Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ralph Fiennes shooting in Belgrade

Belgrade. May, 07. 2010 (Serbia today) - British actor Ralph Fiennes is directing his debut movie in Belgrade. The filming of  Shakespeare’s classic Coriolanus attracted major attention from the local public. Even Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs, Ivica Dacic, recently visited the cast and crew on set. Dacic said that he wanted to ensure that Fiennes and the crew enjoyed adequate conditions for shooting. On-set assistance during the shooting of Coriolanus is being provided by Serbian As media reported Speaking with Ralph Fiennes, Serbian Minister of Defence, Ivica Dacic, was primarily interested whether the director and leading actor was pleased with the overall treatment the cast and crew have received in Belgrade. Dacic also used the opportunity to meet Gerard Butler, one of the stars of the film. During the visit Dacic witnessed the shooting of scenes of street fighting. During Fiennes’ last year’s visit to Belgrade, Minister Dacic emphasised that the Serbian Police would provide logistics for the film project, not only for the financial reasons, but also as this would be a perfect opportunity for Serbia’s promotion,” “The special police personnel have been coaching me how to move the best possible way, how to assume a position, move alongside corridors and handle weapon. Everything revolves around spontaneous efficiency and plenty of practice. As for me, I’m trying to comprehend the mental process going on in their heads while they are in the middle of a battle and in life-threatening danger,”  Fiennes earlier said about his special training for this movie. .

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