adventurer. During summer, visitors may find refreshment at a popular picnic site, known as the Skakavacki waterfalls, where „The Days of countryside tourism“ happen annually. Or, they can visit the mountain and spa resort of Divcibare, famous for its healing capacities.

Smederevo fortress

Belgrade/ Smederevo, June, 15. 2010 (Serbia Today) - Fortress lies on the right bank of the Danube, at the confluence of the Jezava and the Danube rivers. It was erected between 1428 and 1430 during the reign of Despot (title for Serbian rulers after the battle at Kosovo) Djuradj Brankovic. His intention was to make it the seat of the civilian and religious government.This Fortress represents the most monumental military edifice in Serbia and one of the biggest medieval fortifications. Its main purpose was the defense against Turkish attacks. When the Turks conquered it in 1459 it was the end of Serbian medieval state. Smederevo became the capital of Smederevo Sandzak, an important strategic stronghold and a trade center. The Danube, the Jezava and Petijevski brook gave the Fortress its triangular shape dividing it into two parts the Small Town and the Big Town. Most of the towers are on te wall facing the land. Small Town is a specially fortified ruler's court surrounded by water whilst in the Big Town there is a complex which consists of Archbishop's residence and residential area. Small Town is surrounded by six towers and on one of them stands an inscription about Despot Djuradj and the time when it was erected. Big Town is surrounded by nineteen towers. The towers are 11 m wide and 20 m high and once were protected by cannons. In 1480. the Turks built one tower on all three corners as well as a tower in the middle of the town wall. The Fortress of Smederevo is an interesting place and for its history and architecture definitely worth visiting.

Promotion of rural tourism

Belgrade June 14. 2010. (Serbia Today) - The "Days of rural tourism” will be held on June 19th  and  20th in the village Skakavci near Kosjeric, organizers announced. Organizers of the exhibit are Local administration and  and Tourism Organization of Kosjerić. The event will kick off with fife players competition,  children folk games and rock concert. On the second day, visitors will enjoy rural sports and children games. Also the audience will be able to taste dishes from Kosjeric region.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Serbian football team had their first training session on the pitch of a nearby university campus in Johannesburg 

Belgrade, June, 12. 2010 (Serbia Today) - Serbia coach Radomir Antic said that team is entering pre-tournament preparations, and “by the time we take on Ghana in our first game, we will have reached our desired level of form.” Antic then addressed the issue of key defender Nemanja Vidic, who has not been training of late. “Ever since he got ill, he hasn’t trained, but he feels much better and I hope Vidic will be ready for the opener against Ghana”, said Antic. Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic said this squad of players was very different from the one that had a disastrous tournament four years ago in Germany. “I want to do something I will be proud of. I will give my best to make South Africa a very positive experience for the Serbia national team”, said the vice-captain. Serbia Football Association president Tomislav Karadzic says the team’s goal is to qualify for the knockout phase of the competition.

Belgrade’s Boat Carnival 20th June

Belgrade, June 12, 2010 (Serbia Today) – Belgrade’s Boat Carnival from 18 to 20 June will last for three days for the first time, announced Belgrade Tourist Organization (TOB). Carnival program, will be held on Sunday 20th June in the center of Belgrade and on the Sava River, on the part of local waters and the shores from Branko's Bridge to the  basin of the  Danube. The program provides the following attractions and activities: water sports, rides on decorated carnival ships, carnival and children's performances from Srbiije and abroad and dance groups. Belgrade’s Boat Carnival this year will be held as part of major European events The Danube Day, which is also celebrated in Serbia.

