Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Elections Needed Now!

By Ljiljana Samardzic

Sombor, July 14(Serbia Today) – “The development program for Serbia in the times of economic crises 2009-2012 “- was the main topic of discussion at the conference of the Serbian Democratic Party held on Monday in Sombor. The main speakers at the conference were Nenad Popovic PhD, the president of Serbian Democratic Party’s economical council, member of Serbian Parliament, professor at Moscow University and successful businessman, Zeljko Tomic, the member of Serbian Democratic Party’s executive board as well as a member of Serbian Parliament and Zoran Loncar PhD .
Beside promoting their party’s developing program, they also appealed for new elections in Serbia as the only way of stopping the ongoing crises.
At the very beginning, Mr. Tomic said that Government uses current economical problems and crises only as an excuse for their failures and incompetence. He spoke about unfulfilled Government election promises.
Mr. Popovic presented the outlines of their development program. He expressed his belief that economic crises is not over yet and that even bigger one is around the corner.
“Before an economic crises, there was a financial crises, but the worst part is yet to come”, according to Mr. Popovic –“ the next is social and then deep political crises”.
Based on Serbian Democratic Party’s program, there are three important aims: preservation of domestic industry, preservations of jobs and standard of the citizens.
According to Mr. Popovic,” there are two things that need to be done after new elections in order to stop further crises in Serbia. First, shrink the size of the Government, particularly the number of Ministers, and second is to look for assets from Serbian logical economic partners - Russian Federation and European Union”.
Speaking to a reporter of Serbia Today, Mr Popovic said that Serbian economy is currently on its knees. “Instead of 200 000 new working positions, we have an army of unemployed people which counts nearly one million and it’s increasing on daily basis”, he continued.
“Under these circumstances, with steps which are taken too late or are irregular, the only way are elections”, he said. According to Mr. Popovic, it will take one year at least, maybe even 3 or 4 years to make things right.
“The government led citizens to the edge of the existence, so the main question isn’t who will win the elections, but who will survive the economic crises”, finished Mr. Popovic.

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