Tuesday, July 21, 2009

14 years after Srebrenica , Mladic still at large

By Milen Vesovic

Belgrade, July 11, (Serbia Today) – Today marks 14 years since the terrible genocide of Bosnians in Srebrenica. Unfortunately, Serbia still did not arrest and delivered to the Hague tribunal, General Ratko Mladic, the main suspect of one of the greatest war crimes in contemporary world history.
Srebrenica Genocide took place on July 11, 1995, by killing more than 8,000 Bosnian men and boys, as well as the ethnic cleansing of 25,000-30,000 refugees in the area of Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by units of the Army of Republika Srpska under the command of General Ratko Mladic during the Bosnian War. The Srebrenica massacre is the largest mass murder in Europe since World War II.
A large number of non-governmental organizations call on the President of Serbia Boris Tadic and the Serbian government to arrest Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic. NGOs requested the State to tell the people of Serbia what had really happened in Srebrenica and of what crimes are the suspects accused.
President of the opposition Liberal-Democratic Party - Cedomir Jovanovic on this event said: „ Fourteen years have passed from the tragedy in Srebrenica, while its causes and proportions did not receive any attention in the public they deserve. I think that first of all, the policy that led to the genocide ensured that the life of so many people was determined who they are today, or they were convicted before the Courts for the most serious crimes or are still hiding from justice…”
New 500 identified bodies will be buried today in the memorial center Potocare.
Boris Tadić stated that for the sake of the victims of Srebrenica but also other victims, those who committed war crimes must be in the Hague Tribunal.The president said on Saturday in Belgrade that Serbia is committed to cooperation with the tribunal and is doing everything to finalize it, not only because it is "our legal obligation", but also "for our own sakes and the sake of reconciliation between peoples and a more prosperous life in the Balkans".“By honoring the victims of Srebrenica, we are honoring all those innocent killed," he said, according to as statement from his press service. Serbia is doing everything to arrest Ratko Mladić and complete cooperation with the Hague, he also stated, and stressed that there is no such thing as a nation's collective guilt, but rather that those who commit a crime "have names and surnames". On the 14th anniversary of the Srebrenica crime, PM Mirko Cvetković also reacted by stating that no crime committed in the past on the territory of former Yugoslavia must be forgotten, his press service said.

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