Monday, November 30, 2009

The Night of the AdEaters

By: Valentina Radulovic
Belgrade, Nov.19, 2009 (Serbia Today) - The 10th Annual Night of AdEaters will be held in the Sava Center, on December 3rd and December 4th. The best commercials submitted from all over the world, as well as from Serbia, will showcase exceptional international and local talent involved in the creation of these advertisements.
The selection of commercials is made by the marketing expert Jean Marie Boursicot, the owner of the biggest global foundation of commercials, Cinematheque Jean Marie Boursicot. Today this unique library contains more than 950,000 commercials from around the world.
The Night of AdEaters is a great chance to enjoy in all night celebration of amazing, intriguing, shocking and funny commercials, representing the vitality, creativity, passion and trends all over the world of advertising. No censorship is allowed in the commercials, so tobacco, alcohol, and sex are in the program.
This event is organized annually in around 50 countries and more than 150 metropolises and it attracts hundred of thousands people.
We can assume commercial as a phenomenon which helps us to understand society’s rituals, habits. The creativity required to make truly captivating commercials can sometimes make a commercial a work of art.
The most creative and original commercials usually can’t be seen on TV stations and during everyday programming, because they are not part of a corporate campaign. These truly genius work in commercials can only be seen in festivals of advertising or on special events for marketing professionals.
SuperStar Worldwide is the organizer of this event and they are proud to say that Belgrade is on the top in the world according to the number of visitors. This flattering title previously belonged to Paris, the home of the festival.
Every year The Night of AdEaters in Belgrade has its theme. Three years ago, in 2006, it was 150th birthday of well-known Nikola Tesla. A year after that, in 2007, the organizers dedicated the event to Novak Djokovic, and last year, in 2008, the event was dedicated to Milorad Cavic, a Serbian gold medal winner in swimming. This year the organizers will celebrate a decade of this event. They will choose the best commercial in the previous ten years. Those who are interested in advertising of this kind can vote for their favorite commercial by visiting the official site. They can also vote for the best billboard and the best non-profit campaign in Serbia for 2009.

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