Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dragana Ognjenovic Fashion Show

By Lola Tapuskovic

Belgrade, July 08, ( Serbia Today) - In spite of the rain Dragana Ognjenovic’s fashion show was held last night near big stairway in the Kalemegdan Fortress. The show was presented in the context of the Universiade follow up programs. The Organizers were Belef and fashion agency Fabrika.

Dragana Ognjenovic fashion show is a second part of “Belgrade Fashion Nights 09" , and it represents Italian and Serbian fashion called “The day of Italian fashion – Pin Up Stars”, and “The day of Serbian fashion – fashion show of Dragana Ognjenovic”.

Dragana Ognjenovic is designer identified by her original, simply, sophisticated style. This time, on fashion review she exalted not just her public, but everyone who has subtle taste. This collection of her, made especially for Universiade, which is held in Belgrade from 1st till 12th July, inspired with Kalemegdan, Kalemegdan’s stairway and this big manifestation. Shown models were in her traditional black and white colors, but also in gray and orange. Lines of it are simple and unusual. The designs were made of natural materials – silk, cotton and wool., The time needed to prepare this collection wasn’t much longer then it usually takes her, Dragana Ognjenovic said for Serbia Today. This particular collection will be shown only to the public in Belgrade and it won’t be shown in other towns in Serbia.

“Universiade wasn’t the only inspiration for this collection. I get inspiration from the everyday life as well. It is just the continuation of something that I’ve been doing for years, and of something I am planning for the next season”, said Dragana Ognjenovic.

Dragana Ognjenovic founded her brand in 1992, when she also had her very first fashion show. During her career she had shows, and took part in fashion weeks in Italy, France, Austria, Mexico, Cyprus, Romania, England, and now she is designing costumes for the Parisian Theatre d’Atelier.
Beside clothes she designed products for home made of wood, wool, metal, glass and porcelain. This brand is called “DO home”. She also had third line “Software”, which represents casual wear, bags, shoes, accessories etc.
Dragana Ognjenovic shows collections few times a year, and she told us that these days she is finishing autumn collection.

We should mention that this designer is helping in many humanitarian actions, and tonight’s show was one of them . All the proceeds from the show are going to the Homeless Children Shelter. She is also one of organizers of action “My little table” dedicated to children with special needs.

The Day of Italian fashion was also held tonight. Belgrade’s public had a chance to see very popular Italian brand Pin Up Stars. This brand is identified by swimming costumes. This collection is made of many different materials and is made of different colors, like black, violet, gold, blue, and with many applications.

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