Monday, May 24, 2010

Drvengrad - Directed by Emir Kusturica

Belgrade, May, 20. 2010 (Serbia Today) Drvengrad is a ethno-village in Mokra Gora,  situated between Zlatibor and Tara mountains . It became popular for its natural and rustic beauty,  but also by the film director Emir Kusturica and his Hollywood friends  Jim Jarmusch and Johnny Depp. Two years ago, Kusturica organized  the first festival of young film directors in Drvengrad. It gave one beginner the opportunity to learn from the workshops of movie veterans as Jarmusch and Depp. Drvengrad  is Kusturica’s  art-architectural  work on Mecavnik hill.  Mecavnik rises above the village of Mokra Gora and is on the same altitude as the old railway station Jatare of the old narrow-gauge railway “Sargan Eight.” Drvengrad is an ethno village built in urban style. There is the entrance gate on one of its ends and on the other a small wooden church built in Russian style and dedicated to St. Sava. In the center there is a square with the ground made of wood and surrounded by authentic log cabins transported from regions in Serbia and Bosnia. Drvengrad has a picture gallery, a library, the cinema “Underground”, a pastry and sweets shop where home-made cakes and natural juices are served, a national restaurant and a souvenir shop. The expert jury of Brussels Foundation for Architecture “Philip Rotie”  proclaimed Drvengrad the best European architectonic achievement in the last three years.

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