Niska spa – southern Serbia treasure

Belgrade, June, 12. 2010. (Serbia Today)  Niska spa is situated at the foot of Koritnik, a part of Suva Planina mountain which towers 248 m above the sea level. The tourist center is placed in the southeast of Serbia, close to the Nis-Sofija main road. It is 10 km away from Nis and 250 km away from Belgrade. Natural features of the spa are: mild continental climate, thermal and mineral water, natural and mineral mud. Mineral water from 5 springs "Glavno vrelo", "Suva Banja", "Skolska cesma", "Banjica" and "Pasjaca" are all so-called soil-alkaline homeothermes (36-38°C), mildly mineralized with 56 liters per second capacity. Nis Spa has 3 facilities "Radon", "Zelengora" and "Terme" with state-of-the-art medical equipment used for rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation and for orthopedic surgery treatments. Medical and tourist facilities are situated in a 5 hectare park. Close to Nis Spa is park-forest Kosutnjak, with running tracks. Nis spa is an ideal place for training and competitions in team sports, as it has soccer, futsal, handball and tennis courts, a racecourse and a  rifle range. There are also a library, art gallery and outdoor stage, which has hosted many events within "Kulturno leto u Niškoj Banji" festival. If   you come to Niska spa you must visit the City of Nis, cultural and historical center of southern Serbia. Monuments include: Mediana, Cele-kula, 18th century Nis Fortress, Cegar, Memorial Museum and WWII camp "Crveni krst". Sicevacka Gorge - the attractive canyon of the Nisava River with its rare flora and fauna, Jelasinacka Gorge, a special nature preserve, Bojanine vode and Kamenicki vis.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ana Ivanovic among hottest tennis players of all time

Belgrade, June, 11. 2010 (Serbia Today) – Serbia’s Ana Ivanovic was placed on the list of hottest tennis players of all time by UK magazine The Sun. She and Steffi Graf share fifth place on a list. Former tennis beauty Anna Kournikova has been named the hottest player, with second place going to Maria Sharapova. Gabriela Sabatiniis third and fourth place went to Annabel Croft. The Sun tabloid’s survey involved more than 5,000 British people. Ivanovic’s rival on court, Russia’s Maria Sharapova, is, according to the list, the hottest active tennis player. The magazine has also organized a survey picking the hottest male tennis player, with the former US legend Andre Agassi taking up spot number one. He is followed by Rafael Nadal, while third place went to Bjorn Borg, who is followed by Pat Cash and Roger Federer.

Sirmium – history to write about

Belgrade, June 11. 2010. (Serbia Today) -  Doctor Michael Warner, Professor at the State University of New York has been working together with our archeologists for more than a decade in researching Sirmium, a valuable archeological Roman site in Serbia. Recently Warner promoted his English-Serbian monography on Sirmium. Michael Warner is an expert on the Roman architecture and sculpture with more than three decades experience on excavations in the Balkans and the North America. In recent years he has been involved in international project of tourist promotion of the Roman archeology in the territory of Serbia. “In these group of monuments there are also: the capital of the Viminatium province (near Pozarevac), military camps Singidunum (Belgrade), Diana (near Kladovo), Romuliana (Zajecar), Naisus (Nis), the birth place of Czar Constantine and a villa in Mediana (Nis). Sirmium with the Emperor’s Palace is an entrance gate to this series of chief tourist destinations which represent Itinerarium Romanum of Serbia or ‘The Road of Culture of Roman Emperors in Serbia”, said Warner for daily Blic.

Fantast - Vojvodina’s  fairy tale

Belgrade, June 11. 2010. (Serbia Today) - The  castle Fantast is placed in the northern Serbia region of Vojvodina. It is near Becej, 120 kilometers from Belgrade. When Fantast was built, it represented all the power and wealth of its owner Bogdan Dundjerski who never married but had three great loves: women, horses and wine. One of his friends was Uros Predic, a famous painter, who painted the iconostasis of the chapel dedicated to St. George that Dundjerski decided to erect on his estate. A horse farm occupied half of the total estate with around 1.400 purebred horses. Nowadays, there are about 80 horses in six stables. There is also a riding school for horse lovers. The Castle Fantast represents an important cultural monument. It has been renovated into a luxurious hotel visited by both national and international guests. The hotel rooms are in the main tower. The hotel is open to all visitors. In the vast park built in French and English style, there are many walking paths, tennis courts and a lake. The chapel of St. George has great artistic value. It is very popular for baptisms and particularly weddings for its romantic atmosphere.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Zimonjic takes double crown at Roland Garros

