Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Contract signed for the construction of a Dam and Water Reservoir “Arilje-Svrackovo

By: Bojana Jankovic
Arilje, Oct. 18,2009 (Serbia Today)-- On Wednesday, October 14 , 2009, on the premises of a public company “Rzav”, Director of the Republic Directorate for Waters Prodanovic Aleksandar, Mayor of Arilje Mirjana Avakumovic, Mayor of Pozega Milovan Micovic,  Mayor of Lucani Slobodan Jolovic, Deputy Mayor of Gornji Mlanovac Mico Mirkovic, Mayor of Cacak Velimir Stanojevic and a Representative of Management Committee PC “Rzav” from Arilje Dragan Vasović, signed a contract of uniting funds for the construction of a Dam and Reservoir “Arilje - Svrackovo”.
 This agreement settled the mutual rights and obligations regarding the construction of a Dam and Reservoir “Arilje-Svrackovo” with accompanying facilities, 35/10 kV telecommunication cable, access road, and pipelines leading raw water to the plant for the preparation of drinking water.
In a statement for Serbia Today, Mr. Prodanović Aleksandar said that this investment is very significant for Serbia, before all, for the city of Cacak and 4 municipalities, as it will solve the problem of water supply for the next 50 years.
 “Building a Dam and Reservoir will ensure sufficient quantities of quality drinking water and there will be no more water restrictions in dry summer periods. Also, it will provide over 7 megawatts of electric power and the minimum of industrial waste downstream is guaranteed  so the flora and fauna of the Big Rzav will not be endangered. The accumulated reservoir water will be used for irrigation, tourism, and citizens will not be affected by floods. The Republic Directorate for Waters, in addition to the construction of a Dam and Reservoirs, funded 60% of regional systems for water supply and wastewater treatment.”-Said Mr. Prodanovic.
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, through the Directorate for Water, will finance the construction of a Dam and Reservoir “Arilje- Svrackovo” with over 47 million Euros, which will be provided in the next 5 years. This is also the term limit for contractors for the completion of the total project.
Holder of the construction jobs of the Dam and Reservoir is a public company, “Rzav” Arilje.  

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