Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stankovic: I’m not preparing any PR tricks for Norway

Belgrade, May, 17. 2010 (Serbia Today) – Serbia’s representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Milan Stankovic, travelled to Oslo, on Thursday. He will appear on 25 May in the semi-finals. “It’s really hard work. Expectations are running high and it increases the responsibility. That’s why I’m trying my best to see this through as best as I can,” said Stankovic for Blic. Before departure Stankovic said that he is not preparing any PR tricks for the competition. “I will try to be normal and my usual, natural self and try to represent Serbia in the finest light possible,” he said. Regarding his cooperation with composer Goran Bregovic, he said that it has been an honour for him to work with him even if he hadn’t won the Serbian trials. He is a great artist and a lot of singers would love to have this opportunity to work with Bregovic, said Stankovic and added there are a few people in the business in Serbia that he can rely on and Bregovic is one of them. Stankovic coldn’t single out any of the songs. “This year pop ballads are predominant, but there is also some Euro-dance sound. We are totally different and that’s a bonus”, concluded Stankovic. The Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Oslo’s Telenor Arena and lasts from 25 to 29 May.

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