Belgrade/Paris June, 10, 2010 (Serbia Today) – Serbian tennis player Nenad Zimonjic won the doubles title at the French Open in both the men’s and mixed doubles tournaments. Zimonjic and his mixed doubles partner, Katarina Srebotnik from Slovenia, won the mixed doubles tournament on Thursday, which was their fourth title in a row at Roland Garros. On Saturday, Zimonjic took another title, this time with his men’s doubles partner, Canadian Daniel Nestor, by defeating India’s Laender Paes and Lukas Dlouhy of the Czech Republic by a score of 7-5, 6-2 to win their third grand-slam title together.

The first race in wedding dress in Belgrade

Belgrade June, 10, 2010 (Serbia Today) – 200 girls took part in the first race in wedding dress on Sunday in Belgrade at the Trg Nikole Pasica. This race makes Belgrade unique in Europe, according to organizers. The first place took Marija Stambolic, while the second and the third were Iva Dujich and Aleksandra Pesic. “Belgrade Tourist Organization (TOB) supported the event because it is very attractive, but also promotes a healthy spirit, sports and founding a family”, said TOB's representative Dejan Veselinov.  

Bob Dylan’s spectacular concert in Belgrade

Belgrade June, 10, 2010 (Serbia Today) – American rock icon Bob Dylan gave a spectacular concert at the Belgrade Arena on Sunday, 19 years after his last performance in Belgrade. Several thousand fans enjoyed the Belgrade concert which were part of the Never Ending tour, started in 1988 and has staged over 2,100 concerts – unprecedent in the music industry. Dylan's last concert in Serbia was held in 1991 also within the ongoing tour.

Petrovaradin fortress, Gibraltar on the Danube

Belgrade June, 10, 2010 (Serbia Today) -  History: This beauty of the Danube was built between 1692 and 1780, based on Voban's plans, by military engineers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It occupies a space of 112 ha with a unique system of four level and 16 km long underground corridors. It is a true wonder of architecture and was considered impregnable at the time. Culture: Petrovaradin fortress has been an important cultural and art center since 1951, and the largest art colony in the world with over 88 art studios. It is part of the cultural identity of Novi Sad where visitors can buy paintings or some other art pieces, talk with the artists and experience the atmosphere of studios while works of art are created. The Clock Tower on the fortress is special. The big hand shows hours and the small one minutes so that the residents of Novi Sad, Petrovaradin and the sailors could see the time from great distances. Relaxation: To sit on a terrace of Petrovaradin Fortress is an unique experience especially while enjoying a drink or delicious meal. There are three exclusive restaurants on the terrace: one serves national cuisine dishes and the other two serve Thai and Italian specialties. Visitors are strongly encouraged to visit the museum, catacombs and walk around the complex, while enjoying great views of the Danube. Entertainment: There are clubs and cafés on the Fortress. Exit, the biggest and the best music festival in Europe, takes place at the Fortress in summer making it one more reason to visit this cultural monument. There is a horse riding club at the foot of the Fortress and behind the restaurant ‘Trag’ where game specialties are served.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Serbia national football team beat Cameroon with a score of 4-3 in the last friendly game before the World Cup in South Africa.

Belgrade, June, 09. 2010 (Serbia Today) - Cameroon led Serbia 2-0 but Serbia came from behind to prevail 4-3. Goals for the Serbian team were scored by Milos Krasic, Dejan Stankovic, Nenad Milijas (penalty)  and Marko Pantelic. Cameroon's goals came from double scorer Vebo and Motinga.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Serb-Slovenian double win at French Open

