Monday, December 21, 2009

Serbian Delicacies

The Serbian kitchen is legendary for its rich tasting, flavor, and sometimes heavy meals. The combination of cultures from the East and West in Serbia have contributed to the richness and depth of Serbian cuisine. However, it is sometimes in the examination of a single element of a meal that one can see the time and art the Serbs put into their cooking.
Smoked ham from Zlatibor is one of the specialties of that region, and it is another reason behind Serbia’s prominent place in the standings in the culinary world.
The residents of the area started making it over a century ago in the current technique, and the production process has not changed since. Every ingredient is 100% natural and there are no additives except salt, which is why it has a taste unique to that region.
There were some attempts in other regions to make smoked ham using Zlatibor's recipe, but the quality and the unique taste wasn't the same. The production process includes a whole chain of steps, beginning on the pasture where the cattle is fed and ending at the table where the smoked ham is served. The climate, air and water are key factors which make the quality of the smoked ham so exquisite.
The most famous smoked ham is from the village Mackat. In the past few years, a festivity called Prsutijada is being held in January in Mackat, honoring smoked ham, which gathers more than 10,000 smoked ham fans. More and more people come from abroad every year.
The admirers of this meat product enjoy the flavors and aromas of the famous and unique smoked ham from Zlatibor. The taste is unforgettable and is part of the reason visitors keep coming back to the Zlatibor region.

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