Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Concert Sinead O'Connor, Belgrade

By Natasa Tepavcevic

Belgrade, July 06, (Serbia Today) - Summer time Jazz Festival started on Friday July 3rd with the concert by Sinead o’ Conner, Irish singer and composer. Interest of spectators was huge and Sava Center concert hall was overcrowded.
O'Connor arrived on the pop scene in the late-1980s. With the 1990 release of O’Connor’s second album, I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got, the baldheaded singer-songwriter became an international star. Driven by the phenomenal success of the smash hit single “Nothing Compares 2 U” (a once-obscure song written by Prince and first recorded by a band called the Family), the album shot to the top of the Billboard charts and nabbed O’Connor four Grammy Award nominations including Best Album, Best Song, Best Female Vocalist, and Best Alternative Album. The video for “Nothing Compares 2 U” won the MTV Award for Video of the Year, and O’Connor was named Artist of the Year in 1991 by Rolling Stone.
She is also well known because of her outspoken comments that attracted lots of media attention over many years of her career. On the concert in New Jersey in 1990 when O'Connor refused to set foot on stage if the American national anthem was played, prompted Frank Sinatra to threaten that he would "kick her ass". She ripped up a picture of the Pope on US TV show Saturday Night Live in 1992 and declared on MTV that the US and England had a history of terrorism "no better than Saddam Hussein". She then denounced MTV as well.
In Belgrade, she showed her emotional and peaceful energy. It was an “intimate concert” , as she has promised on press conference before the performance. The audience could walk through the hits from all of her albums and Belgrade was privileged to hear some compositions, which are planned to be published next year on her new album. She had good connection with the audience. Long applauses followed each song. The last song Thank you for hearing me she performed without the orchestra. Listening attentively her overwhelming voice, was an amazing experience.

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