Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The 10th Exit is on!

By Rina Mihajlovic

Novi Sad, July 12 (Serbia Today)-The 10th EXIT has begun on Thursday night. It takes place in Novi Sad, on Petrovaradin Fortress and lasts from July 9-12th . It is a music festival with more than 500 performers on 20 festival stages.
Music lovers came from all over the world and Novi Sad is like a multinational town these days. The clock is ticking 96 most musical, fun and crazy hours. These four days the town breathes music, music and more music.
The streets are already flooded with foreigners from Monday and you can hear different languages everywhere around you.
You can see girls walking in their bikini tops and boys without their shirts on. You have a feeling you are somewhere in a summer resort and not in the middle of the town. Without shame or sense of time, the young people are sitting in the outdoor cafes during the day putting their sun lotion on and trying to catch some sun, while drinking cocktails.
Most of them are staying in the camp that is set 3km from the Fortress, 20 minutes on foot. The ones who prefer more comfort could rent a room or a whole apartment for these four days.
Amy Baker from San Diego California said for Serbia Today, that six of them heard about this festival from a British friend and couldn’t wait to come and see it for themselves. They love the town, people and food.
British people are not the only fans of this festival even though they are the ones who have sold the most EXIT tickets in England. There are other nations present as well, especially from the former YU Republics, showing that music is stronger than separation.
It is interesting to mention that some of the biggest names are performing here some of which performed yesterday: Lilly Allen, Arctic Monkeys, Roots Manuva, Partybreakers, The Stone, Draconic and so on. Tomorrow we have Manic Street Preachers, Overdrive, Orthodox Celts, Korn, Max Romeo, Andy C, etc. On Saturday big attraction Moby will perform along with Patti Smith, Kraftwerk, Sabaton, Cinnaman, Baloji, Steve Angello, etc. For Sunday we have the band that so many people are eager to see: The Prodigy plus Walls of Jericho, Elvis Jackson, Mancho Diao, Atheist Rap, Bryan Gee, etc. These are only few performers of the rich and outstanding EXIT’s offer.
The bridge is closed for transportation during the night but still there are many bus lines and taxis to get you to the bridge. The entrance is open from 17h until 3 o’clock in the morning. The drinks can only be bought with tokens in order to avoid big lines, crowds and money handling. There are over 30 bars, three ATMs, one exchange office and 433 toilets. Besides food and drinks, people can buy souvenirs as well.
The river of people was going toward the fortress yesterday and many of them were walking holding beer bottles in their hands warming up for the “party”.
During the whole night, it seemed like the whole town was dancing, the music was so loud that we had a feeling it was coming from the backyard. The town will not sleep these days and neither will we. It is nice to be a metropolis, for once at least.

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