Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ana in the Spotlight

Sydney, Dec. 15 2009 – (Serbia Today) - Ana Ivanovic, the renown Serbian tennis player, has drawn a lot of media attention on the golf course in Sydney where she is giving support to her boyfriend Adam Scott who is competing at the Australian PGA tournament.
Although she tried to keep a low profile, casually dressed and wearing sunglasses, Ana attracted attention of numerous press reporters who were following her and Scott all the time during the tournament.
“We are having a nice time here and people are very pleasant ” Ana told reporters who found her more interesting than the happenings on the golf course. Ana and Scott’s relationship has been drawing a lot of attention in Australia, so the press often deals with the relationship of their professional ups and downs, as well as with their relationship. On one of occasion, Scott said that professional problems brought them even closer to each other.
“Ana and I share a lot. She watched me while I was suffering all year and I also saw how much trouble she has been through. I am sure that it has brought us closer and has made us stronger,” says Scott.
Ana Ivanovic has been in Australia for some time where she is preparing for the tournament in Brisbane and Australian Open, which is official start of the new season.

A new album by Marija Serifovic released

Belgrade, Dec. 16, 2009 (Serbia Today) – The first Serbian “Eurovision” winner, pop singer Marija Serifovic presented to the press her new album titled “Angel” on Monday (Dec. 14) at the promotion in the Hotel Hyatt in Belgrade.
“I used all my creative energy and love for my “Angel” to whom I dedicated all of the songs included in this album. Thereby the name for the album was appropriate. The job done with the production of the album was an advancement by all means” – said Marija adding that she is planning a concert in spring in Belgrade.
Renown Swedish producer Robin Reks took part at the press conference adding that Marija is one of the most talented performers he ever worked with. Five of the songs were done by Scandinavian composers and one is done by Sasa Milosevic, the author of song “Molitva” (Prayer), which is the wining composition at the Eurovision Contest in 2007.
The production cost of the new album “Angel” is almost 100,000 Euros and Marija and her producers are trying to promote her new album on the western music market.
“Every performer’s dream is to get the MTV Award, so it is mine as well. In spring, we will produce a music spot that will be hopefully aired on MTV” – Marija told reporters.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jelena Ilic - A girl in love with martial arts

By Katarina Jonev
Belgrade, Dec. 22 2009 (Serbia Today) - Can female gender take the label of stronger one too? We do not want to insult male readers, but yes it can! Jelena Ilic (21), attractive young model captures one’s eye with her appearance, but she takes breath in sport halls as well. For 4 years she has been training kick-box in the Red Star Club and more recently she started training aikido.
“Since I was a child I wanted to enroll into Police academy and to better prepare myself I decided to start practicing some sport and bring condition on a better level. Kick box proved to be suitable for that. When I first went on training, there were only 2 girls and 30 boys in the group. Thankfully, it is not in my nature to retreat or give up so I continued going on practice 3 times a week and very quickly I started to love this sport.
I was 17 when I started to train and in May of this year I had to discontinue after four years due to my school obligations. Nevertheless, I am still practicing kick box on my own at home when time permits. said Jelena.
We are aware that the in last few years women are trying with all their force to be recognized as equal with men and feminism as a movement experience revival. In that context of gender equality, how the love for martial arts affects your life?
“I often wondered what attracted me to a martial arts. after all as people say - I am girl and should stick with lady stuff". I am joking of course! Well I do not know –sometimes fate is miracle. When I began to train the kick-box I developed much stronger self- confidence, not because I now know how to fight - but because I belonged to very positive minority of women. Otherwise how many women are dealing with martial arts? There are far less than men. There are ethical norms of martial arts that could be applied in everyday life regardless of your gender”.
Kick box is, most flagrantly said, mixture of karate and boxing. Technique has a decisive role and force is also important. Is this sport suitable for girls and why? By the way is it worth all mighty bruise?
“Most girls come to practice kick box because they want to look physically better and because of good condition and not because they want to compete. Bruises occur if person does not know how to use technique and do not pay attention on trainings. What is great about kick box is fact that it help girl to built their self- confidence and also to learn useful knowledge about self-defense.
While one claim that this is a typical male sport and there it is absolutely nothing girls can reach by practicing it, there are also those who supports the idea to make a women league and tournaments in which women will participate. What do you think about it?
“Actually I do not support this kind of tournaments. I don't think they are appropriate for girls. It can be dangerous and like I said girls have to keep their feminine side”.
After Jelena Ilic left kickboxing, she have started practicing real aikido.
“For the last couple of months I am practicing “real” aikido in club owned by Ljube Vračarević – man who practically invented this type of aikido. We can say it is Serbian self-defense skill. Trainings are held in the premises of the sports center “Vračarević. It is far more complicated then kick box, it has a more movement, the various levers and much more painful, but when you overcome all this it will be more painful for the person who try to confront you”.
Since you mentioned that aikido is different from the kick-box, what do you think are the biggest differences and was it easy for you to get used to aikido skills?
“Kick box is more power, and aikido is somehow more subtle – right sport for girls. I would say that a combination of these two is pure “poetry” ! Currently I have a little problem with guard, because I used to put guard in kick box with hands in the air and in aikido they are in front of me. I also used to stand on a toes and I should have a backbone with entire foot. I am still adapting and can’t wait to take yellow belt”.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Partizan Wrestlers are Champions of Europe!

By Katarina Jonev
Belgrade, Dec. 15 2009 ( Serbia Today) - Wrestling Club Partizan has achieved the greatest success in the history of Serbian club wrestling!
In the Russian city Novosibirsk they won title of European champions! In the great final match in Champions League Partizan won Russian Sibirjak with score 4:3. Winning the European title Partizan made a historical feat and achieved the greatest success in 60.years long history.
Wrestlers who won a titile are: Aleksandar Makismović, Goran Bulatović, Nikola Knežević, Vladimir Radosavljević, Davor Štefanek, Artur Šaginijan, Rustam Totrov, Kristijan Fris, Radomir Petković and coach Boško Kecman.
This is one more proof that wrestling has been making huge steps forward.One of the wrestlers who was in a team and contributed to this amazing success is Vladimir Radosavljevic. With Serbia Today readers he shared first impressions.
-Nobody expected that we will achieve such a success. Impressions are truly phenomenal! In Moscow participated best clubs - for example Turkish and Russian team came with the strongest wrestlers who are strongest links both in clubs and in their national team. This is a historic achievement for both wrestling club Partizan and the Serbian wrestling!First steps and the important successes Radosavljevic achieved in his hometown Valjevo in wrestling Club “Mladost”. When he later entered the Faculty for sport in Belgrade he started to practice and compete for Partizan which would later prove to be a right move. He won over 15 medals." I started training in elementary school, I was second grade. One of my friends from the department began training before me and when he brought the medals from competitions he won to school. Somehow he woke up in me child jealousy. With Partizan I won state championship, Cup, Super Cup... in both individual and team competitions. This year I won the third place at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara (Italy), and therefore I got recognition from Sport Society Partizan. I regularly participate on European and world championships, on international tournaments and world Cups. Knowing where sport is in this country – especially wrestling although it is our most successful Olympic sport, every medal is amazing success”.
Partizan has a young team whose average age is around 19 and almost 50 percent of national team is from “black and white” club. “We won state championships a few days before European club championship Our basic goal is to again prove that we are best club in Serbia and this part of Europe and for now everything is going according to that plan. "
Few months ago in Moscow was formed Serbian-Russian friendship club between Partizan ( Belgrade) and MTM Stroy (Moscow) whose goal, as founders stated will be to provide support and create conditions for further progress and development of wrestling. The aim is also to develop further cooperation between fans of this sport.
“As regarding cooperation with Russia, it is on a high level. I would like to thank to people who are without a bit twinge of interest there to help Serbian sports especially wrestling, in organizing, funding the preparation, providing adequate conditions, providing assistance at any time ... We are here to return with good results and so far we were successful in that”.
Beside your sports career you also study and work. You think that you can be the best in everything you do.
“In regard to the continuation of my sports career, I'd like to say something more about my desires and ambitions but quite often finance situation in our country, especially in wrestling is on low level. I am trying to harmonize all my obligations such as faculty, training, and the job but it is not always easy. Despite all the difficulties, wrestling is in my heart. Although with quality I can currently take place between top 15 wrestlers in the world, I'm not able to rinse the entire preparatory period and control competitions that would give mechanics to get closer to a medal from the European or World competitions. Nevertheless, I really hope that situation will change. I intent stay in wrestling few more years that’s for sure” - said Radosavljevic at the end of interview.

