Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lord of the dance in Belgrade

Belgrade, May, 12. 2010  (Serbia today) - The famous Irish dance group Lord of the Dance will perform on May 17. and May 18.  in Belgrade's  Center “Sava” , during  their  great world tour. The Irish band is well known for a dance that most resembles the “step dance”.  On the music scene, they presented a combination of traditional Irish dance with attractive costumes and stage effects. The Lord of the Dance  is the only one of  that type,  and their “front man” is also  the founder and leader of the movement Michael Flatley. Before coming to Belgrade and their performance in Sava Center, the management of this popular group did not have any special requirements, except for a special diet. Specifically, they insist on setting the menu weeks before the show. Lord of the dance also insisted on certain kinds of meat, vegetarian alternatives in the menu and healthy meals . During their visit to Belgrade, members of the popular group insist on having large quantities of water, juices, teas and coffee. In their official statement Lord of the dance also announced that they do not intend to try the local specialties, but have heard of the traditional Serbian cuisine, especially the kebab and they are willing to try that after the performance. Tickets for the Lord of the dance performance are on sail at the Center “Sava”  ticket office and cost from 20 to 3

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