Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fruska Gora– Nature culture and history in one

Belgrade. May, 07. 2010 (Serbia today) Fruska Gora is a National Park in Vojvodina, 16 kilometers from Novi Sad. It attracts nature, culture and history lovers. The main attractions are the numerous numerous protected, rare and endangered species, and 16 orthodox monasteries. The monasteries are famous for their architecture, treasuries, libraries and frescoes and there are various archeological sites from prehistoric and historic times. In particular, tourists should visit the monasteries Hopovo and Krusedol. Fruska Gora is an isolated and narrow island mountain in Pannonia plain. It is flanked by river courses extending to the south and north, with some side ranges with steep slopes, spreading from the main narrow range. Fruska Gora was proclaimed a National Park in 1960 in order to provide it permanent protection and to improve its natural resources and beauty. The area of active protection covers 25.525 ha. Park Fruska Gora is a member of EUROPARC - Federation of Nature and National Parks of Europe. Fruska gora, with a variety of good restaurants, is also place to sample tasty Serbia national food. The most popular restaurants are “Brankov cardak”, “Nasa kuca” i “ Koruska”. Fruska gora is also an excellent place for biking, hiking, hunting and fishing.

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