Serbian Delicacies

The Serbian kitchen is legendary for its rich tasting, flavor, and sometimes heavy meals. The combination of cultures from the East and West in Serbia have contributed to the richness and depth of Serbian cuisine. However, it is sometimes in the examination of a single element of a meal that one can see the time and art the Serbs put into their cooking.
Smoked ham from Zlatibor is one of the specialties of that region, and it is another reason behind Serbia’s prominent place in the standings in the culinary world.
The residents of the area started making it over a century ago in the current technique, and the production process has not changed since. Every ingredient is 100% natural and there are no additives except salt, which is why it has a taste unique to that region.
There were some attempts in other regions to make smoked ham using Zlatibor's recipe, but the quality and the unique taste wasn't the same. The production process includes a whole chain of steps, beginning on the pasture where the cattle is fed and ending at the table where the smoked ham is served. The climate, air and water are key factors which make the quality of the smoked ham so exquisite.
The most famous smoked ham is from the village Mackat. In the past few years, a festivity called Prsutijada is being held in January in Mackat, honoring smoked ham, which gathers more than 10,000 smoked ham fans. More and more people come from abroad every year.
The admirers of this meat product enjoy the flavors and aromas of the famous and unique smoked ham from Zlatibor. The taste is unforgettable and is part of the reason visitors keep coming back to the Zlatibor region.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Festival of Underwater Film in “KINOTEKA”

By Li Novak
Belgrade, Dec.10th (Serbia Today) - The 12th International Festival of Underwater Film will be held in the Museum of Yugoslav Film Archive’s cinema, or Kinoteka as it is known locally, from the 12th to the 14th December.
The motto of this year’s festival is ‘Let’s Keep the Waters Clean - Always’. The event is focusing on education about protection of the environment. The festival will be held with the support of the Serbian Ministry of Culture, Belgrade Municipality, The Old Town Municipality and Belgrade Section for Protection of Environment. A number of foreign cultural centers and diplomatic missions are supporting this festival, as well.
A total of 70 movies will be shown in the competition. Several big foreign productions will be holding their premier of their movies in Belgrade.
Two thirds of our planet is covered with water. Watched from space, the Earth is blue. In many ways we live on ‘the water planet’. Do we know enough about what is going on under the surface of the ocean? The International Festival of Underwater Film is giving us some surprising answers.
This festival is included in the United Nations Environmental Program, and the Mediterranean Action Plan as part of its environment protection campaign. It is considered as one of the primary movie festivals for raising awareness on the protection of the earth’s water resources.

Red Star Celebrates ‘The Big One’

By Katarina Jonev
Belgrade, Dec.10, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Serbian football club champions, Red Star Belgrade, celebrates the 18th anniversary years since winning the World Championship title in Tokyo. In the dramatic finals held in 1991, on the eve of the disintegration of Yugoslavia, Red Star beat Chilean team Kolo Kolo 3:0.
Just six months later, on the 29th of May, in Bari, Red Star won the championship of Europe by defeating French powerhouse Olympique from Marseille 5 to 3.
The celebration, which was held on this important anniversary, a large number of Red Star club friends, former players and fans gathered.
"Tokyo is, along with the Bari, Montenegro victory, one of the most important dates in the history of Red Star. Many clubs could only envy us, because at that time it was very difficult to win the national championship, not to mention international titles. That's why the title of Bari and Tokyo have historical significance for our club,” said Red Star legend Dragan Dzajic, at today's promotion.
The coach who led Red Star to victory in Tokyo, Vladica Popovic, recalled that the team came to win the championship even though from the 43rd minutes of the game they were a man down, after Dejan Savicevic was sent off with a red card.
“We must work hard and believe that this great success can be achieved again. Every person who loves and supports Red Star believes, deep down inside, that one day we can again be at the top of the world and Europe,” said president of club Vladan Lukic.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We Still Don’t Plan to Retire

Belgrade, Dec.8th 2009 (Serbia Today) - “Backstreet boys”, the best world boy band and a former huge sensation in a world of pop music, are again on tour promoting their new album “This is Us”. Last week they held a concert at the Zagreb Arena. Serbian audience will have an opportunity to see them on December 15 at the Belgrade Arena.
The famous five-member-band will perform with only four members on this year’s tour, because Kevin Richardson left the band because he has become a father. The European part of the tour of “Backstreet boys” will end by the end of this year and they are moving east, where they will have seven concerts in Japan, Taiwan, etc. “Blic” had an opportunity to ask the band members several questions. Nick Carter and Howie Dorough, the youngest and the cutest members, waited for us in a small press conference room.
Are you tired? How long have you been on this tour?
“We have been on the European part of the tour for two months. We played in Germany, Great Britain, Spain, etc.”
Do you manage to see any of the cities where you perform?
“Yes we do if we have a free evening, but most of the time we go straight to the hall where we have a concert, so we don’t have much time. Since we often travel at night and go over very long distances, we are too tired to see everything we want.”
Is this your last tour?
“No, it isn’t. We still don’t plan to retire.”
Each band member has plans for his won career. Will it be similar to what you are already playing in the band?
“We all have a special style, even within the band and that gives a special quality to our music. Every time we gather, we all give the best part of ourselves and something different and that is what the band “Backstreet boys” is. That is why our individual careers will be different. Everyone will choose what suits him best.”
Kevin Richardson is no longer a band member. Now that there are four of you, have you considered finding the fifth band member again?
“Now that there are four of us, we do not think about the new fifth member, but at the same time, we don’t like to plan too much in advance, so we don’t know if it will remain like that.”

Dusan Beocanin, Serbian Handball Star

: Katarina Jonev
Belgrade, Dec.8th 2009 (Serbia Today) - Partizan Handball Club has been known as a “factory” for talented young players able to compete in the European leagues. One of these talented players competing for top standing in the Serbian league is Dusan Beocanin.
Beocanin, who has just come back from an injury sustained last season, is once again one of the best players and biggest contributors to the Partizan club. Although he is only 18. years old, Dusan won 2 medals already, one championship title and one Super Cup with Partizan.
“I started practicing handball when I was 8 or 9 years old in the handball club Zupa in Aleksandrovac. I loved sport in general and in my hometown of Aleksandrovac there were only clubs for football and handball. I was training both sports in parallel, but soon I realized that I like handball more and it became my first love. In Aleksandrovac we did not have league competitions for younger players, so I usually play with much older players. When I entry into high school I moved to Belgrade where I began to live and train,” says Dusan about his early career.
When Beocanin first joined the senior Partizan team, he felt accepted and supported from the start.
“I came to Partizan when I was 15 and in the beginning I played in the younger categories. When I was 16 I signed a contract and officially joined the first team. The feeling was phenomenal! Until then, I could only dream about being being in the Super League but my dream soon became a reality particularly because I was a fan of Partizan since I was a child! Older players provided supported me fully, because I was the youngest in the team and I am very grateful to them on that”.
When asked about his first match Beocanin was first shocked by how quickly he was given access to the higher levels of competition.
“It was match against “PKB”. I entered in the end of the match. Then I was overjoyed that I was even part of team and when my coach gave me an opportunity to play I was in a bit shock. For the first few seconds I was a little afraid, but soon I adopted and even hit a goal post,” said Beocanin.
Beocanin has high hopes for himself and for his club in the up-coming season.
“Last year we also had weaker beginning but we eventually won the title. If we gave our best and if we fight, I believe the title will again be Partizan's, but we really must not allow ourselves any bad days or any bad results. As time goes by, we will play better and I think we still have a chance to be champions again and win the Double Crown.
Since Partizan lost from GOG (Denmark club) and was illuminated from competition in EHF Cup, Beocanin finds reasons to look forward, despite the bitter loss.
“I feel sorrow because we did not make it into the next round. We had a great chance to do it. On the other hand, I am satisfied because we made clear progress in comparison with last year when we lost from Kolding team with 14 goals difference. This year GOG beat Kolding with 11 points. We beat GOG at home (28:24) but in the second match they had more luck then we do and won in Denmark with 27:19,” recounted Beocanin.
Beocanin is planning for the upcoming Junior European Championships as part of the national team.

First we have to pass qualifications that will be held in Iceland, and I honestly believe that we will. Once again I say that we have a very good team. We have proven that when we beat Croatia and they are world champions! We have learned a lot from last few games that we played. I believe that we make the qualifications without a problem, and then, of course, if we can, go for the gold,” Beocanin remarked with a gleam in his eyes.
Not only is Beocanin one of the youngest players in Partizan but he is also one of the best, but he does not let that cause him pressure.
“Honestly I do not feel pressure because I'm the youngest in team. Exactly because I am young there are no great expectations. It is therefore even easier to play well,” said Beocanin.
It is becoming a trend for young hand-ballers to go abroad. Beocanin still has his mind on making a contribution where he is at.
“I am thinking to finish University in Serbia and during that time to continue playing for Partizan. After that I would like to go to play for some strong team that has a significant role in European competitions. There are a lot young players who have gone much too early abroad and failed. Money is not a priority for me, so there are no reasons why would I hurry to go from Serbia. My biggest goal would be to play in Bundes League(Germany) or in Asobal League (Spain). Most important is that I want to build myself as a player and then to go somewhere to play. I want to build myself as a player, and then to go somewhere to play,” said Beocanin.

