Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free Books for First-graders

Belgrade, July 15, (Serbia Today) - All of the 80.000 first-graders starting the Elementary school in Fall will receive sets of free text books for the 1st grade. Elementary School Teachers ranked as best text books those published by “Zavod za izdavanje udzbenika”, “Kleti”, “Nasa skola”, and “Kreativni Centar” publishing companies. Several other publishing companies were licensed for text books publishing by the Ministry of Education as well, but their editions will be much smaller.
Deputy Minister Zoran Kostic told reporters that participating publishers accepted lower wholesale prices and promised to print about 5 percent more text books than needed, in case of the bigger demand.
Minister of Education Zarko Obradovic stated that he is happy with the overall performance of his Department in the past year. More than 127.000 people work in Education System in Serbia.
Education is one of the strategic questions for the Serbia Government, according to Obradovic, and they should approach to certain issues with utmost caution. When it comes to those working in the Education, lack of funds for the social programs for those who should be retired is certainly a sensitive problem.
The rational use of resources is another problem Obradovic mentioned. There is 185 cases in the Serbian schools when the class is consisting of only 1 to 5 pupils, he added.
Ministry of Education recently sent circular to all High Schools that they should not form classes with less than 15 pupils.

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