Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Milijana Biletic returns to RTV

By: Milen Vesovic

Belgrade, July 10 (Serbia Today)- Milijana Baletic, in accordance with Novi Sad Court’s ruling, returned to work today in the public Radio-Television Vojvodina. With that decision the journalist Associations in Serbia were dissatisfied, to say the least, especially the NUNS and NDNV.

The Independent Association of Journalists of Vojvodina (NDNV) highlighted that they consider the Court’s decision unacceptable and scandalous. "It is a big slap in the face of all journalists’ profession and of all the citizens of Vojvodina and Serbia, who still remember the reports and newspaper articles by this woman, filled with hate and anger, and which, undoubtedly, were in the function of war crimes and genocide," said Dinko Gruhonjic, president of NDNV.

President of the Independent Association of Serbian Journalists (NUNS), Nadezda Gace said for "Serbia Today" that NUNS always advocated the moral and ethical principles and the journalistic code in the newspaper profession. Unfortunately, Milijana Baletic did not follow any of these, especially in the period of ethnic wars.”

To remind, Milijana Baletic, a former journalist of Television Novi Sad, was fired in 2003. Few years later, she appealed to the Court to reverse that decision, which the Court did. Radio-Television Vojvodina confirms that Milijana Baletic is at work today.

During the war in the 90’s, being in service of Milosevic’s political machine, M. Baletic reported from war zones of the former Yugoslavia, and with the inflammable content of her articles she was, in opinion of many, stirring up the passions, promoting the war, intolerance, and hatred.

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