Monday, December 7, 2009

EXIT competing for the best festival

Belgrade, Dec. 7, 2009 (Serbia Today) – One industry in Serbia that has not been stopped by visa requirements, embargoes, and trade restrictions is the Festival Industry. The Guca Horn Festival of regional trumpet bands has been drawing million of visitors to a small city in Central Serbia for years. The biggest draw for international visitors has, of course, been the EXIT festival, started as an expression of Serbian youth culture breaking away from the Milosovic regime, has established itself as one of the biggest and best contemporary festivals in Europe.
It is hard to know if the economics of local venues or the free spirit of Serbia are the reasons behind the festivals popularity of the years, but now EXIT will get a chance to official establish its standing as one of the best festivals in Europe.
Internet portal “Virtual Festivals” in collaboration with “Yourope”, an organization which gathers the greatest European festivals, organizes for the first time a selection of the best European festival, reports Serbian news daily Blic. EXIT will compete with 21 other festivals for this prestigious award.
The winner will be selected by votes of the audience on the webiste www.eu.virtualfestivals.com . The first round of voting will be finished on December 10 and the audience will be informed about the shortlisted festivals which will enter the second round. After the second round of voting, the winner will be announced on January 13, reports Blic.
Competition for the ‘Best Major Festival’ award, for which EXIT is running, will be between huge venues, such as Oxegen (Ireland), Roskilde (Denmark), Sziget (Hungary), Isle of Wight and ‘T in the Park’ (Great Britain).
Ticket for the next EXIT festival, which takes place from July 8 to 11 in Novi Sad, go on sale December 7th and tickets can be purchased at the promotional price of RSD 4,4990 on the website www.gigstix.com.

Serbia grouped with Germany, Ghana and Australia

Cape Town, South Africa, Dec. 7, 2009 (Serbia Today) – Group selections for the ‘world’s most watched sport’, took place in Cape Town last week and Serbia has drawn the German powerhouse in its group.
Football, as soccer is known on this side of the Atlantic, is more than the national pastime – it is a national obsession. Serbia, with a population of only 8 million, has been regional force in the sport for decades. The Serbian national team is very strong this year, and early on there was talk that this could be ‘the team’ to go all the way.
Recent victories against Romania, Ireland, and the previously undefeated South Korean team have aptly demonstrated that Serbia has a powerful team this year. Even the tie against previous World Cup Champions , France, did more to establish Serbia’s standing, as Serbia played a superb game that almost got away from the French. Drawing the perennial powerhouse Germany into its group will be an early test of the Serbian team’s fitness to face down the world’s best.
Serbia will play Germany, Ghana and Australia in the preliminary round of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Serbia's second match in Group D is against Germany in Port Elizabeth on Friday 18th June, and it will be a long wait for most football fans.
In their closing game of the group phase, Serbia and Australia will meet in Nelspruit on June 23.
The groups for the 2010 FIFA World Cup are as follows;
GROUP A: South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France
GROUP B: Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, Greece
GROUP C: England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia
GROUP D: Germany, Australia, Ghana, Serbia
GROUP E: Holland, Japan, Cameroon, Denmark
GROUP F: Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia
GROUP G: Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal
GROUP H: Spain, Honduras, Chile, Switzerland.

“Tourism For All” Conference

Belgrade, Dec.1, 2009 (Serbia Today) -Tourism for all is a new dimension in international tourism, which entails programs intended for people with special needs. NGO Danube, an association of disabled individuals, organized, with the support of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Planning, a two-day tourism conference in Belgrade.
Travels of people with special needs constitute one third of world tourist movements and bring an annual income of up to EUR 80 billion, according to Radio Serbia.
After numerous years of crisis, Serbia is again in preparing its tourism industry, and it is now addressing the new dimension in tourism.
State Secretary for Tourism Goran Petkovic commented that the Danube Association has an important role as the organizer of this, second international conference, because it represents Serbia at similar gatherings worldwide.
Several concrete activities are under way, one of the most important being legislative ones. Through new regulations on minimal technical conditions, stemming from the new law on tourism, norms binding hotel and restaurant establishments to enable access to persons with special needs have been built in. The regulations define that only a facility fulfilling these standards can be advertised.
The assistance of the Danube Association was critical in work on these regulations, as members themselves participated in the drafting of the legislation.
Danube Association and the Danube Tourist Club are the only advocates for the disabled in the tourism industry in Serbia.
For five years, the Association has been working on the elimination of problems and obstacles faced by people with special needs when they want to travel. Sometimes information is required on facility accessibility, means of transport or possible difficulties during a journey and tourist agencies have provided scant information in the past in the region.
Participants in the Belgrade conference state that much has been done since last year, especially in the legislative field, as the enactment of implementation of laws has provided Serbia access to the European market

Pirot – Serbian Southern Cultural Center

Pirot, Dec.5th, 2009 (Serbia Today) - This little town, situated in south of Serbia, close to the border with Bulgaria, is surrounded by mountains on all sides. These mountains are known as the Vlaske mountains, the Svrljiske mountains, the Stara mountain and the Suva mountain. They are rare examples of untouched nature.
The river Nisava, the river Rasnicka, the river Jerma run close to Pirot and the Zavojsko lake is close at hand.
Pirot emerged from the foundations of an antique Roman settlement of Turres, meaning "towers" in Latin. Later on, under the influence of Greeks, it was renamed into Pirgos, but still kept its initial meaning, since Pirgos, in Greek, also means “towers”.
The most widely recognized trademark of Pirot is its Kilim carpets. This carpet is a truly unique item and it differs from Persian rugs in terms of patterns, which are always geometrical, and it is smooth on both sides. Tapestry production in this area became reached an elevated state. Pirot is also known for sheep farming and its delicious sheep cheese.
Cultural and historic sights in Pirot include the fortress of the town of Momcilo, the house of the Hristic family, and the Old trades and crafts shops on the square of the Republic in Tijabara.
The monument of liberty - dedicated to those who freed Pirot of Turkish chains is another important site to take in while discovering the rich and dramatic history of Pirot.
The international fair of cheese in August brings producers and epicureans from throughout the area. The local Pirot cheese is only one of dozens of delicacies you can find at the fair.
The Pirot’s summer art colony festival is yet another event that draws talent from the region and provides a window into the culutre of this unique region.
The greater area of Pirot is full of beautiful picnic and camping sites. There is a resort on the slopes of the Stara mountain, where alpinists can conquer the highest peak of Serbia, a 2,170 meter high natural skyscraper known as the Midzor peak. There is also Temac, situated in the canyon of the river Temsica, that is the “Little Colorado” as locals like to call it.
The monastery of Sukovo near the Jerma river, the Poganovo picnic resort, is where the beautiful St. John monastery can be found, and finally a camping site on the Zavojsko lake.
All these places are extremely attractive when it comes to fishing or simply enjoying the charms of Pirot’s wild nature.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

STRIP to Play at Dom Omladine

Belgrade, Dec.5th, 2009 (Serbia Today) - STRIP (s3p), a multi-media band that has played Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Nisomnia (the music festivall at Nis), Big New Year Party in front of the Serbian Parlament in Belgrade, and many other shows on MTS, and Balkanmedia TV will be playing at the Dom Omladine December 17th.
After successful shows and a the release of some well received videos, the crew member Petar Jovovic had an opportunity to work on effects for the movie ’Carlston za Ognjenku’, and the other two members, Boris Topalovic and Milan Prokop worked on the musical TV show Hitometar which is playing on Balkanmedia.
After finishing the effects on “Carlston za Ognjenku” band decided to make a new album, which is entitled: “Psihomehaničar”. STRIP released it’s first album in April 2005.
It has been released and first video single is Stiklom u celo. This and many other of their videos you can see on youtube.com and the bands official web site .

Serbian Water Polo Star

By Katarina Jonev

Belgrade, Dec.5th, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Barbara Bradajic (18) has been following water polo since she was a child but she officially started to train in a female club when she was 12, at Tas training center.
“I spent my whole life by the pool watching water polo being played. When I found out that there was a water polo club for women I started to train mainly out of curiosity. Until then, I had been playing volleyball for 4 years competitively and I thought volleyball was the love of my life. But then, after only one summer, I switched to water polo. For some time I tried to train both sports at the same time, but water polo prevailed.”
When asked if the stereo type of water polo as ‘a male sports’ was a barrier for her, Bradajic recounted that she was quickly convinced otherwise. Bradajic enjoys the tempo of the game the most.
“For me personally adrenaline plays a great role! I often say that I love the moment when adrenaline hits me in the pool. Conditioning plays a very important role in this sport. Our swimming trainings consist 5 to 7 kilometers of swimming a day. But when I am not completely physically ready, adrenaline pulls me through to give my best performance and win,” said Bradajic.
Bradajic remarks that the reactions she gets over her choice of sport varies, but it is never negative.
“The first reaction is, ‘Wow, really? Something like that exist? In Serbia?’ and then I start to explain that there has been a female water polo program in Serbia for 12 years. People love to hear that the sport exists in this country. In the beginning, for some of them, it is a bit strange. There are some funny comments such as, girls who are training water polo are probably 'crazy women who just want to fight in the water’ but that is as bad as it gets.”
A few weeks ago, the Belgrade Championships for Women’s water polo was held in our capital city. Besides the Tas training center, Vracar and Partizan training centers participated and international guests from Greece, club Iraklis, competed. Bradajic’s team won second place.