 Belgrade/Paris, June, 08. 2010 (Serbia Today) - Nenad Zimonjic and Katarina Srebotnik of Slovenia have triumphed in the mixed doubles competition at the French Open on Thursday. They defeated Julian Knowle of  Austria  and Yaroslava Shvedova of  Kazakhstan, 4-6, 7-6 (5), 11-9. Zimonjic will rally with Daniel Nestor of Canada for the final match in the men's doubles against  Czech  Republic's Lukas Dlohi and India's Leander Paes. Meanwhile, Serbia's highest ranked women's tennis player Jelena Jankovic failed to qualify for the final after losing to Australia's Samantha Stosur 6-1, 6-2

Guns and Roses comes to Belgrade

Belgrade, June, 08, 2010. (Serbia Today) - The legendary American hard rock band Guns and Roses will tour Europe in the fall, visiting Belgrade on September 23, announced the organizer of the event the Belgrade Arena. Tickets will be on sale from May 5 with prices ranging from 30, 35, 45, 50 and 55 EUR. “Guns" was originally supposed to play the 20th June in Zagreb and 22 June in Belgrade but the first Croatian company promoter, "Lupa" said the concert in Zagreb Arena was postponed due to "certain difficulties” in the formation of a tour; a few days later  the concert at the Belgrade Arena was also postponed.

Gostilje - Mountain  surroundings 

Belgrade, June, 08. 2010 (Serbia Today) -  Gostilje is one of the most interesting locations within the Zlatibor mountain. Nestled along the slopes of Cigota and Borkovac and reaching 900 meters in altitude, it is a true challenge for all admirers of untamed nature. Its name means "a hospitable place", and indeed this village was named Gostilje, for no other reason than to describe the warm nature of its people. These are the people whose traditional cuisine strictly includes healthy products. Juicy fruits and veggies, ham and bacon, dairy products, corn bread and corn meal, home-made plum brandy will make you feel right at home. Aside from its wholesome food, Gostilje is famous for its crystal clear and healthy waters. A lively stream runs through the village, and its source is used for production of the "Zlatibor" water, one of the healthiest bottled waters in Serbia. The most oustanding feature of Gostilje is its waterfall, actually a whole formation of waterfalls, elevating to the altitude of about 20 meters. As far as its cultural and natural heritage is concerned, the "must-sees" are: Birth house and memorial room of Dimitrije Tucovic, the Gostilje library, various workshops dedicated to old trade and crafting skills, trout fish ponds, numerous watermills and of course, the waterfall of Gostilje. Immersed in the silence of Zlatibor forests, the village is filled with many gems of nature. The river Katusnica is a genuine fishermen's paradise, with whirlpools that are more than suitable for bathing. The Rakovicka cave, one of many caves within the river Katusnica's canyon. In fact, the whole village of Gostilje is surrounded by mountains, pastures, pine woods and waterfalls, and as such, it has outstanding camping sites, with many rest and leisure opportunities. It is a place where many medicinal herbs can be found. Nearby, there is a big football terrain,and the old village of Sirogojno, the Stopica cave, art studios of Trnava and Borova Glava and the Zlatibor tourist center, which all together and combined with Gostilje create a remarkable travel destination.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

JJ and Zimonjic in the semifinals of Roland Gaross, Djokovic out

Belgrade/Paris, June, 07. 2010 (Serbia Today) – Jelena Jankovic and Nenad Zimonjic in doubles with Daniel Nestor reached the semifinals on Wednesday at Roland Garros, while Novak Djokovic lost in the quarterfinals. The best Serbian tennis player Jelena Jankovic advanced to the semifinals at the French Open, after she beat Jaroslava Svedova from Kazakhstan in 2 sets (7:5, 6:4).Jankovic, which is the fourth seed in the tournament in Paris will play in the semifinals against Australian Samantha Stosur. Serbia's Nenad Zimonjic and Daniel Nestor of Canada defeated the Polish-Austrian duo Lukasz Kubot and Oliver Marach in straight sets (7-5 6-3). Fourth seeds, South Africa's Wesley Moodie and Dick Norman of Belgium will be their opponents in the semifinals. The best Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic defeated in the quarterfinals of the Austrian Jurgen Melcer 3:2 (3:6, 2:6, 6:2, 7:6 (3) and 6-4).

