Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The 4th International Motorbike Rally in Uzice

By: Bojana Jankovic

Uzice, July 9 (Serbia Today)- With the support of the city administration of Uzice, the motto club ”Ere'” organized the Forth International Motorbike Rally, which took place from July, 3- 5, in Uzice.
On July 3, at 10 AM the camp opened to await the motor bikers from Europe and from all over the territory of former Yugoslavia( Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia)
After a full day of activities, encountering new and rediscovering old friends, the evening brought enjoyment with the trumpets band of Ivan Jovanovic, and the band Night Shift.
Saturday, July 4, at 10 AM a trip to the cave Potpecka was organized as well as the breakfast for all. A few hours later, the motor bikers paraded through Uzice, and ended in the Big park. One of the participants was the world champion of motorbike competitions, a 23 years old Hungarian Toni Vek, called ‘The Street Fighter” He performed with his bike on the Square, and left the audience in awe with his skill and ability.
”There are two groups of motor bikers. The first group consists of children of rich parents who want to prove themselves with speed and very often make problems. The second group consists of true motor bikers, who love and respect life, music, and free spirit. They don’t drive too fast their motorbikes and don’t represent a danger for themselves or for other participants in traffic. They simply enjoy the ride, travel a lot, and see the world, which help them understand the meaning and beauty of life. I belong to this second group, as well as 95% of us here.” A motor biker from Doboj said for Serbia Today.
The same night at 8 PM, a competition of pulling the rope was held. The fight was tense, but friendly. The first place and the award (roasted pig), was awarded to the motor bikers from Auto motto Club “Keinac” from Cacak.
The night was again filled with music. From 9 PM the trumpet band of Ivan Jovanovic was performing, and from 11 PM the rock band “Van Gogh” which won the MTV Europe music award in 2007. All 10 000 people present were singing along with the band.
On Sunday, July 5, all the guests and motor bikers, happy and full of positive impressions, left Uzice.
The next Day, we talked to the President of the motto club “Ere”, Mr. Dragoslav Simic, who said for Serbia Today, “ The guests and we, are all satisfied with this event. Not even the rain, which was falling, did prevent the arrival of bikers. All were delighted of the innovations that we introduced (like the techno bar, motorbike shops, ethno shops). The guests were in abundance, as well as the equipment, food and drinks. All the hotels filled to the maximum, which did not happen for a long time. For next year we are preparing even a greater spectacle, perhaps in another place (because we expect even greater attendance), with some popular foreign bands, and more numerous motorbike riders.''

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