Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ralph fiennes finished shooting in Belgrade

Belgrade, May, 14. 2010 (Serbia Today) - British actor Ralph Fiennes finished shooting in Belgrade. This was his directorial debut of the movie, “Coriolanus”. This Shakespearean drama stars Gerard Butle. Vanessa Redgrave, Slavko Stimac,  Dragan Micanovic and  Svetislav Goncic.  After the wrap, they celebrated the occasion in a local club, Oh Cinema.  Hollywood stars Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler departed Belgrade on Tuesday May 11. Coriolanus had its first take back in mid March in Pancevo, after which on-set shooting moved to Belgrade. In April, British actress Vanessa Redgrave joined the crew, while Gerard Butler followed a wek later. During their stay in Belgrade,
Fiennes was fully dedicated to the direction process of the film, and only occasionally relaxed in Belgrade’s bohemian quarter  Skadarlija. As Serbia media reported, unlike Fiennes, Butler has partied throughout his stay in Belgrade. One night he was caught by paparazzi kissing Serbian model Martina Rajic.

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