Many world stars at Summertime Festival in Belgrade

Belgrade, June, 07. 2010 (Serbia Today) – This year’s ‘Belgrade Summertime Festival’ from July 3-7 shall host the biggest names of the world jazz, rock and world music. Festival guests will be American jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgewater, trombonist and composer Fred Wesley, bands ‘Tower of Power’ and Damon Harris’s ‘Temptations’ and the famous British guitarist Jeff Beck. On the first day of the festival Dee Dee Bridgewater shall present her new album ‘Eleonor Fagan: To Billie With Love From Dee Dee Bridgewater’ dedicated to famous Billy Holiday. Serbian singer Lena Kovacevic shall perform on July 4 in a promotion of her first album ‘Good Day For Singing’ in which she combines jazz, pop and traditional Serbian music. The festival shall be opened by Jeff Beck, the 14th in the list of 100 biggest guitarists of all times of the reputable ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine. Beck shall perform at the Sava Center within a tour at which he is promoting his new album ‘Emotion and Commotion’. The Sava Center with support by the USA Embassy in Belgrade and the ‘Show Master’ Agency, continues a 19-year old tradition of bringing the biggest starts of the world musical scene as a kind of setting up a bridge with Europe and the world.

Idol will fire Belgrade 

Belgrade, June, 05. 2010 (Serbia Today) - One of the most famous rock musicians of the 80s,  Billy Idol will perform in Belgrade, on  June 21. The concert will be held at the ”Usce” park. The British singer returned to the stage in the middle of this decade after 12 years away. One of the major concerts in a career comeback of the Idol held in the 2006 at the festival EXIT in Novi Sad, where about 40,000 people came. Serbian audience will on May 21 can once again enjoy Idol’s  hits such a  Sweet Sixteen, Dancing With Myself and White Wedding.

Experience the Tara Mountain

Belgrade June, 05. 2010 (Serbia Today) - Mountain Tara situated in western Serbia 180 kilometers from Belgrade. 1000 – 1200 m above sea level) is one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia with preserved fir woods and fascinating vast areas with over 1000 species of medicinal herbs. It is covered by dense woods with clearings and meadows, rocky cliffs, gorges and caves. It is home for over 153 bird species and diverse flora. Pancic's Spruce is a unique species found only on mount Tara. Varied landscape and preserved vegetation have enabled survival to many animal species such as brown bear, chamoise, grouse, golden eagle etc. Tara offers ideal conditions for an active holiday. In winter the guests can ski on its tracks at 1.000 m above sea level. There are two ski lifts, one for children and beginners (150 m long) and the other for recreation skiers (450 m long). During summer season guests have at their disposal facilities such as beaches on the lake, excursion boats, outdoor swimming pools, 10 km long walkways whilst athletes and sportsmen can make use of 1.6 km long trim track, a football pitch and outdoor courts. Some other activities can be pursued such as going for a walk along the canyon, bike riding, sailing on the lake, fishing, rafting and photo safari. One can also visit its monasteries or travelling by  «Sargan Eight» (narrow-gauge railway), visit the Tarabics' house (family of prophets known as Serbian Nostradamus family). The woods, canyons and shores keep traces of prehistoric, antic, Roman and Byzantine cultures. Parts of Serbian medieval inheritance are the Raca monastery (13th century), old tombstone necropolis in Perucac and Rastiste. Dinaric log cabins on shores of the river Drina represent a unique folk art. The river with a lake near Perucac are abundant in all sorts of fish.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Serbia best at Roland Garros