It was organized so that every club plays against all the other clubs and the team which is undefeated wins. We were second with two wins and one loss against Iraklis,” Bradajic said
The Belgrade Championship is one of the 15 medals that Bradajic has won to date.
When asked about her training conditions, Bradajic points out that she and her team have encountered some real problems, and do not have the backing the need.
“The biggest problem is that this sport is not popular. Iraklis from Greece, for example, has more than 100 girls that train. Compared to Tas that has about 20 girls, it is huge difference. We are striving to achieve results, and provide ourselves conditions for training. We had a difficult time while the pool at Tas was closed. On the weekends we traveled to Obrenovac which is 45 minutes away from Belgrade.” said Bradajic as she recounted the temporary closure of her pool earlier in the year for repairs.
Bradajic’s brother trains with a water polo team and her father also played competitively. She appreciates their input now, but it was not always that way.
“When I began to play my first games, 6 years ago, as soon as I left the pool the two of them started to criticize me by saying things like ‘why you didn't do this or that, why you didn't hit the ball in that angle’ but not anymore. I remember that I hated to loose game, because after only few minutes they started talking about my mistakes. Nowadays, the situation is different, mostly because I have matured as a player and sharpened my skills over the years”.
When asked what the most important advice is that she has been given, Bradajic immediately has her answer.
“Do not fight in the water and do not play dirty! My brother, my father and my coach told me this and it stayed in my memory for a good reason. Many girls play dirty, and want to hit under the water. With time I learned that it is a sign that the player is not confident in herself, probably physically not in good shape, so she plays aggressively. That type of play tells me to fight for the ball, give a goal or assist. I am very grateful for that advice. I think calm characterizes a quality player.”

Bradajic has no role model in women's water polo, but she does have a male role model. It is the captain of a Serbian team Vladimir Vujasinovic. She plays the position of the left quarterback and on left wing, is excellent in defense and has a strong and accurate shot. Last year she scored more than 30 goals.
In the last few months she is getting more and more offers to go abroad and continue to train there.
“My plans for my water polo career have been changing from day to day since I started practicing it. I had several offers from Switzerland and, after the Belgrade Championship, Iraklis offered to sign me to play for them. Since I am a senior in high school, in a few months I'll enter the university, and I will have to think very carefully if I am going to accept an offer,” concluded Bradajic.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Beovision is Under Re-vision

Belgrade, Dec.4, 2009 (Serbia Today) - According to announcements of RTS, the selection of Serbian representative at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Norway will be altered and the new concept of the festival will be soon announced. The fact is that the current model should be changed.
In an interview for “Blic”, Kornelije Kovac and Marko Kon agree with this position. According to a poll carried out on the Blic website, two thirds of readers think that the current model of Beovision Festival should be replaced by another one.
Due to the current economic crisis, the selection of Serbian representative at the Eurovision will be changed and Sandra Susa, the head editor of the RTS entertainment program, has recently said that the festival will be much more modest than in the previous years.
“In a few days the public will be informed about the new model of selection of our representative at the Eurovision Song Contest. Although there have been some misinformation that Beovision will be called off - that is not correct. The festival will still exist, but with a changed concept,” says Duska Vucinic-Lucic, PR manager of RTS.
If the festival must be held, the logical solution would be to have only one competition evening with at most ten performers and probably the best and the cheapest solution would be if RTS chose one performer who would represent Serbia in the best possible way and then to advertise bids for a song. The current selection process is not working.
This year’s Beovision had a semi-final with 20 performers and a final with 11 performers, while the winner was selected by votes of the audience and a three-member expert jury. The selection process in other countries differ. Apart from classic festivals which usually include one or two semi-finals and a final, there are also less complicated ways of selections. For example, a national television selects a performer and later decides which song will be performed.
“Whichever system of selection is applied, there will always be those who are dissatisfied. As long as SMS voting exists, there will be problems. One of the solutions might be that the decision is made by an expert jury. Of course, the new system of voting should be conceived in collaboration with music experts and then suggested to RTS,” says the renowned composer Kornelije Kovac who was a member of the jury in the Beovision final this year.
According to Marko Kon who represented Serbia at this year’s Eurovision in Moscow, the best solution might be to enforce a system in which at least half of compositions would be ordered and composed by famous composers.
“This way of selection has been enforced in numerous countries, such as Croatia, Macedonia, Great Britain, etc. The problem of Beovision is that numerous songs are composed by anonymous authors. I am sure that RTS will choose the right solution since they are experienced with organizing this kind of event,” says Marko Kon.
Whichever model RTS selects, it is certain that there is no solution which would appeal to everyone and there will surely be a lot of questioning of the new system of selection.

Hari Mata Hari in Novi Sad Saturday

By: Milen Vesovic
Novi Sad, Dec.4, 2009 (Serbia Today) - One of the most well known pop bands from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) - ‘Hari Mata Hari’, will perform on Saturday, 5 December in the Great Hall of the SPENS center in Novi Sad.
The group Hari Mata Hari, and their leader Harry Varesanovic, is one of the biggest music stars in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the largest in the former Yugoslavia.
‘Hari’ has already been on tour for several months to present their latest album, ‘Sreca' (“Happines”). There are already 12 songs that have quickly become hits, among which are the most pointed song, "Azra", "Happiness", "Love" (Ljubav), and "Bomb" (Bomba).
Hari Mata Hari is also the stage name for the singer Hari Varesanovic. The group originated from the city of Sarajevo, the capital of BiH. The group has performed over 1,000 concerts and sold 5 million albums to date. Their songs are among the most famous and popular love ballads in the former Yugoslav era. Hari Mata Hari was the representative of BiH at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 which was held in Athens, Greece.
This band is first in Novi Sad, then a performance in Belgrade, Sarajevo and other major cities in this region.

Aleksandra Krunic Picks a Mentor - Jankovic

By: Katarina Jonev
Belgrade, Dec.4, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Promising young tennis star, Aleksandra Krunic, could not have done better in choosing a mentor, when she selected Jelena Jankovic, the best professional female Serbian tennis player, to help guide her towards a successful professional career.
"I am glad that I will have the opportunity to help with my own experience in Alexandra's road to the professional tennis scene. When I entered the world of professionals, I chose Monica Seles to be my mentor. She was a worldwide famous player and my role model, so her every word and advices meant a lot to me," said Jankovic, who used to be ranked the number one tennis player number in the ATP list and now is ranked 8th the world.
Serbia star player stressed that the importance of a role model is very important in the career of young athletes who wants to become professionals.
"I hope that in this way I will continue to help develop of our tennis program. When we who are still at the top step aside, we will have successors, and that can continued to be the golden era of women's tennis in Serbia, if we put in the time now to develop the younger players," said Jankovic, who will start new season on the tournament in Sydney where she played in the finals in 2007.
Krunic entered professional tennis in 2008, at the ITF tournament in Prokuplje, where she won the double title. This year she won two ITF titles and played in one final. Krunic is currently 627th in the WTA list, and by the end of this year she will play in two more tournaments.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nouvelle Vague in Belgrade

By: Jelena Jovanovic
Belgrade, Dec.2, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Due to the great interest of Belgrade audiences in the French group Nouvelle Vague, an addition concert was announced for December 12th, and December 13th at Odeon cinema hall.
Tickets for the second day of the concert, which is scheduled for December 13th can be found in Ticket Service and Cultural Center CITY Brace Krsmanovic 4.
Nouvelle Vague , a French group led by arranger and producer Marc Collin and musician Olivier Libaux, entered the spotlight with the bossa nova covers songs and new wave classics in their first two albums, ’Nouvelle Vague’ (2004) and ’Gangs Part’ (2006) sold more than half a million copies.
The bands name is a play on words, meaning "new wave" in French. This refers simultaneously to their "Frenchness" and their "artiness". The term ’Nouvelle Vague’ traditional refers to the 60’s new wave of French cult cinema. The source of their songs which are all covers of punk rock, post-punk, and new wave songs, use a 60’s bossa nova-style arrangements. Some of their unique covers of New Wave 80’s classics are ’Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)’ by Buzzcocks, ’Blue Monday by New Order, ’The Killing Moon’ by Echo & the Bunnymen and ’Heart of Glass’ by Blondie.
This year Nouvelle Vague is just back from the studio with the release with their third album - “3". In this album Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore sings ’Master and Servant’ with Nouvelle Vague’s leading lady Melanie Pain and Ian McCulloch of Echo And The Bunnymen have a duet ’All My Colours’. Marina Celeste performs ’Our Lips Are Sealed’ with Terry Hall of The Specials and Funboy Three. Magazine’s hit ’Parade’ is sung by Barry Adamson and Nouvelle Vague’s Nadeah Miranda.
Songs on the third album are inspired by American country music and bluegrass. Album `3` also has authentic covers, employing Nouvelle Vague unique intrepreations of pop classics such the Talking Head’s ` Road to Nowhere” ,’Heaven’ by Psychodelic Furs, Gary Numan’s ’Metal’, and the Sex Pistols’s anthem ’God Save The Queen’.
Tickets are RSD 1500 and on the day of the concert they will be 1800 dinars

