Friday, May 14, 2010

Vrnjacka Banja-Place for healt recreation and fun

Belgrade, May, 10. 2010  (Serbia today) - Vrnjacka banja is the largest and most famous spa resort in Serbia and traditionally a very attractive tourist destination for holiday recreation and  health treatment. The spa is located in central Serbia, about 200 kilometers south of Belgrade. Placed under the  mountains  Kopaonik and Goc,  Vrnjacka  allows you to enjoy the snow in winter,  and avoid high summer heat. Vrnajcka banja  is considered a medical center. Studies have confirmed that seven  springs, possess many medicinal properties and may be especially suitable for diabetics. A large number of hotels (Zvezda, Breza, Fontana, Merkur) and numerous placed for private accommodation in the spa villas make Vrnjacka banja real tourist place. It has hosted numerous cultural events including the famous festival of  film scenarios, and the summer music festival. 

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