Belgrade/Paris, June, 04. 2010 (Serbia Today) - Serbia will have the largest number of players in the senior competition - in four of five categories at Roland Garros. Jelena Jankovic will play in the women's singles quarter-finals on Wednesday, who is the favorite to progress to the semifinals. Her opponent is Jaroslava Svedova, ranked 36th in the world. None of the countries in the semifinals in the women's competition will have two representatives, with the quarter-finals seeing a match between Russia's players Nadia Petrova and Elena Dementieva. Novak Djokovicis tipped to also progress to the semifinals as he is significantly better placed than Austria's Jurgen Melzcera, who is ranked 27th. None of the countries in the men's competition will have two representatives in the semifinals, since the quarterfinals will see two Spanish players Rafael Nadal and Nicolas Almagro playing against each other. It is probable that among the eight competitors in the semifinals will be competitors from seven countries of which only Serbia would have two representative in the men's and women's competition. In the category of mixed doubles Nenad Zimonjic with Catherine Srebotnik from Slovenia has already qualified for the semifinals and he also expects a place in the semifinals with Daniel Nestor. They will play against Polish Lukas Kubot and Oliver Marah from Austria in quarter-finals.

Subotica - Hungarian taste in Serbia

Belgrade, June, 04. 2010 (Serbia Today) - Subotica is the second largest city in Serbia northern region Vojvodina placed near Hungarian border. The population includes Hungarian and Serbian citizens and offers the beauty of different cultures, religions and nationalities. Subotica is situated 178 kilometers from Belgrade on the international road E-75 and railway itinerary which connects the Balkans with east and west Europe. It will charm you with diversity of its architectural styles ranging from gothic, secession and neoclassicism. Subotica was declared the "Free Royal City" in 1779. One of the greatest buildings in he town is theatre building in the central square. Also you could  enjoy visiting  old Town Hall - a monumental building from the early XXth century with ornaments and mosaics of great artistic value, Town Museum, City library, Catholic Cathedral and Jewish Sinagogue - the biggest in Vojvodina. Subotica is the town of numerous cultural events - international Film Festival, Barbers' days on  Palic, The May Holidays, Children Theater Festival, Duzijanca - harvest festivities. In  Subotica  surrounding you can visit picnic arias Palic Lake and Ludosko lake.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Serbian handball team in the EP

Belgrade/Smederevo , June, 03. 2010 (Serbia Today) – Serbian women's handball team won a place in this year's European Championships to be held from 7 to 19 December in Norway and Denmark. They beat Turkey in Smederevo by 28:27 (14:14) in the final round of  qualifications. Serbia came in second place in the group with four wins and two defeats behind unbeaten Spain. "This was an amazing game, and we deserved to win. We played with heart. I would like to thank everyone, Smederevo, organizers, people who were around us. Everything was beautiful from the hall to the hotel. Thanks to the players on their fight and the game they showed”, said Katarina Kovacevic after the match. Serbian coach Dusko Milic praised his chosen players and pointed out that the true goal, the placement on the Championship of the 'old continent' was achieved.

New Zealand beat Serbia in a friendly match

Belgrade/Klagenfurt, June, 03, 2010 (Serbia Today) - New Zealand’s Football Team, ranked 78th in the world, stunned 15th ranked Serbia in a friendly football match in Austria on Saturday. Shane Smeltz scored the only goal of the football match. Serbian manager Radomir Antic said that the loss could be a good wake-up call and something that would help the Serbian squad as it continues preparing for the 2010 World Cup to be held in South Africa in June.

Hollywood Hills resident of Serbian descent sues Beyonce

Belgrade, June, 03. 2010 (Serbia Today) Filip Markovic, Hollywood Hills resident of Serbian descent  has filed a lawsuit against pop singer Beyonce Knowles and her music label for disturbances while shooting her video for Why Don’t You Love Me? The frustrated neighbor has sued Knowles, on the grounds of infringement of privacy and “trespassing” because he was “woken up at 7 in the morning” on 26 March this year when the shooting was going inside a house opposite Markovic’s, He also claimed the video crew’s equipment vehicles were at the time parked “all over the street”, blocking the path for his own car from the garage. Further details Markovic included in his lawsuit state that he had been woken up at 7am by the noise Beyonce’s crew had created in an otherwise peaceful neighbourhood. Markovic also states the security had forbidden him to come out in the street during the shooting of the video. When he initially asked for compensation for the trespassing incident, Markovic recently received a reply he would not be reimbursed due to a low-budget status of the video production. He is now seeking justice through court and is demanding $25,000 for damages.

