Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If you need some rest, come to Salas    

Belgrade, May, 15. 2010(Serbia Today) “Salas”, Vojvodina’s traditional  landscapes in are  places where  urban dwellers can enjoy some peace of mind.  In northern Serbia you can easily find much-needed rest while enjoying traditional food and drink. Salas is a farm estate, away from urban areas, with a house to live in, accompanying buildings and land. They were built to allow onee to be close to the land. Salas is a  true jewel of the Pannonian plain and a lighthouse of the vast "Pannonian sea", is a genuine monument of Vojvodina's culture. The word salas is of Turkish and Hungarian origin, and means "a protected place" or "asylum.” Nomadic Hungarian people used to have their own "salas", a place of temporary settlement. The most popular Vojvodina  salas are “Majkin salas”, “Salas 84” and “Salas 137”. 

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