Monday, May 31, 2010

Banja Kovilajca known since the Romanian times

Belgrade May 25. 2010. (Serbia Today) - Archaeological researches showed that Banja Koviljaca was Inhabited even in Roma times. Just like people in the middle ages, under the walls of “Koviljkin grad”, you can visit the springs of remedial water. Banja Koviljaca is a spa center placed in the western part of Serbia, in Podrinje region. Koviljaca is located on the right bank of river Drina, in the foothills of the mountain Gucevo, at a height above sea level of 125m. Sulphurous mineral waters (of 15-28 degrees of C) and the remedial mud represent natural remedial factors of Banja Koviljaca. Remedy is carried out in the Special rehab hospital “Banja Koviljaca”, along with the application of hydrotherapy, peloidotherapy, magnetic therapy, manual therapy, underwater and vibrating massage.  Banja is surrounded with one of the biggest and the most beautiful parks in Serbia, suitable for walks and recreation. The spa ballroom “Kur-salon” attracts visitors with its beauty, and luxurious interior reminds of the past times and luxurious balls. On the mountain Cer there are remains of the old towns and establishments (Kosanin and Trojanov grad), as well as the memory mausoleum, and in the spa itself are “Koviljkin grad” and Gradac. Close by Banja Koviljaca is Trsic, birth town of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic Serbian language reformer, with ethno village under protection of the state, which evokes the way of life in Vuk`s time (XIX century). There is also a monastery Tronosa, in which the “Museum of early education of Vuk” is located, where Vuk learned to write. On Drina there are arranged places for recreational fishing, and on Gucevo there is a large number of popular resorts. Banja Koviljaca also have very good travel connections - from Belgrade, it is three hours drive by high way Beograd-Ruma, and then regional road Ruma-Sabac-Loznica-Banja Koviljaca (145km), from Novi Sad by regional road Novi Sad-Ruma-Sabac-Loznica-Banja Koviljaca (143km).  The nearest airport is in Belgrade (135km). The border crossing toward Bosna and Hercegovina is 5km far. Banja Koviljaca has a good road network system with Banja Luka and Sarajevo.

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