Sirogojno - an alpine museum of Serbian ethnos

Belgrade, June, 03. 2010 (Serbia Today) – It represents a genuine architectural wonder that depicts life, culture and heritage of past generations. In 1980, it became a museum and ever since, it has been know as the Old village. Occupying an area of 5 ha, Sirogojno is located in south-western Serbia, on the slopes of the Zlatibor mountain and 20 kilometers away from the town of Uzice. The museum itself holds 47 wooden objects relocated from the surrounding villages and equipped with authentic furniture and tools. Each household has a dairy room, a barn, a bread-baking oven, wooden vessels for production of home-made brandy, a beekeeping chamber, a room for production of prunes, while stables for cattle were built outside the main area. The whole exhibition has over 2000 valuable pieces spread around the yards and under the roofs of this ethno village. A special feature of Sirogojno is a summer shepherd home. It is composed of two cottages and a small house on sleighs, which makes their “business” a lot easier during winter periods. This beautiful ground is also home to sacred spaces such churches of St. Peter and St. Paul (1821), and an old graveyard. In order to breathe life into this museum, various workshops are being organized. The workshops deal with manual production of wooden, metal and coal items. In accordance with the Orthodox Christian calendar, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Easter and other traditional holidays are celebrated. It is through revival of old customs that Sirogojno demonstrates the spiritual, Christian yet pagan, heritage of its people. Every year the village hosts many exhibitions and educational programs. Still, Sirogojno remains famous for its manually knitted sweaters and the “Sirogojno fashion”, is today very present in Paris, Rome, London and even Japan. Be it Museum days or Museum nights, the village celebrates all manifestations dedicated to museums, while summer time is reserved for the festival of eco and environmental film. Sirogojno is surrounded by dazzling alpine scenery, ideal for both, winter and summer vacations. Nearby, there is the village of Gostilje, the Stopica cave, the Vapa spa resort and the Zlatibor tourist center. Around 100.000 people visit Sirgojno annually.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Serbia climbed up on the 15th place FIFA ranking list

Belgrade, June, 01. 2010 (Serbia Today) – The Serbian national football team is ranked 15th on the updated FIFA ranking list, which was published on Wednesday. "The Eagles" have 947 points, ten less than the U.S. team, at 14th place and 48 more than the national team of Uruguay, which occupies the 16th position. When it comes to Serbian opponents at the World Championships, the best ranked is Germany, which is ranked sixth with 1082 points. Australia is ranked at 20 with 886 points, while Ghana is in 32nd place on the list with 800 points. Brazil is still in first place with 1611 points in front of Spain (1565), Portugal (1249) and Holland (1231). The best performance, from teams from the former Yugoslavia, has Croatia on the tenth position with 1041 points.

Serbia 13th in Eurovision contest 

Belgrade, June, 01. 2010 (Serbia Today) – Serbia’s representative on Eurovision Song Contest 2010.  Milan Stankovic came in 13th place. Milan performed Goran Bregovic’s song "This is the Balkans", and accumulated 72 points. That was enough for 13th place from a total number of 25 participants in the final competition. The representative of Germany, Lena was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, which was held at the Telenor Arena Oslo, Norway. It was a convincing 76 points ahead of second-placed Turkey, which was the group of "manga".

