Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arsen Dedic in Belgrade

Belgrade, May 08. 2010 (Serbia today) - Legendary Croatian songwriter and singer Arsen Dedic, will perform a concert on 9 May in Belgrade's Sava Center. Dedic first played in Serbia, after a break of 16 years in 2005. The, he sold out two concerts in Belgrade and one in Novi Sad. His last released album is Rebus from 2008. Dedic is the author of classics such as: “Kuća pored mora", Čovjek kao ja", “Moderato Cantabile" and “Balada o prolaznosti". Croatia Records discography last year published luxury anthology commemorating the half-century career of Dedic, “Dobrotvorov home" with 93 songs. The CD contained “Ljubavni komadi", “Narodne" and “Budnice."

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