Friday, November 20, 2009

9th Annual Christmas Charity Bazaar

By: Valentina Radulovic
Belgrade, Nov.14, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Belgrade’s International Women’s Club (IWC) is preparing for the ninth Annul Charity Bazaar. The Bazaar is organized as a support to local NGOs which work with at risk segments of the population in Serbia.
The 200 member strong IWC draw their ranks from diplomatic corps and international business groupings. They want to contribute to positive change in Serbia, while they are staying in Belgrade, and use this event as a vehicle to empower the programs making a difference.
The event is supported by all Embassies as well as international companies with representation in Belgrade. The women who volunteers at the IWC come from over 42 countries.
The Bazaar will be held at the Belgrade Fairgrounds, Exhibition hall number 5, on December 6. This year, the catchphrase of the event is ‘Join Us to Make Difference’. This will be a unique chance for visitors to taste the food and drinks from different countries and to purchase different products from those countries, such as clothes, souvenirs, music and literature. The Bazaar is giving visitors the opportunity to purchase those traditional items from all over the world as well as to enjoy in the entertainment that the organizers have prepared..
The Club had has donated to many charity drives in Serbia. Last year 6,000 people visited the Bazaar and over 160,000 euro’s were collected. The funds collected also went to population groups in need.
This year the IWC will be focusing the proceeds of the Bazaar towards buying medical equipment, funding assistance programs for people with disabilities, and for the elderly. Other groups targeted by the IWC for charitable assistance are the displaced and homeless, victims of domestic violence victims, and educational programs for Roma children.
Students from international schools operating in Belgrade will also contribute to the cultural component of the event with live performances, along with guest performers from various countries.
The event promises to bring the best elements of an international presence in Belgrade, through the offer of good music, food, shopping and entertainment – which can rarely be enjoyed while helping the needy.

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