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Enjoy the Zemun

Belgrade, May 31. 2010. (Serbia Today) - If you come to Belgrade you have to visit a very special part of the Serbian capital- Zemun. Situated on the bank of river Danube Zemun offers peaceful ambient. Rafts, fisherman taverns, restaurants are just some of attractions of Zemun  quay. This once independent settlement, whose name was derived from the word “zemlja” meaning “earth”, is conveniently positioned on the right bank of the river Danube, and on the very border with the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina. The story of Zemun starts in the “copper age”, and throughout history Zemun has been under Byzantine, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and finally Serbian rule. Since 1934, it has been regarded as an integral part of Belgrade. Nowadays, numerous historical monuments stand as proof of its attractive position, while this “town in the city” continues its development into a modern settlement. Indeed, Zemun has all the right reasons for showing-off and you will immediately fall in love with it.  It has numerous cultural and historical sites, such as the Millennium Tower, fantastic fishing areas, rafts, floating or non-floating restaurants. It is also home to the "Madlenijanum" theatre and opera house, famous cafés with even more famous gastronomic wonders, galleries, and finally, shops where long-forgotten, decorative or usable objects are being manufactured. If you visit Zemun don’t forget the museum in Spirta’s house (18th century), the solar clock house(1823), Jovo Karamat’s printerhouse  (19th century), Icko’s house (18th century), remains of a medieval fortress (11th century), The Millennium Tower on Gardos(1896), the Old Magistracy building (1832). The International festival of monodrama and pantomimes, The International festival of caricature, “Zilik“ painting colony, “Summer on the quay“, etc. Once home to an internationally famous European port Zemun has maintained the old tradition of hospitality; Zemun quay is an ideal place for a city escape or a side stop to all those cruising the Danube on their way to the Black sea. Also, Zemun can be proud of its almost untouched oasis, a local beach called Lido, situated on the Big war island.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Red Star win the cup in Chicago

Belgrade/ Chicago, May, 26. 2010 (Serbia Today) - Red Star won first place at the Twin Cities Tournament in Chicago after a dramatic victory over  FC Paris Saint-Germain. The match finished with a score of 1-1 and the winner was decided on penalties, which Red Star won 7-6. Red Star led 1-0 in the 73rd minute when the goal hit Kadu. Then French player Marcos Ceara equalized in the 91st minute of the match. Jean-Eudes Maurice was the only penalty taker to miss and Milan Jeremic scored the winning goal for Red Star. Successful penalties for Red Star were taken by Nemanja Nikolic, Branimir Subotic, Milos Trifunovic, Milan Vilotic, Vladimir Bogdanovic, Slavko Perovic and Milan Jeremic.

Dane Komljen awarded in Cannes

Belgrade, May, 26. 2010 (Serbia Today) – A short film of the young director and writer Dane Komljen, is one of the winners of the competition at the Cannes Film Festival, Cinefondation. Film "I'm already everything that I have," in production of Faculty of Drama Arts shares equal third place with the Lebanese-American film “Fifth column” of Vatce Bulgurjian. The first prize in the program Cinefondation, which is devoted to discovering new talents, was assigned to the Finnish film, “Sellers of picture ", while the French film “Anywhere in the world” won the second prize. Komljen’s film is a test movie on the third year in s class of director Slobodan Sijan. The story is about Daniel, and how he is dealing with what he is involved in, when he suddenly appears in front of his older sister who lives in Belgrade and pray to be at her place for several days. In the 34-minute film there are appearances by Ivan Djordjevic, Bojan Zeevic, Pedja Damnjanovic and Dragan Milosevic.

Lake Palic –  Vojvodina’s  beauty

Belgrade, 25. 2010 (Serbia Today) Lake Palic,  placed 8 kilometers from Subotica (town near Hungarian border)  and 180 kilometers from Belgrade. The complex has arranged walkways, a zoo, nice hotels and restaurants where visitors can taste traditional dishes from Vojvodina with a strong Hungarian influence. Visitors are also welcome to enjoy horse back riding, sailing, biking and coach rides through the old wood. The Palic lake offers other forms of entertainment, sports, and touring nature reserves, bird watching, walking tours and photo safari. The coast is very attractive because of its sand Reef, bicycle paths, and polygons for the learner. The lake is rich in fish, and this provides an opportunity for fishing enthusiasts in an active holiday. Center provides options for treatment and recovery. Lake mud is rich in important minerals with medicinal properties, and sources of mineral water with temperature of 25 ° C. The coast of the lake is about 17 km long and the whole of its length is regulated. During the summer Palic film festival will be held. The Manifestation offers you  the chance to meet Serbian film industry production.