Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zlatibor's Tourist Offer

By Bojana Jankovic

Uzice, July 07, ( Serbia Today) - “Zlatibor, ask Tara, if it remembers its old love…”- is a refrain of a popular song by Uzice’s singer, Slobodan Mulina, of which local people are so proud.
In addition to its successful tennis, basketball, and football players, Serbia is well known for its natural beauty. When we say “the natural beauty of Serbia”, we are really speaking of Zlatibor, a mountain which offers peace, presents a refuge from everyday life, and presents an escape from the fast life ... the mountain that connects the incompatible, gives happiness and satisfaction. It is located on the southwestern part of Serbia, near the town of Uzice, and extends to the surface area of approximately 1000 km2.
This “air spa” or wavy hills are known as a summer and winter’s retreat, but first and foremost as a climatic health resort. It holds sources of natural mineral water, and one of them is Vapa Spa, next to the village of Rožanstvo. This water has curative effects on skin and eye diseases, and for the treatment of bronchial asthma and other skin’s sicknesses, the climate of Zlatibor itself is sufficient. The Summers are hot and the Winters relatively cold. Frequent rains and snows from October to May make the holiday of every individual, different and special. In the summer period, Zlatibor’s sun color one’s skin in superfine gold, slowly turning in the color of bronze, while the dark skinned people will be refreshed by the glow, on which many will be jealous.
We must not forget the national kitchen that “melts in the mouth”. Kajmak, cheese, prosciutto, lepinja, kacamak, hoecake, sarma, all kinds of pie, uštipak ... are just part of the pleasure which Zlatibor offers.
“The Rose of winds” is in full bloom here on Zlatibor.
Numerous restaurants, first-class service, and a rich selection of food and drinks just add to this dream holiday. Along the edge of the Zlatibor’s lake, as a part of the apartment settlement “Royal’s konak” is located the restaurant “Jezero” in which every guest feels royally. One of the pearls of restaurants offer, is surely a restaurant “Kneginja”, situated between the bus station and basketball courts. The restaurants worth mentioning are also: “The Smell of the Quince”, “Vizantija”, “Koliba”, “Vodenicar”... each different by its specials, but all same in the quality and specialty of services.
When tired of walking through the fresh and clean air over large meadows, lush forests, or when tired of skiing in the wintertime, you can rest by a brief stay in one of the many cafes. For the younger population, an evening life is available, among which the most popular are the clubs Vendom and San Set.
During the past years, its many luxurious hotels, apartments, resorts and private accommodation can only commend the accommodation facilities on this mountain. Olympus Hotel, located at the entrance to Zlatibor, with its position, harmonious architectural lines, opens the gate to the central Zlatibor plateau. Staying in a hotel VIS, every guest becomes enriched with a variety of memories, filled with the smell of meadows, colors of conifer trees, the sounds of crickets in the summer, crunching of an untouched snow in winter, and the warmth born out of human care, attention and good will.
Hotel Jugopetrol is recognizable by its staff courtesy, professionalism, and content that makes it stand out as a modern, well-equipped hotel. Surrounded by greenery, pine forests, with the highest view of the ski center Tornik, on the slopes of Kamalj, is located the Hotel President, and is an ideal place in summer as well as in winter. The modern hotel Zelenkada, is situated in the most beautiful part of tourist complex Zlatibor, at the altitude of 1030m, and offers comfort, recreation and entertainment. In the center of the mountain, with 90 comfortable rooms and suites, is situated the hotel Mona, which, in addition to national, offers as well an international cuisine.
What every human being needs to live, is health, and there is a special hospital for thyroid gland, and metabolism diseases- Čigota. This specialized hospital is equipped with: a ward for stationary treatment, out-patient-polyclinic ward, department of nuclear medicine, division of physical medicine, and the branch for balanced nutrition and recreation.
Depending on the desires and needs, the prices of the accommodation capacities are different and range from 4000 to 25,900 dinars, or 43 to 280 euros in the summer time, while in winter the prices are just slightly corrected. All hotels in their offers include a bar, restaurant, fitness center, spa center, relaxation center for massage and beauty salon care.
In order to ensure the certainty of the truth of this fullness of beauty, of the relaxation and pleasure which Zlatibor offers, for Serbia Today’s readers, we have asked some of the tourists that we found on this beautiful mountain, while some were contacted by phone.
Ana ( from Belgrade): I come to Zlatibor 1-2 times a year and it gives me an amazing vacation. The air is clean and I can breathe with full lungs.
Nikola (from Bor): I have just returned from Zlatibor. Walks, activities with friends, bicycling, a tour of Mokra Gora, Sirogojno, idleness in the garden of selected bars and restaurants - all of that recreates and regenerates me. After the Summer heat and crowd on sea, this mountain agrees so much; It pleases me during Winter, but also in Spring and Fall.
Nenad (from Cacak): The service, food, prices, music ... everything was perfect. I bought proschiutto, kajmak and lepinja, and brought it to Cacak and I enjoy in life.
Mitrovski (from Skoplje): It is neither a village nor a town. But it is pleasant and relaxing. It cleanses the spirit and body, restores strength and energy. I didn’t believe in those stories, but now that I'm here ...I have no words. Everything is so unreal. I nipped and bit myself, but it was not a dream. This is the reality. From now on I will plan at least two times a year to come here to Zlatibor.
Joshua (from London): This is mt first time on Zlatibor, and I think that from now on, I will regularly visit this great mountain. I love nature.
Sladjana (from Novi Sad): We are going in a private accommodation and are always extra satisfied. And when we return from Zlatibor, I think that the happiest are our immediate relatives when we drag tons of cheese, kajmak and proschiutto.
Andria (from Podgorica): Zlatibor is the best place to come to, after the sea, the heat and “sea sicknesses”. People are kind here, and they will make everything to make all the guests feel royally. I always come here with my friends and our nightlife is perfect. For our night outings, the best is Vendom ... and then afterwards, in late hours (pardon, early ones) the walks beside the lake ... represent an incredible challenge. However, none of this can be fully described in words. It is necessary to come, see, feel, breathe the air, touch the earth under your feet ...
This mountain has one rule: the season is always. Summer, winter, spring or autumn, the pride of Uzice region always has something to offer. Experienced guides lead visitors to the inmost secrets of Zlatibor. What is certain to be seen, are the beautiful mountain pastures, hardly passable thick pine forests, rivers, streams, lakes, waterfalls, which take the breathe away, the highest peaks, the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, monasteries, the lookouts with a magnificent view ...

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