Van Gogh Rocked Belgrade Arena

Van Gogh Rocked Belgrade Arena
Belgrade, Dec.1, 2009 (Serbia Today) - It seems that the audience so enjoyed themselves at the concert of Serbian rock group Van Gogh at the Belgrade Arena over the weekend that even the band was moved.
“The audience was really amazing, I would like to express gratitude to all these wonderful, smiling and beautiful people who sang all our songs and we can proudly call that day the Republic Day,” said Zvonimir Djukic Djule excitedly, leader of Serbian rock attraction Van Gogh, who performed two days ago in a crowded Belgrade Arena, heated the atmosphere and made an indescribable spectacle which will surely be remembered for a long time.
Everyone was delighted, but not surprised (something like that was expected from the golden guys from Serbian rock scene) when suddenly rotational lights were lit on the stage and a huge disco ball started turning on a big screen and later exploded. The audio-visual magic ensued and the audience exploded.
“I am glad that we managed to connect our sound and visual ideas with the audience and make a great atmosphere in a direct way. According to the comments, we have succeeded in connecting the concert with theatre and acting,” says Djule, who thinks that the band has made a big step forward with this concert.
“We are happy that we managed to share our emotions in a very special way and did not allow ourselves to repeat a concert like the one we held two years ago at the Belgrade Arena. This was a completely different concert with which Van Gogh and the audience managed to move the Arena. This concert has revived our creative wish to be different and special,” Djule concluded.
“After the concert I was looking at one spot for a long time trying to settle my impressions. It was difficult to pull myself together. We did not celebrate, we only had one drink, sat and stared at each other. We were silent, but our looks spoke volumes. Every time we exchanged looks, we had big smiles on our faces. We are all aware of the fact that our vision has revived and we are going on a deserved vacation,” said the band leader

Ceca Performs New Years Eve

By: Milen Vesovic
Belgrade, Nov. 30 (Serbia Today) – Serbia’s most popular Serbian folk singer Svetlana ‘Ceca’ Raznatovic and Zvezde Granda group will perform December 31st to welcome in the New Year at the Belgrade Fair.
Ceca’s (pronounced Set-sa) rise to fame began in the 90’s as she joined the resurgent scene of Serbian folk performers. Her exceptional beauty and her striking voice quickly helped launch her to popularity, but it was her successful transition into a more modern, rock based sound that help make her a mega star in the last decade.
She can easily fill a stadium in Serbia, and her she can be heard can be heard across all borders in the region, as her popularity has overcome cultural divides.
The star of the evening will be accompanied by the Zvezde Granda players; Jovan Stefanovic, Sasa Kapor, Slobodan Vasic, Nebojsa Vojvodic and Milan Topalovic-Topalko and Svetlana Tanasi, also known as Big Mama.
Although, Ceca normally avoids booking performance for New Year’s Eve, so that she can spend the holidays with family and friends, she has decided to make an exception this year, as she has not had many performances in large venues this year.
The high quality sound system and lighting show promises to bring a new level in production quality to the Belgrade Fair. All domestic and foreign drinks will cost from 100 - 150 dinars, and quality service will be ensured by professional bartender supervising drink service at the bars and concessions.
Tickets are already on sale at RSD 2,000 to RSD 8,500.

Disney on Ice in Belgrade

By: Valentina Radulovic
Belgrade, Nov.28, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Disney on Ice’s production ‘Mickey & Minnie’s Amazing Journey’ will be presented in Serbia for the first time at Belgrade Arena on December 4th, 5th and 6th.
‘Mickey & Minnie’s Amazing Journey’ is a touring show produced by Field Entertainment under agreement with the Walt Disney Company. Aimed primarily at children, the shows feature figure skaters dressed as Disney cartoon characters in performances. Each element of the production derives its music and plot from various Disney films and stories. The stars of the show are the Disney characters themselves, while the skaters themselves remain anonymous. The production began in 1981, under the name ‘Walt Disney’s World on Ice’. The name was changed to ‘Disney on Ice’ in 1998.
Disney on Ice currently runs eight productions and touring companies at any given times. The shows have played all over the world.
This show is a collection of scenes from five well loved Disney stories. Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy loosely tie the proceedings together and start by taking as on a safari in the African Savannah to The Lion King.
The Arena will be filled with music and magic in every scene including an enchanting undersea kingdom with Ariel and Sebastian, a jungle adventure in the African Pride, with Simba and Nala, a Hawaiian luau with Lilo and Stitch and a trip to London with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.
This show features an international team of award-winning figure skaters, exciting high energy choreography, and a musical score filled familiar Disney hits and rock-and-roll classics the whole family will enjoy. The audience will be entranced as they experience this exciting excursion, one that will fill the arena with magic, music, and the best of all, Mickey and Minnie. And, what is most important, the audience will experience excitement, humor and friendship, as well!

Van Gog’s Mega Show at Beoarena Nov. 28th

By: Milen Vesovic
Belgrade, Nov. 26 (Serbia Today) – Immensely popular Serbian classic rock group, Van Gogh, will perform on Saturday, November 28th, in the Belgrade Arena. The band has a special production with a newly designed stage prepared which will be match the international standards for any mega rock group.
The dimensions of the stage are 40 meters wide and 25 meters high in the stage shape of a maze, with expandable platform that will allow the band to extend deep into the audience.
“This will be one of the largest productions ever established in this country when it comes to rock concerts. This production is used by the world's greatest artists, in addition to the huge dimensions of the stage with a runway will be set and 300 lights on the stage, and the number of people involved in the organization of the concert was exceeded two hundred,” said Ivan Ivackovic, from PR concert.
The inspiration for this the stage and other aspects of the production were borrowed from various world tours.
”We attended some concerts here and in foreign venues, when the issue of how to stage both sound and light came up, because we wanted to give our best and not everyone agreed on the details,” commented Ivackovic.
Due to high demand for tickets, the concert’s producers were forced to change some seating details and print more tickets. As guests at the concert were announced Djordje Radivojevic, Kristina Savic, Ivan Aleksijevic Pancevac, who was a guest on the album, and the brass section Horns Incorporate.

Serbian Model Signs a Lucrative Conctract

Belgrade, Nov.27, 2009 (Serbia Today) - The famous Serbian model and an experienced “Elite” model Danijela Dimitrovska has become one of the heiresses of the most beautiful world models such as Adriana Lima and Heidi Klum after signing a contract with the most prestigious company Victoria’s Secret.
Danijela will start working as an Angel of the well-known brand starting from January 1.
“I am very excited about this news, because I have wanted for a long time to become Victoria’s Secret model. I have faith in myself and that is the reason why my wishes eventually come true. Next year I will become Victoria’s Secret model and start shooting commercials for lingerie,” says Daniela Dimitrovska who surely has a successful year behind herself.
Among numerous campaigns and fashion shows, the two very important projects are a commercial campaign with Vincent Kassel for the YSL perfume for men and humanitarian “Emporio Armani Red” fashion show from the last Milan Fashion Week.
Collaboration with the greatest names has brought Daniela a title of the top model. She is a face of “Christian Lacroix” and “Marella” fashion companies and she has walked along the catwalks for designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Vera Wang, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, etc. Daniela is also interested in acting and she has recently shot a commercial with Vincent Kassel.
“I never had a special wish to act before the commercial with Kassel. Now that everything is over and when I won praises, I would gladly accept some role,” says Danijela who joined several young models who will replace the most famous Victoria’s Secret Angels. Namely, the famous models Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova and Selita Ebanks will not present delightful Victoria’s Secret designs any more. Lindsay Ellingson, Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Emanuela de Paula and Chanel Iman will replace Heidi, Karolina and Adriana who have decided to make a pause in their career and dedicate to motherhood

New Year’s Eve In Belgrade

By: Jelena Jovanovic
Belgrade, Nov.27, 2009 (Serbia Today) - The New Year’s Eve celebration is one of the most widely observed events of the year in Serbia, and for all of those who have decided to celebrate the New Year in Belgrade, this year’s celebration promises no shortage of events to choose from.
The City Parliament of Belgrade, the organizer of the traditional New Year’s celebration on the streets of Belgrade has not announced the details to that event yet. This celebration usually attracts a large number of people, both Belgrade natives as well as visitors to the capital.
Last year the main stars of city celebration of New Year were Goran Bregovic, with his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra, Marija Serifovic, Eurovision winner. Ana Stanic, and Belgrade rock singer.
If weather permitting, the New Year’s celebration on the streets of Belgrade should be a very interesting event. It is important to have good company, dress warmly and watch out for those firecrackers.
The biggest event that has already been announced is the New Year’s party with folk star Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic and the new Grand Stars (Grand Music promotes CDs of young folk music singers). Tickets for this widely advertised event has promotional prizes of RSD 2000 (EUR 20), until the end of November. Prizes in Ceca Fan Pit are RSD 3000 and the place in VIP Gallery costs RSD 8500. The organizers of this event in Belgrade Fair (Halls 1 and 4) promises big folk party all night long and prizes for all.
Club Verige, in Ada Ciganlija will organize a party with young pop-folk singer Damir Radanovic. In SPORT Cafe, popular cafe in the city center, Sale Sax band and DJ Petar Ristic will perform.
Another Club in the center of Belgrade, Latino Corazon, announced special party with DJ Insomnia (Disco, Latino, R’N’B, House, MTV hits) and Trumpet Band (participants in Guca Trumpet Festival). The selection of drinks and food is also part of the ticket`s price, as well as cocktails.
The diversity of Belgrade venues organizing New Year’s celebrations is quite extensive. Celebrations in more exclusive clubs last year cost EUR 60 and up, and were intended for the younger, well-dressed population which listens to various types of electro music(Clubs Magacin, Genex Impuls Hall, Hotel Hyatt Regency - Club Ellington and in the Crystal Ballroom, Grand Casino, and increasingly popular location on the Danube Quay in Zemun). Clubs Magacin and Stefan Braun has launched their event for New Year’s Eve and the tickets are EUR 60 Euros for girls and EUR 80 for men.
Some big DJ parties will certainly be organized this year. But, at the moment, exact information is still a unknown. New night club, Maximus (on the Sava bank, New Belgrade side) announced its own New Year Party with Maxi band (Stage 1), DJs from Greece and Slovenia (Stage 2) and big house stage. Tickets are RSD 3000.
Among the boat clubs (splavovi) which are also offering live performances (or DJs), are Freestyler, Bleywatch, Ambis, Amsterda. Famous Belgrade boat club with gypsy music and authentic band with the same name – Black Panthers - announced that tickets for the big party would be RSD 5500.
A majority of Belgrade clubs, cafes and restaurants in all parts of the city will be open for guests on December 31st. And, most of the people will decide where to go several weeks before New Year’s Eve. That decision depends on age and taste, whether one prefers an upbeat party with a well-dressed crowd or a more modest time with a laid back crowd.
Average prices in average Belgrade clubs, last year, were from 30 to 50 euros.
In the long line of Belgrade restaurants organizing a celebration for the New Year, it is well known that the restaurants in the Bohemian Quarter (Skadarlija) will all be completely full. In a mini inquiry carried out at several of the most well-known Bohemian Quarter restaurants (Ima Dana, Dva Jelena, Tri Šešira), we have discovered that prices for the New Year’s celebration last year were between RSD 4500 and 6000 which included live music, a welcome drink, an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a menu based on the national cuisine (corn bread, prosciutto, cheese, kajmak and the mandatory grilled meat). Prizes for this year are not yet fixed.
Guests of the Bohemian Quarter on New Year's Eve are typically Belgrade natives with a long tradition of celebrating the New Year in one of the restaurants on this street, but there are also Serbs from abroad, Serbs from other parts of Serbia and international visitors to Serbia’s capital. It’s mostly middle-aged and older folks coming to the Bohemian Quarter to celebrate, but, as the restaurant owners in the Bohemian Quarter have said, over the last few years there has been a rise in attendance of younger guests as well. In the Bohemian Quarter they play exclusively Old City music and the orchestras which play for the New Year can be heard in the Bohemian Quarter restaurants all year round.
So, if you are in Belgrade to wait for 2010, you can definitely find a party that will suit you and keep you smiling as we enter into the New Year.

