Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer's Hot Spot - Apatin

Apatin, July 06, (Serbia Today) - Apatin Fisherman Nights is the annual Festival held for the 46th time this year, from July 1 -July 5. Officially opened by Apatin’s Mayor, the festival was organized as a number of sport, music and cultural events for children and adults.
One of the most attractive events was electronic beach party on the banks of Danube where few DJs from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Sombor performed, as well as a band from Paris - Loulou Djine. Their music is mixture of French gypsy guitar, gypsy and classical violin, double bass originating in the Balkans and Slavic accordion.
The absolutely most visited event was a gathering of motorbikes near the river canal. This moto- bike show was included in Apatin Fisherman Nights for the fourth time. Guests came all the way from Macedonia, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and from all parts of Serbia.
According to Dejanovic Sreto, the president of Moto Club “Panther” from Apatin, approximately 800 motor bikers were present. He also said that last year, during a concert of Croatian band Wild Strawberries, they had around 5000 visitors.
This years main attraction was Orthodox Celts, a well known Serbian band. With their popular sound of Irish folk music, they attracted a big number of people.
During Fisherman Nights, caravan of old-timers cars passed through Apatin. Citizens of Sombor, Backi Monostor and Subotica also had an opportunity to see these old cars, produced in a period of 1920 - 1975. Participants in this caravan were from Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia and Serbia.

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