Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Intimate, The Infinity and The Impossible

By Natasa Tepavcevic
Belgrade, June 27 ( Serbia Today) - The Intimate, The Infinity and The Impossible is the title of the exhibition held in gallery Magacin , Kraljevica Marka 4, Belgrade, Serbia, 15 June - 25 June 2009, Curator: Catherine Hemelryk (GB)
“Art holds a privileged position in society where anything can happen. It could be argued that art has super-powers as it can conjure the impossible into being and create situations that may otherwise not have come to be. This project is a platform for presenting some feats of artistic practice, but also key to it is a space for participation, for visitors-artist nearby, composers, writers, the regular Joe, anyone-can come and make something happen and perhaps to inspire other magical moments.”
Referred to above statement, about exhibition The Intimate, The Infinity and The Impossible, is written by curator: Catherine Hemelryk. She was born in Rugby, Warwickshire and has been based in Vilnius since 2005. She graduated from the Royal College of Art MA Curating Contemporary Art in 2004 after BA (hons) Fine Art from Newcastle University. She curates the Info Lab - a resource area on the ground floor of the CAC - where she has instigated a series of artist interventions and discussion group. She has also edited and contributed to various publications such as 'The Black Box' a set of 5 books and 4 poster inserts produced for the IX Baltic Triennial, Vilnius, 2005; 'On Mobility', Amsterdam, 2006; 'Omagiya', Bucharest, 2006, and is currently editing a book with Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas.
Exhibition The Intimate, The Infinity and The Impossible is financed by city municipality and organized with help of Magacin and ProArtOrg. Considering that and statement by curator mentioned in first lines, we can see the way of positioning these art “event” (exhibition) in wide socio-political representation of “state of things” in transition Serbia. This is very important to empathize, because we are speaking about group thematic exhibition. Therefore, most of the works shown on exhibition are not produced by this occasion. In short, contextualization of these works is the key for understand this cultural event.
In following lines you will find the names of artist, title of each work. These artist and theirs works, especially these chosen by Catherine Hemelryk for this occasion, are already well-known so all kind of documentation is available on internet.
Artists: Darren Banks & Flora Whiteley (GB) “Better Place Portraiture III”, 2009; Clodagh Emoe (IRL) “Doppio”2007; J&K (DE/DK) :Everything Else Is Just Another Friend You Haven’t Met Yet”, 2009; Zolt Kovac (SR) “Painting Develops Supernatural Powers”, 2001; MRCVE &Johnny Amore (DE) “Supermorphose” 2008; Flavia Müller Medeiros (BR) “IRKA”, 2007; Gareth Spor & Raimundas Malašauskas (USA/LT), “Dream-machine (Illusion is Revolutionary Weapon)”, 2008; Jantine Wijnja (NL), “Identity Screwups”, 2009

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