Fashion Highlights of Winter Season in Belgrade

By: Valentina Radulovic
Belgrade, Nov.26, 2009 (Serbia Today) - The best way to see what is ‘IN’, in Serbia today is to go out and take a walk on Serbian streets. You will notice that people are very aware of fashion trends nowadays. Many women and men look like they’ve just come from the cover of the magazines.
The recently ‘15th Fashion Selection’ and ‘26th Belgrade Fashion Week’ also gave the audience an opportunity to see what is IN for this fall and an upcoming winter. With a great number of domestic, but also foreign designers and labels on our market, Belgrade is one of the greatest fashion centers in the region.
Experts say this fall and winter will be all about silhouettes and sophisticated glamour. Short black leather jackets, narrow jeans, large jumpers and ankle boots with high heels are the things that you must have, if you decide to follow the advice of well known Serbian stylist Ashok Murti. Girls, who want to change their style and be in fashion this season, should get a good pair of jeans that resemble the form of the male ‘boyfriend cut’. They combine well with blazers, under which many wear T-shirts with prints. This season we must not forget the fur, and, of course, it shouldn’t be the real one! Long knitted cardigans appeared in completely unexpected combinations, even in the smart clothes for work. They will keep you warm and trendy during cold months. Make sure your knitted clothes are bold, big and shoulder-padded. Little black dress, as a synonym for elegance, experienced its return to the front door!
However, 80s disco style and bold looks will still find their own place in our wardrobe if we want to follow the fashion trends. It’s all about girl power! Padded shoulders made a come-back in spring/summer 2009 and the trend remains strong for fall and winter, as well.
A strong disco-diva vibe is back in our wardrobes. Vibrant colors, sequined skirts, leather jackets, platforms, large and colorful accessory, we can find inspiration in old 80s music videos and films. Unlike other seasons, this time gloves can be absolutely different. You can play in colors and shapes. Just make sure the gloves are leather as this material is definitely a lead one this winter.
Stylists suggest investing in a good coat that you will look good in. In items of colors, black, brown and grey are the traditional hues for winter coat. But, the idea is not to follow the trend, blindly. The best advice could be to check your wardrobe and refresh your clothes with some new and trendy details, which will make existing clothes completely new.
Trying to be so trendy, some of Serbian girls tend to lose their own identity. And the most important part of being trendy is to be yourself, but at the same time, to pay attention on details. For this winter a scarf made of wool or silk, ankle boots or over-the-knee boots, some metal details on your bag or jacket, tight jeans, something in violet color, definitely would be enough. Stylists agree that the more extravagance and crazy we look the better.
Some of the labels that are the most popular and more affordable in Serbia, compass as opposed toaring to designer labels (Gucci, D&G, Mark Jacobs, or Armani) are Zara, Mango, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Miss Sixty, Ecco, Cortefiel, Springfild, Marella, Mexx, Fossil and many others.
Outlet stores are open in Belgrade, recently, with a great number of fashionable and trendy labels, where you can get great pieces of clothes on discount. Some of domestic labels and designers are also very popular and make the clothes of great quality like Nicola’s, PC Fashion, TFY, Todor, Katrin, Centrotextil, Extreme Intimo, etc.
And for those who like to be original and to wear something which is a creation of Serbian designers should look for clothes made by Dragana Ognjenovic, Verica Rakocevic, Bata Spasojevic, Suzana Peric, and Irena Grahovac. They presented their work at the Fashion Selection and Belgrade Fashion Week.
No matter what is trendy, we need to wear something which we feel comfortable in. And, most important is, not to forget to ’bring’ our smile, because a happy face makes every person look a little more desirable.

Tamara Markovic – Upcoming Serbian Chess Star

By: Katarina Jonev
Obrenovac, Nov.21, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Obrenovac will be host of Open Chess Championship of Belgrade from November 23th until December 2nd. Over 200 domestic and dozens of international chess players will compete for the ‘Belgrade Trophy’. The tournament has international chess figures attending and this is an excellent opportunity for Serbia’s young players to gain international experience and meet with international masters and grandmasters.
Taking part in the competition for the Belgrade Trophy will be promising young Belgrade chess player Tamara Markovic (16).
When asked what she loved about the game Markovic had this to say, “People say that playing chess is an art and a sport at the same time. In only one move there are countless combinations. In chess, one must use logic, creativity, mathmatics, experience, intuition, and of course knowledge. I was drawn to chess by all this amazing factors. Also, playing chess gives me opportunity to meet people and acquire friends in Serbia and abroad.”
Markovic’s love for chess was something that happened spontaneously when she was a child.
“When I was a little girl, I was rummaging through books on the shelves and suddenly I noticed a chess set. It looked interesting and I wanted to learn more about chess, so my parents started to teach me the basic. In the third grade, I applied to play chess for the school team on one competition. For two years I played only recreationally. I started to train in chess more serious when I turned 11, quite late for the game. I started playing with International masters Dejan Nestorovic, who founded a chess club ‘Nestor’ 2 years ago,” said Markovic.
Tamara plays 7 to 8 tournaments every year. So far she had participated in nearly 40 competitions, but she plans to increase that number. She has already amassed 13 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 5 bronze medals.
Tournaments are the most common form of competition where many participants take part and the system is that everyone plays for himself as an individual. There are amateur and professional tournaments. In team competitions clubs compete - each member of the club plays against members of another club. There are the league and team competitions.
It was at the age of 14 that Markovic had her first significant victory.
“I was 14 years old and I played in the 20 year old category. I won fourth place and earned the right to participate at the Youth Championship of Serbia. I was very proud because it was considered as a great success,” said Markovic.
Markovic claims that her preparation for a match combines a variety of techniques.
“I am preparing with the coach. We are analyzing an opponent’s the best and the worse parts in a move, advantages and disadvantages. We are also reviewing my games in previous tournaments. Today's chess requires preparations on the computer chess programs which allow for analyzing your moves and the opponents moves,” said Markovic.
Markovic has her own favorites in the chess world.
“I admire Irena Coljuskina. She is a female world master and one of our best chess players. I had the pleasure to met her and spend some time talking with her and she is not only great chess player but also very interesting person. From the world scene I admire Bobby Fischer. I can not really say that he is a role model, but I respect what they have done in his career,” said Markovic.
Her current ambition is to become the Serbian Champion and to pass the rating of 1800. She currently has a rating of 1727. But she sees chess as a part of her life, not the center of her life.
“Although chess is not the primary thing and always comes after school I will never considered it to be a kind of obligation, but a pleasure that fulfils me.”

