Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summertime in Uzice

By Bojana Jankovic

Uzice, July 02 ( Serbia Today) - Situated in the western part of Serbia, under the mountain of Zlatibor, is a city that has plenty of warmth and joy. Uzice, a city that has a big heart, tries to offer to its citizens something that no one else can.
Especially when Summer arrives and says that it is time for new combinations in clothing, new words, and songs ... a time for brighter views of the world, and brighter smiles. Especially young people, who do not want to lose time listening to the stories from the past, or of the global economic crisis, which now occupies the first place on the top list of all radio and TV stations, or about what will be in the future.
Young people in Uzice have dreams, as well as young people all over Serbia, as well as young people all over the world. They are all guided by the same dreams, but they all take a different road ...
However, the youth doesn’t allow them to merge with the everyday life. They are struggling to slow down the rhythm of light, all those beautiful moments that only Summer can provide. During the summer time, they go to the city beach, enjoy all the beauties of the river Djetinja, using solar rays to color their skin so in the evening they would look divine in white, or some other light colored dress combinations. They want to look worldly fashionable. Those who don’t find themselves in river’s pleasures, have the opportunity to enter the waters of an open Olympic pool in Sevojno, 6 km away from Uzice.
Young people from Uzice, with adventurous spirit, go to the lake Vrutci (near Uzice, on the road to the village of Kremna, known by the prophets Tarabic) or on the lake Perućac, that people like to call, “ the paradise on earth”. This lake was created in the construction of a hydroelectric power plant, and spreads all the way to Visegrad.
Many people from this city, especially those who belong to the younger generations, go to Zlatibor to breathe fresh mountain air, to touch the sun rays, which, it seems, are different here from anywhere else. And beyond everything is- water – hotel’s swimming pools provide a feeling of peace and purity, happiness and relaxation, and socializing with young people from other cities of Serbia, and the world.
The thrills and adventures seekers can fulfill their needs at the Zlatibor’s lake. In recent times, only 2 kilometers from the main road Zlatibor - Uzice, on the way to Mokra Gora, in Braneshci, youth enjoy in the natural beauties of the ”Jokino vrelo”, which includes beaches, sport fishing, local domestic restaurant, and for those who want to spend several days, few bungalows.
If the weather doesn’t permit all this magic, if rain deluge all the desires for sunny days, the young population of Uzice spend their beautiful moments in the city cafes. In the center of the city, at the Square Partizan, the cafes Zicer, Absolute and the Millennium are full of young people, as well as Quattro, located just 5 minutes walk from the Square.
For those who prefer a more peaceful version of entertainment, who want to separate from inquisitive looks, or just yearn to go back in times past- to the time when love was priority in life, at the time when the train connected people- they can have their place on the shore of the river Djetinja. They can have their own railway wagon “Vagone Ristorante”, which in addition to the current refreshing drinks offers excellent Italian food.
Anyway, whatever kind of weather is in Uzice, its youth prefer the evening hours. Those are the outings that one should not miss and that last from 11 PM to 02 AM, and from time to time could be extended for one more hour. In a dance club “Face”, ten minutes away from the town center, every Friday the youth can spend time listening to the summer hits of student parties, while on Wednesdays and Fridays, they have the opportunity to sing along with this year's Stars of Grand Production (the Serbian recording studio). And then, next to the public parking lot, there is a night club “The Club”, which offers something a little different; it offers challenges that young people can not refuse - cocktails every Friday, and on Saturday theme parties with the commercial house music of DJ Krchmar.
For those who don’t like crowds, who are fans of true and quality live music, they can spend every Friday and Saturday, in the Vagone Ristorante, where an excellent musician and singer Sheky is rising the atmosphere to the highest level.
Only ten steps away, there is a dance club Skala, for those who like ''turbo and gale''. Every Friday are held school parties, on Saturdays the youth can enjoy in the full glory of excellent music selections of the DJ Honey and DJ Arsa. At the cocktail parties every Tuesday, there is only a little older generation, as well as on Thursdays, when visiting bands from Uzice, Belgrade, Novi Sad and other Serbian cities are present.
If we pass over the bridge, we come to the biggest dance club in the city, the Club 208, the club for all ages and tastes ... On Fridays gather there all those who love to hear the live music of the pop stars, and on Saturdays gather the fans of true DJ parties. This is not end of youth partying time ... if we skip few years ... we will jump at that border between youth and mature age ... and right into the cafe Quattro ... where every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, there is a live rock music. Of course, in Uzice there are a lot of bars where the youth gather, but they are generally selected groups, which sometimes like to see something new and try to bring some change in their ordinary night life.
And the end, go a few steps back ... Do the hits on the radio and TV stations have their place in Uzice, especially among young people, who want much more from life? It doesn’t seem so. It seems that the summer took away all the concerns that worried people during the winter days.
But, it is not the case with the young population. Still, how can they live, how can they have fun in the middle of the world economic crisis, which is the saddest hit of year? One thing is sure. Whenever we asked them that question, they denied us an answer. They manage. They manage it somehow. They transform one dinar into two. They live by this theory, because different ones are at their hand range, and so little is needed to be completely happy. Serbia is a wonderland, and Uzice ... even more interesting.
Despite all the maneuvering, the youth always wins. Uzice rewards persistence, a brave heart, a happy soul and optimism. The First award is Life- a quality life.

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