Monday, July 27, 2009

A New Generations of Serbian Politicians

By Ljiljana Samardzic

Backi Monostor, July 08, ( Serbia Today) - The Fourth summer school of social democracy has been finished today, in Backi Monostor. During past seven days, 60 participants, youngsters from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina had opportunity to learn about social-democratic ideas and skills as well as how to put newly acquired knowledge into practice.
This school is organized by Friedrich Ebert Foundation every year and one of their aims is to gather young activists from social-democratic parties, nongovernmental organizations and syndicates from ex-Yugoslavia territory. This project started in Grabov (Belarus) three years ago and general goal of this project is promoting social-democratic ideas.
Some of the subjects that students had opportunity to study were political ideologies, European Union, Church and government, global challenges of social democracy and alike. In daily workshops students applied team work, communication and conflicts, negotiations into practice. The main subject in this year’s summer camp was “Asset and skill of solidarity as crucial responses to existing crises”.
Lecturers were recognized public figures from Serbia - Nenad Canak, the president of Vojvodina’s Social-democratic League, Zarko Korac, the president of Social-democratic Union, Gordana Comic, vice president in Serbian Parliament, Dragoljub Micunovic, the president of Democratic Party’s Council and others.
Regarding relevance of this event, Nenad Canak said for Serbia Today “any regional gathering caries seed of good relations and that is way we should nourish it and take care of it.” According to his personal point of view, “the idea of social democracy is the only one that can bring peace and stability in this region”.
Gordana Comic said that importance of this camp lies in the fact that these young people are gaining adequate knowledge for the future. “The main problem in Serbia is lack of knowledge”, she said, “and it is situated in field where it mustn’t be such as political scene and other public jobs and public sectors”.
On the last day of Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s summer school, “Social democratic week 2009” participants received diplomas for “accomplishments and active participation in school’s work”.
This brings hope to Serbia that future generations will be more acquainted with political ideas, problems and their efficient solutions. On the other hand, regional based school promises better international relations in future and, therefore, stability in the region.

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