Red Star Basketball Ready for Benetton

Red Star Basketball Ready for Benetton
Belgrade, Dec.2, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Red Star basketball team have been on a run of five consecutive wins – four in the regional NLB league and one in the Eurocup, now that have beaten Slovenia’s Domzale. Bearing in mind that Red Star was struggling in the opening weeks of the season when they hit rock bottom, the recent fine results have come as a ray of bright light for the trophy-studded Belgrade side.
The latest win at Domzale reaffirmed Red Star’s top position in the regional league, while Red Star is to take a similar round trip when they visit Treviso, Italy, for Tuesday’s Eurocup Group F against Benetton. Players feel that hard work earlier in the season is starting to pay off.
“We have a really tough match behind us. We are slowly finding our feet and mustering strength for the Treviso challenge. We’ve been working hard and it just had to bear fruit. Helios are a tough side, especially playing at home, and experienced, but we just couldn’t afford to lose again. This win is a confirmation that when we have our day in terms of shooting, we do possess the strength and quality to see through a game. We have put the game against the Slovenians behind us and are focusing on Benetton,” said Filip Videnov, one of Red Star’s heroes in the win at Domzale.
When asked how Red Star will fare in their upcoming match against Itlaian powerhouse Benetton, Videnov expressed hope.
“I believe we can get our hands on the win. Benetton have showed their quality this season when they beat Cholet Basket and they are a team who boast great tradition and quality. They are doing fine in the Italian championship and they beat Napoli at the weekend. However, we will be looking for our chance to upset them on their home turf and treat our fans to a win,” said Videnov.

Milica Pekic – Ambitious Kayaker From Belgrade

By: Katarina Jonev
Belgrade, Dec.2, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Milica Pekic, a brilliant 21 year old and one of most successful Kayakers in Serbia, has won 83 medals in national and regional contests. She started to train in club Zmaj 6 years ago before she changed to train in club Zemun and became one of the biggest stars in the club.
Pekic is competing in all three kayak disciplines, but focuses most of her energies on singles competion.
“This year I won a total of 15 medals. I participated in the Belgrade Championship and won 2 gold medals in the 500m and 1000m disciplines, then on the international regatta "Zmaj" I won 3 medals two of which were gold. At the regatta in Becej I won 2 silver medals, a silver one in Kanjiza. I had a great outing at the Belgrade Championship in Obrenovac 2 and won two silver medals.” said Pekic.
Thanks to her accomplishments, selector of female kayak national team, Janos Panta, called Pekic 4 years ago to join the team.
“I was honored when I was first invited to become member of the team. I was 17 when I first competed for the national team and like all athletes who get the opportunity to represent their country I felt like was doing something meaningful,” said Pekic.
Serbian Kayak League is growing stronger from year to year. More than 20 clubs are competing and the competition for winning first place is great. “Zemun” is a club that has one of the best program for talented competitors who on every major competition, and win medals.
“I am satisfied with working conditions in my club. In summer we train on the water and in winter because of the weather we train on land and that encourages the development of fitness and technique. Generally speaking conditions for training are not great. Very little funding from the state budget is allocated for kayaking, and there is only one place that is convenient for the train in Belgrade and that is Ada Ciganlija, but training during swimming season is simply impossible. Even the national championship had to be moved a week later because of swimmers,” said Pekic.
When asked why there are World Cup listed kayakers who are not from Belgrade and even not members of Belgrade clubs, whether or not this mean that they have better working conditions outside of capital city Pekic responded,
“Regarding the kayakers from smaller cities - I have to underline the fact that most of them have an opportunity to train on rivers and canals which are suitable for this sport. On the other hand we paddle on Danube which is a very fast and bustling river. It is difficult to train in those conditions. Waves make it difficult to maintain balance on water surface and spoils kayaker’s techniques, which is a crucial part of kayaking.”
Natasa Janic who is Serbia’s best female kayaker is now a member of the national Hungarian team. Pekic admits that she is very superstitious and often carries talisman during the race but it is her strong swing, proper posture, strength and fighting spirit which seem to be winning the competitions.

Djokovic Third at the End of 2009th!

By: Milen Vesovic
Belgrade, Dec.1, 2009 November (Serbia Today) - The last tournament of the season, the ATP Finals, brought significant shifts to the ATP rankings, but the Serbian tennis player, Novak Djokovic, will maintained his #3 world ranking.
Djokovic, after two wins in the group stage of the tournament in London, remained in third place for the third consecutive year.
Viktor Troicki finished at 29th in the world, which is five points worse than his best placing in his career in August this year. Janko Tiparevic finished with a ranking of the 38th place, five places below his best achievements from May 2008. Another Serbian player in the top 200 in the world, 24-year-old Ilija Bozoljac, finished in 185th place.
There were no surprises about the number one position. Roger Federer from Switzerland with 10,550 points finished with a comfortable lead over Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, who had 9205 points, 895 more than Djokovic. The #4 position is Andy Murray and fifth is the Argentinean Juan Martin Del Potro.

Partizan Beats Red Star in 137th Football Derby

By: Katerina Jonev
Belgrade, Nov.30, 2009 (Serbia Today) - The goal by Partizan player Lamine Diarra in the 4th minute opened the game up, and it was Partizan’s Claverson Kleo’s goal in the 62nd which was the decider. Partizan defender Srdja Knezevic allowed Red Star’s only goal when, in the 43rd minute, he tipped a ball into his own goal while fending off a shot from Red Star player Aleksandar Jevtic.
Although both teams made claims that they would be performing their best at the match, the final analysis of the duel of Serbian footballs two biggest rivals was disappointing. Partizan dominated in the beginning of the match. From the start they ruled in the middle of the field and quickly converted that dominance to a goal in the 4th minute.
After Partizan’s goal at the beginning of the game, Red Star established a balance on the field but the offense was unable to convert the opportunity into a goal. In 20th minute Red Star striker, Lekic threatened to score, but his shot from 20 meters was wide. It was two minutes before the end of the first half that Red Star’s Jevtic sent a shot to the right side of the goal and Partizan defender Knezevic, in an attempt to prevent Lekic’s shot, tipped the ball past his own goalkeeper making the match even at 1-1.
The drama of the match did escalate in the second half, as Partizan was forced to play a man short. For almost the entire second half Partizan played with one player less after Knezevic, who had already received a yellow card, fouled again, and was sent off in the 47th minute with a red card.
The loss of a player, almost at the outset of the second half, seemed to galvanize the ‘black and white’ as Partizan is known. Partizan’s level of play elevated as they fought off Red Star’s attempts to capitalize on their numerical advantage. Red Star did not manage to create one successful attack even though they had greater ball possession and numerical superiority.
In 62nd minute the ‘Black and White’ mounted a great counter-attack, and with wonderful shot from the edge of penalty area Kleo found the corner of the goal for 2-1 lead.
It was expected that the Red Star players give would dig deep and take the battle to Partizan after this goal but in the rest of the match they played without any inspiration. They managed to make only two real opportunities, both by Jevtic.
Nearly 15 minutes before the end, Partizan’s fans set their chairs on fire in the south panel of the stadium and referee Stankovic stopped the match for five minutes, but with the referee’s final whistle, Partizan’s players ran to the south stands, where they celebrated the victory with supporters.

Mighty Partizan Overpower Olympiacos

Belgrade, Nov.28, 2009 (Serbia Today) - David has beaten Goliath. Partizan basketball team beat Olympiacos 86-80 in the fifth match of the Euroleague on Thursday night.
Piraeus’s dream team was conquered in the hostile environment of Belgrade’s Pionir Arena, owing to the home team’s fanatic battling and bravery, which seemed to feed off their role as underdogs.
Both teams struggled with their attacking strategies in the first period, especially Partizan, and after five minutes of play Olympiacos was up 11-2. The somewhat quiet Bo McCalebb woke up, with the assists coming from Bozic and Rasic and Partizan managed to reduce the early deficit to 17-14. However, Olympiacos’ Milos Teodosic made a couple of quick moves towards Childress and the Greeks increased their lead, before Partizan’s Rasic had his moment with an assist and a three-pointer to follow.
Rasic already had 10 points after the first period, keeping Partizan level at 19-19 at the end of the quarter.
Carried by the unique support of 7,000 strong Grobari fans, Partizan scored in the first attack of the second period, going into the lead for the first time in the game.
The Belgrade side’s Jan Vesely then got into foul trouble, while the Czech has failed to finish a single Euroleague game this season due foul trouble. Partizan’s guards were terrific and Olympiacos coach Panagiotis Giannakis was forced to substitute Teodosic and reshuffle the cards.
Then, two minutes before halftime, Partizan allowed the visitors to go on three unanswered attacks, which meant Olympiacos restored their lead at 38-34. Partizan then raised their defense and kept themselves in the game, closing the gap on the Greek team. In the final seconds of the first half Yotam Halperin hit a three-pointer and the Greeks converting another attack, leaving Olympiacos up five points up at halftime – 43-38.
Partizan then had nothing to lose and was relaxed and inspired in the third period. What followed were blocks, dunks and aggressive defensive plays from Partizan. The Greeks held on and were leading 61-60 at the start of the final period.
Partizan opted for a pressing defensive strategy straight from the blocks in the final quarter and were unstoppable one-on-one when on the attack. McCalebb and Roberts were at fault on a couple of occasions, fast learning the traits of European basketball, which allowed Olympiacos to increase their lead to four points.
Rasic then contributed with a few terrific three pointers and a win was on the horizon for the first time for Partizan with four minutes left. McCalebb then committed his fifth personal foul and Partizan was left without the services of the point guard. The match was marred by an incident when Olympiacos player Halperin was hit with a paper roll on the head.
When the play resumed, Partizan’s Aleksandar Maric went on a run for five points to push Partizan ahead and increase the gap to seven. Partizan was calm in the dying moments of the game, interrupted by frequent fouling and subsequent free throws. The final thirty seconds must have been a lifetime for some Partizan players, as they waited for the second game of the group stage in the Euroleague to become an official win. Partizan’s top scorers were Rasic with 25 points and Maric with 20 points.

