Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dusan Beocanin, Serbian Handball Star

: Katarina Jonev
Belgrade, Dec.8th 2009 (Serbia Today) - Partizan Handball Club has been known as a “factory” for talented young players able to compete in the European leagues. One of these talented players competing for top standing in the Serbian league is Dusan Beocanin.
Beocanin, who has just come back from an injury sustained last season, is once again one of the best players and biggest contributors to the Partizan club. Although he is only 18. years old, Dusan won 2 medals already, one championship title and one Super Cup with Partizan.
“I started practicing handball when I was 8 or 9 years old in the handball club Zupa in Aleksandrovac. I loved sport in general and in my hometown of Aleksandrovac there were only clubs for football and handball. I was training both sports in parallel, but soon I realized that I like handball more and it became my first love. In Aleksandrovac we did not have league competitions for younger players, so I usually play with much older players. When I entry into high school I moved to Belgrade where I began to live and train,” says Dusan about his early career.
When Beocanin first joined the senior Partizan team, he felt accepted and supported from the start.
“I came to Partizan when I was 15 and in the beginning I played in the younger categories. When I was 16 I signed a contract and officially joined the first team. The feeling was phenomenal! Until then, I could only dream about being being in the Super League but my dream soon became a reality particularly because I was a fan of Partizan since I was a child! Older players provided supported me fully, because I was the youngest in the team and I am very grateful to them on that”.
When asked about his first match Beocanin was first shocked by how quickly he was given access to the higher levels of competition.
“It was match against “PKB”. I entered in the end of the match. Then I was overjoyed that I was even part of team and when my coach gave me an opportunity to play I was in a bit shock. For the first few seconds I was a little afraid, but soon I adopted and even hit a goal post,” said Beocanin.
Beocanin has high hopes for himself and for his club in the up-coming season.
“Last year we also had weaker beginning but we eventually won the title. If we gave our best and if we fight, I believe the title will again be Partizan's, but we really must not allow ourselves any bad days or any bad results. As time goes by, we will play better and I think we still have a chance to be champions again and win the Double Crown.
Since Partizan lost from GOG (Denmark club) and was illuminated from competition in EHF Cup, Beocanin finds reasons to look forward, despite the bitter loss.
“I feel sorrow because we did not make it into the next round. We had a great chance to do it. On the other hand, I am satisfied because we made clear progress in comparison with last year when we lost from Kolding team with 14 goals difference. This year GOG beat Kolding with 11 points. We beat GOG at home (28:24) but in the second match they had more luck then we do and won in Denmark with 27:19,” recounted Beocanin.
Beocanin is planning for the upcoming Junior European Championships as part of the national team.

First we have to pass qualifications that will be held in Iceland, and I honestly believe that we will. Once again I say that we have a very good team. We have proven that when we beat Croatia and they are world champions! We have learned a lot from last few games that we played. I believe that we make the qualifications without a problem, and then, of course, if we can, go for the gold,” Beocanin remarked with a gleam in his eyes.
Not only is Beocanin one of the youngest players in Partizan but he is also one of the best, but he does not let that cause him pressure.
“Honestly I do not feel pressure because I'm the youngest in team. Exactly because I am young there are no great expectations. It is therefore even easier to play well,” said Beocanin.
It is becoming a trend for young hand-ballers to go abroad. Beocanin still has his mind on making a contribution where he is at.
“I am thinking to finish University in Serbia and during that time to continue playing for Partizan. After that I would like to go to play for some strong team that has a significant role in European competitions. There are a lot young players who have gone much too early abroad and failed. Money is not a priority for me, so there are no reasons why would I hurry to go from Serbia. My biggest goal would be to play in Bundes League(Germany) or in Asobal League (Spain). Most important is that I want to build myself as a player and then to go somewhere to play. I want to build myself as a player, and then to go somewhere to play,” said Beocanin.

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