Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ruth Bianco - SOHO Video Instalation

By Natasa Tepavcevic

Belgrade, July 12, (Serbia Today) -From 26. 06 -17.07.2009 lovers of visual art have the opportunity to visit art gallery “Remont” and to “consume” video installation of Ruth Bianco, entitled “SOHO”.
SOHO is a double-video installation created as part of The Philosophical Brothel, a group-show provoking reflection on the reconfiguration of time, space and art processes in contemporary practice - now, a 100 years on from Picasso's Les Demoiselles.
Concerned with a territory marked out for the consumption of sex, the SOHO videos document the masked realities of lure and seduction that become the object of the way we trade "gaze". The sleaze surrounding the consumerism of the "human market" is aligned with the surreptitious "gaze" of the filmmaking process - a film made specifically with a partly hidden camera inside the porn shops of Soho, and another tracing the Soho streets, London's red light district.
The fragmented and multi-dimensions of the cubist frame is conceptually transposed into the manipulations of the moving image, the layering of the screen and breaking up the projection space.
“My art practice springs from an urge to "unfix" in an interdisciplinary approach. I look upon my material as processes, seeking threads of connections in the boundaries between information and transformation”, that’s how Ruth Bianko explained her work.
Generally, her work involves time-based and other combined media, installation, video and sound, photography, drawing and research. She is born and raised in Valetta, Malta. At the moment she lives and works between Malta and the UK. Find more about her work her: www.ruthbianco.com

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