Djokovic Pins Hopes on Nadal Clash

Belgrade, Nov.27, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Whatever characterized Novak Djokovic’s winning performance against Nikolay Davydenko – the fighting spirit, sharpness and patience – had vanished without a trace when the Serb took on Robin Soderling. The Swedish powerhouse maintained his winning streak in Group B by beating Djokovic 7-6 6-1 at the ATP World Tour Finals in London. As much as his position looked positive after the first-day defeat of Davydenko, Djokovic now face a formidable task of trying to qualify for the knockout stage. Djokovic’s chance lies in the clash with Rafael Nadal on Friday in the two stars’ final game of Group B in London.
Djokovic’s own words how fatigue was catching up with him in London had their bitter confirmation in the match against Soderling, although Novak was on a winning streak of five head-to-head victories against the Swede.
Nonetheless, it was Novak who first came close to breaking his opposition, but he wasted his chance. Soderling was confident and was three break points up at 5-4 in the opening set. Both Djokovic and Soderling held their serves and the set went into a tie-breaker. Djokovic took an early 3-2 lead in the final game, but failed to claim the set after more than one hour of play. Conversely, Soderling confirmed his high-power status brandishing his impeccable forehand and incredibly precise serving.
The dropping of the opening set demoralized the weary Djokovic, as Soderling flew around the court and dictated the tempo from the base line. The set eventually led to a predictable 6-1 win by Davydenko.
Djokovic meets Rafael Nadal in the final match and he needs a win in order to progress to the next round.

Savo Milosevic Awaits Counter-Candidate

Belgrade, Nov.26, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Rumors abound as the storied Belgrade football club, Partizan, postpones the election of its managing assembly members.
As for the assembly composition, there have been hints former general secretary Zarko Zecevic and current members Nenad Bjekovic and Ivan Curkovic might be on their way back to the club’s top positions, ones they held during the better part of the 1990s. Former club president from 1989 to 2006, Ivan Curkovic comments on the matter.
“I am far from Belgrade right now, and at this time I cannot answer any of your questions regarding the issue.”
Partizan football club board of directors have decided to postpone its electoral assembly until early December in order not to disrupt the atmosphere on the team, namely for the period following Partizan’s Europa League clash against Toulouse.
Partizan have been very coy in revealing the names of potential candidates for the post of club president, while it is likely the outcome of the upcoming match with Red Star will have an impact on the selection process. Should Partizan beat their arch-rivals Red Star and reduce the deficit on their rivals to just a point in the league standings, the current club establishment are expected to play the card of being the ones to be awarded the right to finish the job, namely defend the league title. Conversely, a defeat for Partizan would only galvanize the factions aiming to introduce swift overhaul of the club’s management.
Former Partizan star striker Savo Milosevic has publically confirmed his wish to run for Club President, but does not intend to name his prospective associates. The current president, Dragan Djuric, has remained silent on Milosevic’s impending candidacy, while there have been rumors in the Serbian football circles as to who might join in the presidential race at Partizan.
The Partizan assembly is scheduled for 21 December, with candidates for delegates being put forward beforehand, only to be ratified by the board of directors.
Former and current players, coaches and the work group will amount to 29 assembly delegates, while 31 will come from the ranks of entrepreneurs and respectable public figures. The final five places are allocated for the official supporters group. The Partizan president will become the candidate who wins the simple majority of votes at the electoral assembly.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

American’s Share Thanksgiving with Serbia

By: Katarina Jonev
Belgrade, Nov.27 2009 (Serbia Today) – Children in Serbia had an opportunity to celebrate Thanks giving thanks to the people of the American Embassy in Belgrade. Embassy Officials arranged for the delicious, traditional meal at the Children’s Shelter on Krfska (Corfu) Street.
The event was accompanied by American Embassy employees that shared the historical origins of the tradition of Thanksgiving, and the message of hope in expressing gratitude, even in the face of hardship.
"150 years ago president Abraham Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a holiday in America. This is very important day for Americans and we wanted not just to show part of American culture to children, but also to share the belief that gratitude is the basis for progress,” said American Embassy Press Attache Brian Stimler.
Embassy officials also arranged for American football players from the local club Blue Dragon, to take some time to show the children a few things about the American football.
Earlier this week in Belgrade, Mr. John Hennessy, Senior Director of Education and Training for FINRA’s International Affairs and Services Department from Boston, visited Belgrade on a U.S. sponsored Speaker Program. Mr. Hennessy participated in the VIII International Conference of the Belgrade Stock Exchange 2009, organized by SEGA and USAID. He will also deliver a lecture at the Belgrade Banking Academy to a group of students and faculty professors, as well as a lecture to the Serbian Securities Commission staff and to the Faculty of Informatics and Management at Singidunum University.
The U.S. Embassy often organizes U.S. Speaker programs in Serbia, inviting experts and scholars to speak on various topics throughout the country.

Ski the Slopes of Serbia

By: Jelena Jovanovic
Belgrade, Nov.23, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Serbia’s dramatic mountains and alpine winter conditions make it an ideal destination for those seeking winter skiing in the region. There are several very popular ski centers in Serbia – Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Divcibare, and Stara Planina. All these resorts have excellent conditions for skiing set among the alpine region of Serbia.
The most renowned ski center in Serbia is Kopaonik Mountain, located in the South West of Serbia. This mountain is covered with snow from the end of November until May every year with 200 sunny days per year and many accommodation capacities.
The slopes of Kopaonik are 1650 - 2017 meters above sea level. Kopaonik is a favorite ski destination in Serbia, and visitors flock during the winter to snow packed slopes. Well groomed ski slopes offer a wide variety of slopes for beginners to expert spread across the mountain. The mountain boasts over 40 km of slopes for downhill skiing and more than 20 km of trails for cross country skiing.
In this year`s programs, as in previous seasons, are packages for snow-boarding and para-skiing, and parachuting. The mountain offers several locations for entertainment in the way of cafes and bars during winter nights. Visitors can also enjoy sleigh rides, ice-skating, and indoor tennis.
For fans of night skiing, there is the well-lit “Malo Jezero“ slope. All tracks are well connected with a ski lift system that has the capacity of over 27,500 skiers at any given time.
Beside downhill and cross country skiing, the mountain has a well maintained snow-board park in which many domestic and international competitions take place. The sheer maintain sides have made ideal conditions for paragliding. There are three tracks built in accordance with the FIS standards for slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill racing.
Rental packages for equipment are available at the mountain, as well as snow mobiles. Some of the most interesting slopes for intermediate skiers are Krcmar and Duboka I. Gvozdenac and Ledenica are the most popular runs for the expert skiers. The Suncana Dolina track, an intermediate trail, leads to the Putnik Hotel.
Beginners can ski on Jaram and Karaman Greben ski runs which are situated in front of the Grand Hotel. The cost of a day pass is RSD 1150 for children and RSD 1800 for adults, and a seven-day ski pass is RSD 6 ,150 for children and RSD 9,550 for adults.
Kopaonik will open three new ski slopes and some older slopes have been reconfigured for this season to open earl with the help of snow machines. Hotel Grand and apartment complex Konaci have been renovated for this season. Kopaonik is well known for its numerous luxury hotels, apartments, and private accommodation. There is always a discount for small children and booking in advance (and online) can make arrangements more affordable. Kopaonik has many fans and there is no shortage of positive postings and reviews.
In the words of one visitor, “The slopes of Serbia and the warm generous nation make Kopaonik an ideal holiday destination for any traveler looking to have a good time on a set of skis Kopaonik, Serbia will be a skiing location that will stay firmly on the map.”
Another popular winter destination in Serbia is Zlatibor, mountain, situated in the South West part of Serbia. The average height of Zlatibor mountian is 1000 meters, with the peaks at Tornik (1496 m), Cigota (1422 m) measuring much more. The Tornik ski centre is at 1110 to 1490 meter, and is located 9 km away from the village of Zlatibor.
Renovated and enlarged ski slopes, and a newly built six seat ski lift make Tornik a first rate ski center, which attracts all categories of skiers.
Divcibare is a village and a well known mountain resort situated on Mount Maljen (1104 meters), South East of the city Valjevo. It has mild climate, rich flora and fauna, abundance of streams and water as well as suitable terrain configuration.
Divcibare’s center attraction is Crni Vrh, a 850 meters long ski track with a two-seat ski lift with 1200 skiers an hour capacity. This track is well lit during the night for after hours skiing. The Divcibare valley has excellent ski trails for cross country skiing. Ski equipment can be rented and serviced in hotels and resorts and there is a ski school open every winter.
Divcibare has well maintained trails leading to its summit, which hikers can enjoy year round.
Stara Planina (Old mountain), the highest mountain in Eastern Serbia, rises 2169 meters above sea level, and stands as a natural border with Bulgaria.
Babin Zub, a protected natural reserve, is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Stara Planina.
Stara Planina, which is covered with snow for almost five months a year, measures between 1100 and 1900 meters above the sea level, and it is an ideal place for winter sports. The Babin Zub ski centre has three ski tracks ready for night skiing.