Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Fifth International Workshop "Zlakusa 2009"

By Bojana Jankovic

Uzice, July 08, (Serbia Today) -If we drive from the capital of Serbia, along the interstate highway with the aim to visit the mountain Zlatibor, after 185 km along the main road, half way between Pozega and Uzice, on the right corner of the river Djetinja, you’ll see a village that is famous for its tradition of pottery and ceramic making.
It is the village Zlakusa, where 17 families are making living by producing pottery and ceramics and thanks to them, two International Art Workshops will take place here this Summer. The First Art Workshop already took place from June 25-July 5, 2009. In order to introduce you to the Second one, which will take place from August 15-25, we will describe to you the First one.
The opening of the First international ceramics Art Camp, namely, ceramics workshop, happened on Thursday, June 25. Among the guests (which were over 100) the opening was attended by the officials from the government and the town of Uzice and Pozega, as well as the sponsors of the international workshop.
Already the next day the participants took their positions and created new works of art, which will be found on exhibitions throughout Serbia and the world.
Balsa Raicevic (Serbia), Ozgundogdu Dogan (Turkey), Dragoslav Krnajski (Serbia), Evgenija Portoj Kostic (Serbia), Fejza Ozgundogdu (Turkey), Khaled Sirag (Egypt), Milovan Dagovic (Serbia), Radenko Adnadj (Serbia), Ute Hatwig Schulz (Germany) and Vitauskas Paskauskas (Lithuania), enjoyed in the free expression of their art in Zlakusa, until July 4.th, when some of the works were baked on an open fire or in modern furnaces, depending on the wishes of the artists.
The friendship they developed was not only evident through the Arts and the visions expressed in their works, but also through different entertainment events which they organized together. The Association of Potters of Zlakusa and the host Milojko Nikitovic, provided the housing and food for these artists.
“The aim and purpose of the Art camp is to maintain this tradition, enable the mingling with the artists. Our goal is to get more funds in order to realize this event on a higher level. On this occasion, I thank Ninko Tesic, the Director of Impol Seval a.d. on given support, all the sponsors, as well as the support of the town of Pozega. Thanks to them, the Fifth Art Camp was the best so far- which was not just our opinion from the Association, but also according to the participants and all those who were present here in the Art Camp.''- Milojko Nikitovic, The Art Camp host said for Serbia Today.

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