Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TERRAtory - an unusual exibit

By:Una Zabunov

Belgrade, July 16,(Serbia Today) – As a part of the BELEF’s visual program, Knez Mihajlova Street, the heart of downtown Belgrade, has been transformed in the open space gallery. People going up and down the street are somewhat confused, but mostly amused with the site of the sculptures made of terracotta placed on the street pavement. The exhibition "TERRAtory " is a part of the Belef Festival program.

The Sculptures are sorted in groups and they have caused great interest of the audience . Forms of the sculpture are simple, such as: human portraits, chess figures etc.

The Authors of these figures are 150 students of Art Schools, as well as several already established Artists from Florence, Temişoara, Belgrade and Novi Sad.

After the end of the 18th traditional Summer Festival, all of the terracotta figures will be donated to schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

The Festival's visual program concept carries on the initiative from BELEF and continues to explore the possibilities of Modern Art production in public areas.

The city remains in focus as a theme, an element on which an intervention is carried on, a field of research and interpretation, where art is offered to the widest public completely avoiding gallery showrooms.

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